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rawing primarily from nearby Asian population centers in affluent Orange and L.A. counties, UC Irvine's student body boasts over twice as many Asian as white students. A combined graduate and undergraduate student population of 17,165 makes UC Irvine the fourth largest of the 9-campus UC system after UCLA, UC Berkeley and UCSD, but its Asian population of about 9,600 (factoring in 1,999 racially undeclared students) puts it a close third to UCLA and UC Berkeley as a contender for Top Asian American University.
     The undergraduate portion of UCI's student population totals 14,197, of which 8,079 are declared Asians and 3,060 are declared Whites. 1,143 are undeclared. Allocating the undeclared proportionately among the declared groups adds 670 to the Asian population and 280 to the white population. That makes 61% of the undergraduate student body Asians, with Whites only 23% -- easily the smallest white percentage among the nation's top 25 universities . The Asian population divides among Chinese 32%, Coreans 18%, Filipino, 16%, Vietnamese 13%, Japanese 6%, with 15% comprising Indian, Pakistani and other Asian categories.
     UC Irvine is the only UC campus where Asians outnumber Whites even in the graduate division. The combined student population of 17,165 is 58% Asian and 28% White. Current admissions trends suggest the Asian percentage will continue rising to about 61% for the combined population before leveling off. Given the rate at which UC Irvine has been growing in the heart of Orange County's most affluent section, UCI may end up with the Top Asian American University title in 3-5 years.