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Editor's Note: Vietnam doesn't yet have the internet infrastructure or installed base of linked personal computers to support many quality websites. Various commercial enterprises and organizations based in the U.S. fill the void. We prefer to showcase native sites but make an exception here.

VietNam 4 All
A portal to Vietnamese businesses, organizations and establishments.

Viet Nam News
English-language daily by the official Vietnamese government-sponsored news agency

Viet Nam News Agency
The official Vietnamese government daily news site

Viet-Net Web
Links to the virtual Vietnamese Culture

Internet Vietnam
Information on Vietnam and doing business there. Big beautiful graphics requiring DSL or Cable connection for easy viewing.

Destination Vietnam
Travel and geographical information from the Lonely Planet guide

Vietnamese in Clear Lake
A Houston-based site providing a handful of links to Vietnamese organizations in the U.S.

Vietnam Business Journal web site
A U.S.-based website offering business-oriented info on Vietnam.

Vietnam Insight Online
Focuses on the Vietnamese government's oppressive and abusive policies.

A mutual-aid resource for Vietnam veterans


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