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his list contains those employers with more than 1,000 employees who, in our opinion, are least likely to provide opportunities for Asian Americans. Factors include large-scale reductions due to mergers and acquisitions, tendency to disfavor Asian Americans for managerial positions or to ghettoize them to certain areas. We also consider history of anti-Asian bias and insensitivity toward Asian Americans. Our information was obtained from reader responses to our ongoing Employer Survey, responses from employers (or lack thereof), media research and commercial sources.

General Dynamics
Falls Church, VA
Warships; nuclear submarines; tanks, landing vehicles; missiles; underwater radar and sonar systems; acquired Lockheed Martin's armament unit; 30,000 employees; $4.2 bil sales; $330 mil profits; shows little interest in hiring Asian Americans

Northrop Grumman Corp
Los Angeles, CA
Military surveillance systems; combat aircraft, airspace management systems; information systems; marine systems, precision weapons; space systems


Delta Air Lines Inc
(no jobs page on its website)
Atlanta, GA
Failed Asian expansion plans have pushed Delta into alliances with international carriers, leaving it cool toward Asian recruitment or passengers; has shifted its expansion hopes to Latin America; 72,000 employees; $15 bil sales; $1 bil profits

Northwest Airlines Corporation
Eagan, MN
Pioneer in trans-Pacific travel with many routes to Asian cities; considering that, has always been surprisingly cool toward hiring or promoting Asian Americans; 50,000 employees; $10 bil sales; $600 mil profits


Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota City, Japan
Has top automotive technology and respected brands but has become stodgy and lacks dynamism to woo new generation of carbuyers; relies too heavily on over-40 buyers; in eagerness to woo white America, shows studied indifference toward Asian Americans who helped Toyota get its initial toehold in the crucial California market; in Japan is rapidly losing market share to Honda;160,000 employees; $90 bil sales; $3.6 bil profits

Johnson & Johnson
New Brunswick, NJ
Leader in health-care product; Tylenol and Motrin analgesics; Band-Aid; AcuVue contact lenses; surgical instruments; joint replacements, and pharmaceuticals; focuses on sales and marketing while outsourcing R&D, leaving few opportunities for Asians with sophisticated biotech or hi-tech skills; suffers from slowing growth in a mature market; 91,000 employees; $23 bil sales


MCI Worldcom Inc
Jackson, MS
Formed by recent merger of Worldcom with MCI; a mass-market service business with outsourced technology, leaving little room for hi-tech ambitions; busily digesting merger and shedding workers rather than hiring; 25,000 employees; $8 bil sales; $400 mil profits

AT&T Corporation
New York, NY
Faces slowing growth in its core long-distance business; moving into cellular; internet access; messaging; air-to-ground; local calling; moving into cable and entertainment through acquisition of TCI; too busy digesting merger to recruit new employees; 130,000 employees; $53 bil sales; $4.8 bil profits

Apple Computer Inc
Cupertino, CA
Created the first-rate Mac graphic-user interface but, notwithstanding its recent success with entry-level iMac, seems to have a block about opening up its OS to a larger universe; terminated licensing agreements and is going alone again; since its early lead was destroyed largely by Asian IBM clones, the Apple culture has been aloof toward all things Asians, including Asian tech talent; 11,000 employees; $6 bil sales

Motorola, Inc
Schaumburg, IL
Cellular phones; chips; pagers; PCs; networking peripherals; owns 20% of Iridium satellite communications project; has lost its onetime cellular supremacy to European and Asian rivals; is working on a comeback but also cutting 10% of its 150,000 workforce; $30,000 bil sales; $1 bil profits

America Online Inc
Dulles, VA
Top online access provider with 14 mil subscribers; moving aggressively into online retailing as well as content partnerships with various publishers, but is generally scorned by digerati; now faces spectre of numerous free online access services; acquired Netscape with its 8 mil visitors and 40 mil browser users but is a low-wage, low-tech business that will have trouble digesting Netscape's tech pool, leaving little room for new tekkie hires; not encouraging for Asian American applicants; 8,500 employees; $2.7 bil sales; $95 mil profits


Chicago, IL
No 5 oil company with 9,300 gas stations, mostly in the midwest, east and southeast; top natural-gas producer in North America; is being sold to British Petroleum; that plus weak gas market will force a big cut in its workforce; 43,000 employees; $32 bil sales; $2.5 bil profits

Atlantic Richfield Company
Los Angeles, CA
Integrated oil company conducting exploration, production, marketing and retail sales through its gas stations; most reserves are in Alaska but has been exploring in China, Indonesia, Qatar and the UK; 24,000 employees; $18 bil sales; $1.7 bil profits; in a tough oil market, is doing little recruiting

Chevron Corporation
San Francisco, CA
Fully integrated oil operations; has been cost-cutting and restructuring aggressively; little new hiring; 38,000 employees; $35 bil sales; $3.2 bil profit; has shown little desire to promote Asians despite being headquartered in a city that's 30% Asian.

Irving, TX
World's biggest oil company after its purchase of Mobil; still fighting the $5 bil fine levied for the massive1989 spill in Alaskan waters by the Exxon Valdez; massive layoffs are expected from merger; little new hiring; 80,000 employees; $120 bil sales; $8.5 bil profits

Texaco Inc
White Plains, NY
No #3 U.S. oil company with 24 refineries worldwide and 23,000 gas stations; bad oil market and anticipated defensive merger, probably with Chevron, prevents new hiring; 29,000 employees; $45 bil sales; $2.7 bil profits


Newark, NJ
Top U.S. life insurer; individual and group life; employee plans; annuities; homeowners; auto coverage; sales scandals involving asset management business; selling off its real estate operations and managed health care business to Aetna; slowing sales and industry consolidation are forcing it to demutualize; 80,000 employees; $37 bil sales; $600 mil profits; ultra-conservative office environment with censorship of internet access by employees


L.A. Times/Times Mirror Company
Los Angeles, CA
L.A.'s 130-year-old monopoly daily; locked into defensive stance toward Asians and the Pacific Rim since the 19th century when it incited violence against Chinese laborers; during World War II stirred up riots against Japanese Americans; more recently, offended Corean Americans; juggles statistics to hide Asian dominance of state universities and centrality to SoCal economy; hires editors from the deep South; struggles to meet rate base by pulling in aging Whites living in outlying areas to make up for defection of young professionals turning to less parochial news sources; new national edition faces weak demand; cutting staff in response to ad drops; Asians hired as tokens become bitter when given no mainline editorial voice; 21,000 employees; $3.3 bil sales; $250 mil profits

Miamisburg, OH
Family-owned company selling online, CD-ROM and print information services; LEXIS, NEXIS, Martindale Hubbell legal directories; Shepard's caselaw update reference service; faces deadly competition from websites offering free information; also hindered by Bible-belt stuffiness; 6,200 employees; $1 bil sales

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