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Asian American Business News
Listing of jobs posted by employers seeking Asian American employees.

Asian American Career & Success Center
Your one-stop source for everything needed to put an Asian American professional career in high gear, including millions of job listings, career advice and grooming and makeup tips. Asian American Job Search Engine
Continuously updated Listings and Search Jobs from Asian-Friendly employers.

AsiaMs.Net Beauty & Makeup for Asian American Women
America's leading Asian women's beauty and fashion site.

Asian American Identity
Features and essays exploring Asian American identity issues

Asian American Perspectives
Essays relating to Asian American life.

Asian American Travel
Travel news and features.
Links to the web's best Asian American articles and forums.
Asian American Culture
Features and news on the arts, food, shopping, fashion and other aspects of Asian American cultural life.

Asian American Media & Entertainment
News and features about Asian media and entertainment.

Asian American Personalities
In-depth profiles of America's most successful Asians.

Asian Air Issues Discussions
AA opinion leaders engage in thoughtful discussions of social and personal issues.

Asian American Sports
News about Asians in golf, tennis, baseball, basketball and other sports in America.

Asian American Parenting & Family
How to raise happy successful Asian American kids with a secure self-image.

Asian American Interactive Archives
Up-to-the-minute discussions on current Asian American issues.

Asian American Poll & Comment Archives
The ultimate polling center for Asian Americans, presenting your views on race, beauty, media, politics, tastes and lifestyles.


Asian Professional Exchange
Organization for Asian American professionals in Southern California.

Asian Nation
Demographic info about the composition of Asian America.

Asian Sports Net
News about Asian sports stars in the U.S.

Asian American Sequential Artists Resource Guide
Listing of AA comic strip and cartoon artists.

Asians in America Project
News and information about the Asian American community.

Best of Asian America
Polls and forums on the best Asian American people places and things.

Collage Productions Site
A place to talk about Asian Events in the SF Bay Area.

Publisher of Asian/diasporic literature. NAAAP
National Association of Asian American Professionals.

Orient Magazine
Introduces Asian culture, food and peoples to other Americans,
The Asian American SuperSite -- America's biggest, busiest, most intelligent website for Asians.

GoldSea 100
The most comprehensive and respected compilation of the 100 Asians who matter most in American business. If you aren't in here, you aren't really an Asian American success story!

Institute for Corean-American Studies
A non-profit dedicated to expanding economic and cultural relations between the U.S. and Asia-Pacific region.

Model Minority
Guide to Asian American empowerment.

National Asian Peace Officers Association
Dedicated to advancing the interests of Asian Americans in law enforcement.

National Asian Peace Officers Association
Dedicated to advancing the interests of Asian Americans in law enforcement.

Pacific Citizen
Japanese American community news, events calendar and obituaries.

The World Huaren Federation
Operated by one of several Overseas Chinese associations to promote contact and aid among the Chinese diaspora

Our Government

U.S. Government Agencies
A comprehensive list of U.S. government agencies courtesy of Louisiana State University Libraries.

The United States Federal Budget
A line-by-line listing of exactly where our tax money's going.

National Budget Simulator
Here's your chance to reshape our national budget after your own priorities--and see exactly what that does to the budget deficit. A great way to grasp what the Washington hullaballoo is all about!

Email the President
What concerned citizen can resist the chance to offer Dubya some choice counsel? There's no better time--and no easier way!

Reinventing Government Online
Vice-President Al Gore's initiative to show what the Clinton Administration is up to.

The Official George W. Bush Bio
The road taken by our 43rd Pres to the Texas governor's mansion and the White House.

The Unofficial Bill Clinton
What sages, poets, imbeciles and just plain folk from around the world are saying to and about our 42nd president.

Directories and Search Engines

Up-to-the-minute and reliable searches.

Co-founded by Asian American Jerry Yang, the world's leading hierarchical directory brings an illusion of order to the chaos of the internet.

Microsoft's improved search engine.


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Yomiuri Shimbun
Asahi News
Korea Times
JoongAng Ilbo
Korea Herald
China Times (Taiwan)
CNA Daily (Taiwan)
Hong Kong iMail
China Daily
Bangkok Post
Singapore B.T.
Star Malaysia
Philippine Star
Kompas (Indonesia)