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EDITOR'S NOTE: Despite its recent history as a British colony, Malaysia has moved away from universal English-language useage in a big way. Its internet infrastructure is flashy but rather thin and its English-language media presence is surprisingly weak for a nation which, during the 80s, was so highly touted by the western press as one of the most promising of the Asian "Tigers". The reality is that Malaysia is a smallish nation (under 20 million population) which has a few modern urban pockets but is mostly pre-industrial with a laid-back attitude to boot.

The Star Online
Malaysia's first and only English-language daily newspaper on the web.

Utusan Malaysia Online
Malaysian-language daily with summaries in English, French and Spanish.

Business & Investment Malaysia
Business news on Malaysia and Southeast Asia

Malaysia Homepage
A guide to everything from business to tourism.

Fascinating Malaysia
Tourism information.

Malaysian Internet Business Pages
Directory of Malaysian companies.

ZOOM Ezine
A flashy, slow-loading and insubstantial source for entertainment info

Malaysia News & Views
An alternative news source.

Prime Minister's Office Homepage
Government policy statements and philosophical ruminations by PR bureacrats.

Department of Information
Unreliable in its functionality, with surprisingly little information

Sunway Lagoon
Malaysia's Premier Theme Park


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