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Chan, Jackie: I Am Jackie Chan
The world's leading action star recounts his rise from poverty to the top of the Hong Kong action cinema.

Chang, Leslie: Beyond the Narrow Gate
The journey of four Chinese women from the Middle Kingdom to middle America.

Fong-Torres, Ben: The Rice Room
From the back of a Chinese restaurant to a Rolling Stones editorship.

Kang, Connie: Home Was Land of the Morning Calm
A respected Corean American journalist recalls her family's suffering during the Korean War and its aftermath.

Kim, Elizabeth: Ten Thousand Sorrows
An Amerasian girl loses her mother early to a brutal family murder and grows up in a dysfunctional American family. Highly recommended.

King, Betty Lim: Girl on a Leash
A dysfunctional Chinese American girl finds salvation at the end of a leash.

Lee, Bill: Chinese Playground
An insider's expose of all the slick and hoary cliches about Chinese street gangs.

Mah, Adeline Yen: Falling Leaves
The story of an unwanted Chinese daughter.

Mar, M. Elaine: Paper Daughter
A hilariously candid and moving account of a young immigrant's journey from Hong Kong to Harvard.

Mura, David: Where the Body Meets Memory
A Japanese American writer examines the intimate connection between his race and his sexual feelings toward his caucasian wife.

Nomura, Carl: Sleeping on Potatoes
A Japanese American's shrewd, expansive and hilarious account of going from the internment nightmare to success in the executive suite of a major tech corporation.

Pan, Lynn: Tracing It Home
The odyssey of a wealthy Shanghai family forced to flee in the aftermath of the Communist takeover.

Pham, Andrew X.: Catfish and Mandala
A Vietnamese American takes a bicycle journey back to the country of his memories.

Riccardi, Victoria Abbott: Untangling Chopsticks
A young American woman traces her progress from Kyoto newcomer to serious student of Kaiseki. With recipes.

Saga, Junichi: Confessions of a Yakuza
A lifetime in the Japanese underworld.

Takei, George H.: To the Stars
The Star Trek star and Asian community activist recalls his life from its beginnings in an internment camp.