Monitoring Asians in the American mass media


Asian American Entertainment Scene
by Genessee Kagy

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Sex, Money & Asian Stereotypes
Hollywood had learned to exploits the most Asian of genres and locales to sell offsetting fantasies that reinforce Asian stereotypes.
Why I'm Sometimes Cold
A young Asian American woman awakens to Hollywood's impact on her perceptions and personality.

Great Asian- Friendly Movie Guide
Here's the ultimate list of American or U.S.- distributed films featuring Asians in fair and/or attractive situations and roles.
Money, Media & the Asian American Image
We can influence our media image by using our consumer clout to punish businesses that support unfair stereotyping.


Media Offenses Against Asian Americans
Get the word out about insensitive, sleazy, racist or plain stupid media transgressions against AA consumers.

Major Magazines Report Card
See how fair and aware your favorite magazines are toward Asians and Asia.

Cause of Media Biases Against Asians
What drives the American mass media to be so persistent in its attacks against the Asian image?
A New Image for Asian Men?
Are Asians in pro sports and the influx of movie talent from Asia undermining Hollywood stereotypes?

America Ready for Asian Pop Stars?
Is new Asian talent making its mark on the pop music scene?

Hollywood's Asian Strategy
How the movie industry sees Asians as film talent and consumers.


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