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23 Major Milestones in Asian American History
The events that shaped Asian American lives and dreams.
Parsing Asian America
An insider looks at the baffling differences and uncanny similarities among five major Asian American groups.

D.C.: Home of AA Conservatism
The nation's capitol attracts surprising numbers of highly educated Asian Americans working in defense-related industries.

Honolulu: Asian American Paradise
The Aloha State's Asian Americans not only comprise an absolute majority, they dictate the island's lifestyle and cultural tone.


Chicago: Most Underrated

Boston: AA Intellectual Mecca

Orange County: The AA Dream Realized

San Jose: Asian American Heartland

Seattle: Most AA-Friendly City

Poll: Asian Life in L.A.

Poll: Asian Life in the S.F. Bay Area

Poll: Asian Life in New York City

Poll: Asian Life in Houston

50% of Young Asian Americans Earn Bachelors Degree

Nguyen, Kim Top AA Surnames

Asian Households Most Married

Asian Immigration Declines

Asians Top Household Incomes
Where the Asians Aren't

Top 10 Asian-Populated States

Top 15 Asian Population Centers

Asian California 2000
Asians are becoming the Golden State's new establishment.

Asian Dixie
Wide open opportunities draw Asians to help build the New South.

Staying Single
Career ambitions keep Asian professionals waiting into their late 30s.

Asian Paris
Asians enjoy a different reception in Paris.

Asian Canada
Asian immigrant energy is turning a green and promising land into the next California.