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Ahn, Junghyo: White Badge
A Korean veteran struggles and fails to readjust to civilian life after returning from the horrors of the Vietnam War -- a masterful evocation of the tragic similarities and absurd contrasts between the Vietnam war and the realities of peacetime life in modern Korea. (Translated from the Korean by its original author.)

Alexander, Victoria: Smoking Hopes
A white woman is drawn into Japanese psychology while hostessing at a Tokyo nightclub.

Bosse, Malcom: The Warlord
A pre-World War II Chinese warlord becomes passionately entangled with a beautiful Russian woman.

Buck, Pearl S.: The Living Reed
A sweeping romantic saga that follows the fortunes of three Korean brothers during the dark half century of their nation's history beginning with the murder of Queen Min.

Burdett, John: Bangkok 8
A police detectives tracks an exotic killer from Bangkok's seedy streets to its poshest penthouses.

Burdett, John: The Last Six Million Seconds
A Eurasian Hong Kong police investigator gets caught in a war of nerves between the incoming Chinese and the departing British.

Choi, Susan: American Woman
A Japanese American woman harbors terrorists who have kidnapped a newspaper heiress.

Choi, Susan: The Foreign Student
Love story between a shellshocked Korean student and a ruined southern belle.

Dalby, Lisa: Tale of Murasaki
The imagined life of Lady Murasaki, the putative author of the Japanese classic novel The Tale of Genji, by the only western woman to have become a geisha.

Fenkl, Heinz Insu: Memories of My Ghost Brother
The Amerasian son of a U.S. Marine sargeant grows up in postwar Korea.

Fulbek, Kip: Paper Bullets
Fictional autobiography of a hapa growing up in Southern California.

Furutani, Dale: Death at the Crossroads
A masterless samurai battles overwhelming odds in a lawless age in his quest for the return of a kidnapped girl.

Furutani, Dale: Jade Palace Vendetta
The second of a series of samurai mysteries set in old Japan.

Iida, Deborah: The Middle Son
A Japanese Hawaiian middle son comes home to tell his dying mother about his role in the death of his older brother.

Ikeda, Stewart David: What The Scarecrow Said
The epic saga of a Japanese American family beginning with its arrival from Japan.

Jen, Gish: Love Wife
A dead but still officious Chinese mother-in-law has a relative from China come to be a nanny for the children of her son and his blonde wife.

Jose, Nicholas: The Red Thread
A young Chinese art scholar discovers that his affair with an Australian artist is described in a two-century old novel.

Junnosuke, Yoshiyuki: The Dark Room
An award-winning erotic novel that depicts a self-centered middle-aged womanizer agonizing on the throes of love.

Kim, Richard E.: The Innocent
A patriotic Corean army officer participates in a military coup against the corrupt civilian government installed by the Americans.

Kingston, Maxine Hong: The Fifth Book of Peace
A devastating fire inspires an eminent author to examine the role of conscience and imagination in world peace.

Lee, Chang-Rae: Native Speaker
A Corean American is separated from his caucasian wife until he comes to terms with his own identity.

Lee, Gus: Honor and Duty
A Chinese American West Point cadet officer finds himself drawn into a cheating scandal involving an underclassman.

Lee, Gus: Tiger's Tail
A Chinese American JAG officer investigates murder in a U.S. Army base near the Korean DMZ.

Louie, Andrea: Moon Cakes
A young Chinese American woman raised in the midwest comes together with the missing pieces of her spiritual identiy in China.

Minatoya, Lydia: The Strangeness of Beauty
A reunion in Kobe of three generations of Japanese and American women.

Miyabe, Miyuki: All She Was Worth
A private detective retained to locate a missing fiance discovers a series of bizarre murders.

Mo, Yan: The Garlic Ballads
A peasant village rise up against communist party corruption.

Mosny, Nancy Young: Pieces of Gold
A first novel about the bonds between a Chinese mother and her American daughter.


Okada, John: No-No Boy
A Japanese American who rejected the American loyalty oath during World War II returns home to pick up the pieces.

Otsuka, Julie: When the Emperor Was Divine
A Japanese American family is forced into an internment camp in the Utah desert.

Rizzuto, Rahna Reiko: Why She Left Us
The turmoil of the past century as seen through the eyes of three generations of a Japanese American family.

Rowland, Laura Joh: Samurai's Wife
A very non-traditional wife helps her samurai husband track down a killer in 17th century Japan.

Setlowe, Richard: The Sexual Occupation of Japan
An American lawyer in Japan to complete a corporate takeover finds he must first resolve an old romance.

Shan, Sa: The Girl Who Played Go
The lives of a Chinese girl and a Japanese officer become intertwined in World War II China.

Sledge, Linda Ching: Empire of Heaven
Love and survival in Guandong Province during the Taiping Revolution.

Sledge, Linda Ching: A Map of Paradise
A Chinese American girl fights for love and against prejudice in old Hawaii.

Stout, Mira: One Thousand Chestnut Trees
A young Korean American woman returns to her ancestral homeland to retrace her proud heritage.

Tasker, Peter: Buddha Kiss
A private investigator and an English stock analyst run afoul of a dangerous Japanese religious cult.

Tsukiyama, Gail: Night of Many Dreams
Chinese sisters ovecome misfortunes and cultural obstacles to become independent modern women.

Tyau, Kathleen: Makai
The story of two Chinese-Hawaiian women who are best friends for life.

Wang, Chen-ho: Rose, Rose, I Love You
A high school English teacher teaches bargirls English to help them profit from GIs on R&R.

Wong, Shawn: American Knees
A Chinese American seeks a place for his ethnicity in his precarious emotional life.

Woo, Terry: Banana Boys
A friend's suicide reunites a group of young urban Chinese Canadian males.

Yamashita, Karen Tei: Tropic of Orange
A talented Japanese American novelist slices into the L.A. scene from the perspective of a pair of Mexican illegal immigrants.

Yoshikawa, Mako: One Hundred and One Ways
Faced with a dilemma of love and identity, a Japanese American woman seeks guidance from her geisha grandmother.

Yoshimoto, Banana: Amrita
A young Japanese woman comes to terms with the suicide of her beautiful older sister.

Yoshimoto, Banana: Kitchen
A pair of long whimsical short stories about young Japanese women coming to terms with loss.

Yoshimoto, Banana: NP
A young Japanese woman explores the suicide of her boyfriend and of the others who had set out to translate the work of a dead author.

Yu, Hua: To Live
The once spoiled son of a rich man survives the hardships of the Chinese Civil War and the Cultural Revolution with his love of life intact.


Jin, Ha: Ocean of Words
Stories of the PLA by a former PLA soldier.

Khue, Le Minh: The Stars, The Earth, The River
A woman recalls her days as a Vietcong guerilla.

Wang, Ping: American Visa
Stories in the voice of a delightfully candid young Taiwanese woman immigrant.

Xinran: The Good Women of China
15 short stories that reveal the lives of today's ordinary Chinese women.