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*We at GoldSea choose to honor the rendering commonly used in English-language publications prior to the Japanese annexation and colonialization of Corea beginning in 1905. The Corea spelling is commonly used in non-English-speaking western nations and we believe it will become universal as more people are educated to the fact that the useage was only changed through the concerted campaign of Japanese colonialists to ensure that "Korea" trailed "Japan" in the alphabetical lineup of nations. MORE ON THIS TOPIC
The Korea Times
Leading Korean English-Language daily, featuring intelligent, efficient presentation of national and business news

JoongAng Ilbo
Stylish, efficient presentation.

Korea Herald English Daily Newspaper
A favorite English-language newspaper of American business travelers to Korea

Korea Economic Weekly
Weekly analysis of Corean business and economy

Digital Chosun Ilbo

Korea Directory
Directory to business, entertainment, government, media and travel sites.

Korean Overseas Information Service Comprehensive information on Korea.

Information Messenger on Korea
Links to sites relating to Art, Business, Education, Entertainment, Government and News.

Seoul Shinmun News Net
News in pictures, baseball, entertainment and government news.

Corean Movie and TV Stars

Samsung's Biz-O-Net
Samsung Group's website promoting electronics, fashion, cars, magazines and trade information.
Hyundai Group
Corea's largest conglomerate

Samsung Electronics
Electronics and semiconductor arm of Corea's 2nd largest conglomerate

LG Group
Corea's 3rd largest conglomerate

Daewoo Group
Corea's 4th largest conglomerate

SK Group
Corea's 5th largest conglomerate

Ssangyong Group
Corea's 6th largest conglomerate


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