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I am a AFA female, 32. I have a very close and personal regard for asian culture, and was with a chinese-amerian man for 5 years. So I have learned many of the private taboos of asian culture. But that's not at all what this is about. I skimmed over your 80 all time list, and I have seen this on MANY OCCASIONS with "GREAT ASIANS". But ASIAN is still defined by Northern ( mongoloid) racial groups. AS with your list, I didn't see any of the Indian film legions or cultural icons including Ghandi? Or in entertainment, the most famous Asian guitar legend in history,and consider to be the living version of Jimi Henddrix: I am referring to Metallica's Kirk Hammett. Please explain how this happens? Glad to see Tiger making the cut.

please respond someone.

Lola Friday, August 03, 2007 at 15:14:53 (PDT)    []

I really appreciate the story and sentiment of this article. As an adopted Asian-American who has also become a part of a Caucasian family, I sympathize 100% with Mr. Brandt. I write an op-ed column for an Asian American website and have posted an article about this topic.
Amanda Berg Thursday, July 26, 2007 at 19:12:19 (PDT)    []

This was an excellent article and very informative. I used to like Malkin's conservative views but not until she dismissed the efforts of Daniel Akaka in seeing 20 people of Asian heritage have their military decorations upgraded to the medal of honor did I begin to examine what she was really about. I didn't buy the Defense of Internment book because I can see no defense for it.
has the interview. After that I began to relook at her tactics and writing style.
This article laid it out very nicely. In my opinion she is poison and while she may titillate the far right, what she is really helping accomplish is to push away the moderate Republicans who are becoming increasingly disgusted with the fearmongering of the hard core base.
Thanks for taking the time to write the article - very much enjoyed it.
VoiceofReason63 Saturday, July 14, 2007 at 22:06:24 (PDT)    []


ARTICLE LINK: michelle malkin

tHe best reason,for Incarcerating,
duringWW2:To Protect them,from
a very Racist U.S.
Society,of the
Besides,the Japanese murdered over 1,000,000
Filipinos,in the
Philippines,in WW2.This is"why Michelle does Not like any Japanese
Pete Perez Thursday, July 05, 2007 at 11:31:43 (PDT)    []

Great website! Bookmarked! I am impressed at your work!
Sebastian    Sebastian Thursday, June 07, 2007 at 22:47:32 (PDT)    []

What I saw in the Public security ministry of China

I and my sister went to Beijin to seek audience with the higher authorities to appeal for help then we were dispointed and indignation in Nankai Public Security Subbureu of Tianjin and expected the Public Security Ministry of China to redress our.grievance.We arrieved the Reception Center over 5 P.m in July 24 ,2006.The door has closed .There were two Tianjiner waited there.They told us the door is open from 8A.m to 11A.m every work day and not easy to enter ,They all had encounted beating by armed policerman. One of the woman showed us the scar on her forehead .

We had sitted out of the Beijing train station still to next morning in a nervous .We went to the Reception Center again at 7A.m.There were more than 30 men standing in a line before the door , another almost same men line on the another side of the narrow street.They were local policeman because some one wore the policeman trousers and many drove the car with police mark.We stood the end of the civilian line.They wore old ,dirty clothes with sweat smell and their face with upset and mournful .

After several minutes,the oppsite line started to act.One womam refused to leave the line and were drag away by three policemen ,One man hold her arms two man drag her trousers.She shouted loudly:¡°Help me ! Help me !¡±No one replied.One old woman took the advice of the local policemen and went away with them . One of male Tianjiner were clench collar of dress and propped on the wall by a policeman of Tianjin.

The time was nearly 8A.m.Two female policemen was out of f Reception Center.They began to examinate every one¡¯s information of the civilian line. They were so arrogant and outrage that I can¡¯t describe thom with language.¡°You must t go to the Public procuratorate of Province to resolve your problem.¡± ¡°Ministy of Public Security don¡¯t responsibilite to your house.¡± .¡°Ministy of Public Security havn¡¯t any land to compensate you .¡±Every sentence of teir sent a man out of the line .It means they lose a chance to seek audience with the higher authorities to appeal for help although they come far from several Kilometer away and had waited from last midnight .

It was in our tern .She watched my first page ,a hand-over list and said: ¡°you must go to court to resolve your problem.¡± ¡°This is a invalid list writed by poleceman of Nankai Public Security Subbureu .¡± I explended loudly. She obviously was angery with me and shouted: .¡°What are your Attitude ?¡±At same time she thrown my information away far more than one meter and two man pushed me hard out of the line .I wanted to write her police number.She said: ¡°I havn¡¯t any police number,It is lost by impinging like your.¡± As she said as she tore away the police number on her jacket.I wanted to seek her leaders.She smelled and said: ¡°I want to see how you enter the door. Indeed as expected,I refused by armed policeman.for I havn¡¯t any police certificate.I fond the telefone number of a department receivin appeal of common people in the Public security ministry of China through110.One woman promised to investigate the fact afer I complanded with tears.

But I hadn¡¯t hear her in later 4 hours , Her telefone either didn¡¯t get throngh or get through but no one spoke to me .

Many people saw me dare to question the policeman , one after another told me the fact in a low voice that they were beated by local policeman and wared policer.Another female tianjiner showed me her scar on her forehead .A man told me the female policeman number-04935.

I haven¡¯t seen the inferior behaviour of all ranks officials with my eyes, I knouw the corrupt officials of feudal society and Kuomintang how to bully and oppress common peopule ,how to treat a human life as nothing and do all kinds of evil in film and television drama.I couldn¡¯t believe the scene just tooke place with relevant of great,glorious and right Communist Party of China,and with socialism system of labor people being host.I first were choked with tears.I haven¡¯t feel sad and disappoint after being injustice treated by local policeman ,but I gave up all hope in Public security ministry of China.Now I think I know why the local policeman dare to act wantonly.

At present political system ,The medium couln¡¯t help common people argue with officials.

The binding force of law on administrative organ is very weak.. This is the only way that common people to resist officials overriding the Party discipline and the law of the land .But they were beated by iron boxing of dictatorship of proletariat in central authorities of public security. I am in deep Puzzle now.Who am I ? I belone to which class in our motherland? Am I good or bad man ?Who can Answer me?

A helpless woman

Do you want to know why we went to Beijin to seek audience with the higher authorities to appeal for help ?

Would you be so kind as to help me translate the Chinese state into English ?

Please tell me the way contacting with you because I write in English is too difficult.

I work in TianjinNo.1Central Hospital of China

zhangfulin    Sunday, June 03, 2007 at 02:01:12 (PDT)    []



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