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Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Original Title: Poon Gam Lin Ji Chin Sai Gam Sang
Director: Clara Law Cheuk-Yiu
Cast: Joey Wong Cho-Yin, Eric Tsang Chi-Wai, Wilson Lam Chun-Yin, Tan Lap-Man

     The first and better-known of the Clara Law/Lillian Lee collaborations features the sensationally beautiful Joey Wong ("A Chinese Ghost Story" and Jackie Chan's "City Hunter") as the fabled Golden Lotus character of Chinese lore, murdered anciently and reincarnated in present day mainland China where she soon grows into stunning young womanhood, only to begin reverting to her fatefully slutty self.
     As the story unfolds, detailing Lotus' persecuted life in Cultural Revolution-era China and subsequent marriage of convenience to a wealthy Hong Kong businessman, Law intercuts with flashbacks to the original Lotus story, underscoring the ever-present hand of destiny that guides Lotus' actions...and hormones.
     Some viewers may find the "Lotus" story unusually violent given the subject matter, but such outbursts -- much like those in "Temptation of a Monk" -- rarely undercut the film's pervasive sensuality or melodramatic impact.
     As a whole, "The Reincarnation of Golden Lotus" is magnificently executed in accordance with Law's typically meticulous aesthetic sensibilities; a first-rate production and an exceptional showcase for the talents and intoxicating allure of Joey Wong.

12. LA BLUE GIRL (1995)
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese or English

     If nothing else, the Japanese may at least lay claim to pioneering the field of erotic animation where cartoons can do and show all the wonderful things that real live Japanese actors aren't allowed to.
     While the "La Blue Girl" series doesn't exactly qualify as "cinema," it's a worthy enough representative of "erotic anime" to be listed here. Each of the six, 45-minute episodes center on the adventures of a "half-demon, ninja sex-warrior" named Miko-Mido as she fights for the honor and survival of her clan against the rival Suzuka clan and the perverted tentacular freakazoids of the underworld known as the Shikima.
     Over the course of the six episodes, Miko's adventures become increasingly bizarre, evolving an assortment of psycho-sexual encounters and fantastical confrontations the likes of which would be unthinkable from any culture other than Japan. Whether this is indicative of unspeakable perversity or unequaled creativity on the part of the Japanese is hard to tell. Either way, it ain't Disney. Page 7

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