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The White Perspective on Asian Americans
(Updated Tuesday, Apr 1, 2008, 04:51:52 PM)

hey're our neighbors, buddies, allies, enemies, clients, bosses, employees, lovers and spouses. Many of us have more daily contact with Whites than with other Asians. Consequently, we often feel we know them better than they can ever know us. Maybe that's at the heart of our frustration as Asian Americans. They are as ubiquitous and pervasive as the air we breath while to them it seems we are eternal curiosities, outsiders, exotics.
Bridging the gap?

     And so we sometimes find ourselves lashing out with nasty generalizations about the people we blame for all that seems wrong with American society and, more specifically, our place in it. They are ignorant, shallow, boorish, smelly, sneaky, treacherous, malicious, dumb, weird -- in short, all the labels we feel have been so unfairly slapped on us.
     But even as we hurl such epithets we cannot forget the countless acts of kindness, warmth, generosity, friendship, passion and love that we have enjoyed from these very same people. As our anger and frustration subside, we recognize that our fates are inextricably intertwined, not merely in sharing a world, a nation, a society, an economy, a culture -- but often in sharing even our most intimate lives. One in five of today's Asian American marriages are to Whites. And contrary to the imbalance of the past, the ratio of new AM/WF marriages to new AF/WM marriages is steadily approaching unity.
     So we naturally have a strong interest in decoding the other side of the equation. Understanding is a two-way street. Fortunately, there are Whites who have enough interest in us as individuals to share their perspectives on us and on their interactions with us. This page is for those who -- as corny as it may sound -- have chosen to serve as bridges.

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That is a sad story. But in a sense, I'm glad that it happened to you. Not because of the discomfort and humiliation you experienced, but because it gives you an idea of what a minority's reality is like. It has definately widened your perspective, hasn't it? I sincerely hope that it never happens to you again, but I think in the end it will be good for you. I go to college in upstate New York now, and white frat boys douse Asians and blacks with water balloons while zipping by in their jeeps. My friend got pelted with some just last week. It's really more disappointing than angering, really. Your faith in the humanity of people just drops to zero at moments like that. People will be animals, no matter what race. Just take it as a learning experience, and spread the word against racism. Maybe you can influence some prejudiced white acquaintances of yours to not sink to their level. Take care.
Alternate Perspective.
   Friday, April 18, 2003 at 23:55:21 (PDT)    []
Did anyone notiec that the article seemed to be more of a Asian perspective on Whites, where as the title speaks of the Whites perspective on Asians?

Am I wrong, I could be, wouldn't be the firs time but, seems weird to me.

Anyway...I like the dialog on here. It's honest. I can't say I like what everybody is saying, but some people seem to be looking for answers, looking to share experiences and looking to treat people, whatever their race, as people and that's a good sign.

In this country, it's my hope and prediction that in a few generations we will have completely NEW races, or majority of mixes between races. I'm not saying any race should disapear just that if you look at people for WHO they are not what, eventually, the differences will blend together.

We've seen it done with Irish, German, French and other European cultures. Where I come from the question, "what are you?" is common and can have a long answer. As time goes on Asian natioalities will add themselves and possibly African (although I personally do now see too much of that in my area, at least in comparison to other "mixes").

I see all this as a good thig, personally. Less to hate or be afraid of and diferentiate from... Healthier populations and frankly better looknig people (I'm not sure sientifically on those last two statements...anyone know for sure).

I hope the best of all these cultures will blend to make a stronger culture and country. These conversations will all be mute then as well.

Have a good day!!

Cautious    Thursday, April 03, 2003 at 20:13:07 (PST)    []
And without Asians I would never have become a Shintoist. They just have a totally awsome culture, way better then my german and english one. Who care if im Richard the Lionhearted's great great so-and-so grandson. Not me cuse England sux. Crazy British
   Monday, March 10, 2003 at 17:51:22 (PST)    []
Hey, Im a white American, from SoCal, and i must say AA's are the nicest people, they dont get mad easy which is always good in a friend, cuse you dont wanna insult them accidently them be out a friend, they also stick with u til the end, my girlfriend Sophia is from Japan. She's so pretty and nice. Asian American girl are the hottest girls ever, Its good to live in a country where i can have whatever friends I want and no one can stop me.
Good Ole USA
   Monday, March 10, 2003 at 17:47:53 (PST)    []
As a "white" Canadian who happened to stumble upon this article, I must say I feel sorry for the person who wrote this essay. Having spent my childhood living in Japan, and moving back to a multicultural society, Canada, I think I have an understanding of what you are feeling.I am, and have most often been the minority. What I don't agree with and what drew may attention to this artical was the title "The White Perspective on Asian Americans". Unless you're going to talk to a few "whites" and get a decent perspective on how the "white" population percives your race, I don't think your article is informative or honest. All it seems like, is your personal opinion and I felt insulted with all of the generalizations/labels that you put into my mouth eg. shallow, boorish, smelly etc. Perhaps there are major differences between life in the US and Canada,(I don't think so)but if there are and the "whites" are as hard to live with as you make it seem, come on up to "The Great White North". Life shouldn't be about having to settle for things especially when those things are an entire race of people. The proper term is "anglo" as I'm sure you'd prefer to be called "asian" rather than a "yellow".
Insulted reader
   Friday, March 07, 2003 at 20:54:07 (PST)    []

im korean american and heard the same thing from others. the indegenous hawaiians are extremely hostile against whites because they have a rage in them like the blacks. this rage comes from the fact that their island was usurped by america and they feel raped of their culture. i alsp think it's unfair for you to bear the sins of your fore-fathers.
just continue to treat people the way you want to be treated
it's me
   Sunday, January 19, 2003 at 03:26:20 (PST)    []
I am a white woman who reads opinions and discussions on this website now and then. I will state my opinions, though I'm sure there will be many angry and defensive responses.

I like Asian people, I have no problem with them, and I respect certain asepcts of Asian culture very much. I think a lot of AA's contribute greatly to American society. Most people I know have no problem at all with Asian people. Obviously the term Asian-Americans includes a very large group, and of course there will be a huge spectrum of variety within this group. Some will be attractive, some ugly, some smart, some dumb, some nice, some mean, some very well educated and rich, some dirt-poor and without much education. Etcetera. It is impossible to make a sweeping generalization about such a diverse group of individuals.

I have no doubt that many AA's experience discrimination and racism, and I do not know how that feels. This treatment is very wrong.

The one problem I have is when some posters make sweeping generalizations about whites. I've read such remarks as --whites are stupid, they're ruining the USA, they should be kicked out of the country, Asians are taking over. Asians are better than whites because they're thinner, have better diets, are more educated, more successful, richer, better looking, dress better. Whites have no family values, they're all trailer trash. White girls are fat whales that are loud and rude, have cellulite and don't know how to dress.--

Now obviously I know that America and Americans need some improvement- our education system could be better, and so on. And whites are far from perfect. It just bothers me when people go on these condescending, generalizing, white-hating rants. Obviously every non-white person has the freedom to hate whomever they want, you can hate everyone if you like, it's a free country.

I'm simply stating that asians making mean generalizations about whites are just as bad as whites making mean generalizations about asians. Both are wrong.

These are just one person's observations.
just my opinion
   Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 12:52:03 (PST)    []

[To avoid any mischaracterizations about Goldsea's policy, we have never allowed posts that initiate attacks on Whites as a race. However, we have allowed posters to respond to posts perceived as making invidious suggestions about Asians. --Ed]