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Cultural Compatibility in Asian/Black Relations

ust out of curiosity. I have never seen such a vast number of Asian females with caucasian males. Seems to be a popular trend. Do parents object both Asian and caucasian? I wonder about Asian/black relationships. I do not see those groups coming together yet. Are the cultures able to blend nicely in these relatinships?
Patricia Cohen
   Tuesday, January 22, 2002 at 15:41:12 (PST)

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I haven't read all of the responses here but i have read many of them. Everyone has good points and their own opinions. I live in NYC and have been to different parts of the USA and abroad. Please don't belive the myths that you hear. Most people who say that Blacks and Asians don't mix is not of either culture. How can they assess something from the outside looking in? There is no telling how many times they will be wrong. Interracial relationships between has been going on for decades. I watched a documentary on jazz in the 50's and I saw asian woman with black men. Here in NYC you see all different types of mixtures of couples. In response to the person who started this post. I do agree that things are more open then years past. You also see more gay people too but that doesn't mean it's a trend to be gay. The concept of interracial relationships are more acceptable in this day and age. Yes Black and Asians can blend very well. I can tell you from experience here in the US and my travel abroad Black people can mingle and mix with anybody if they are not discriminated upon. Most parents are not very supportive of Interracial relationships. They come from a different age, a differnt way of living when everyone was separated. I wanted to know what is acting ghetto?? I didn't know you can act, dress, or talk that way.Explain to me how? or acting black or acting white? How can you do that? Last thought. The color of a persons skin or their so called ethnic background does not define the relationships you have with people. I have friends of all different races and cultures.
MadMax    Friday, December 20, 2002 at 09:35:26 (PST)    []
It's not a matter of being "trendy" for Asian girls to be with caucasian guys, but it's just what they think is attractive. You don't see too many black and Asian couples out there only because (I've noticed) black people tend to "stick" to their own. Now, the majority of the Asian parents out there raise their children to also stick to their own, but there are always those few who don't listen. I'm a Vietnamese girl, and I don't know of any parent who is more strict/protective/insane than mine. Even though my parents are the way they are and raised me the way they did, I still defied them and am dating my current boyfriend who is black. I didn't purposely go out there and start dating a black guy to spite my parents. It just happened...and I love him. It's not a matter of whether or not the cultures "blend nicely," but it's the personality. For goodness sakes, some caucasian couples rarely get along just because one family is from LA and another family is from San Diego. It's all about the personality!

As for people who stare, WHO CARES? They're just other people, and what is the probability of you ever running into these people again? boyfriend and I have people starring at us all the time cuz of the HUGE height difference and the race difference, but honestly, why should you care? Just as long as you're happy...that's all I gotta say...

People stare and question interracial couples because a lot of them are narrow-minded. They aren't ready to face reality. Call it whatever you want...I just call it ignorant.

That's me though, and I'm over it! =)
sMiLiNgXaSiAn    Tuesday, October 15, 2002 at 21:54:09 (PDT)    []
Hello Post,

Just to let you know I am in the process of marrying my boyfriend who is a Chinese citizen. The only thing I am waiting for is the approval for the K visa. We have had to have a strong relationship not only because I am a African American female, but because we live in different countries. I visit China 3x a year and we talk on the phone, send email, write postal letters, and even send mini films to each other regarding our daily activities.

It was a culture "wake up" call for me when I first arrived in China to have people follow us, stare, point, laugh, and to have some people turn their faces at me. I can imagine what he will have to endeaver when he moves to the US.

All in all, it is worth going the extra mile. His devotion is something that even people who told me it would not last cannot belive, but they admire.

Its funny, the only thing that has ever concerned him, is our age difference. He is 7 1/2 years older. If this is all that worries him, then everything will be great!

By the way, I told him that for me, age is just numbers, and I would want him even if he was 70 years older than me.

For all of the other people who are in Asian/Black relationships, you have to be strong and be willing to endeaver the impossible.

Good Luck everyone!
   Friday, August 16, 2002 at 21:47:24 (PDT)
O`Neil Johnson and Chanda:

I just wanted to make a point about the people who starred at you...

It is not polite to stare at anybody...but I really feel that those people probably was not coming out of jealousy...or hatred...
but simply out of a curiosity...

I feel like I am such an open-minded person myself...and I love seeing other people who are open-minded as well...
I have not yet found myself literally staring at an IR couple...but if I would definitely be out of a recognition...and respect for their openmindedness...courage..and not meant to be offensive at all...

Larriii Kong....
   Thursday, August 15, 2002 at 23:36:09 (PDT)
I believe that Blacks and Asians can and do share cultural compatability, I think in most cases it occurs in simple interactions that take place in work or educational environments. As people interact together on a regular basis and friendships are formed, people ususally find that they have more in common with each other.

Whenever Blacks decide to live in Asia or Asians come to live in the US, it's a given that they have already decided to learn about and embrace the new culture that they will be living in. Besides for learning the language and social norms, people can share universal interests like books, movies, art, music, hobbies and food. I know that when people share similar interests freely, race and social status doesn't matter.

There will always be fundamental, individual differences between two people and race has nothing to do with that. Those differences usually add depth and character to the relationship.

Needless to say we can all benefit greatly from learning to understand one another better. Deep down I don't think we are all that different (human beings of all races), we basically all want and need the same things. We all want love, security and happiness in our lives.

In my own experiences, I usually find some Asians and not surprisingly a lot of Whites, promoting this myth that Blacks and Asians can't and shouldn't be together romantically. I won't waste any time here trying to discuss why they feel that way, I'll only say that I feel they are wrong and fortunately, others aren't buying into their lies either.

Thaihorse    Sunday, August 11, 2002 at 07:06:04 (PDT)