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Great Asian Malls & Supermarkets
These big impressive Asian malls are the perfect places for renewing your family's connection to Asian culture.
Raise Your Emotional Intelligence
Seven resolutions to help you and your family become high-EQ Asian Americans.

Your Kid's First Identity Crisis
How you respond can shape her lifelong views on her racial identity and relations with non-Asians.


Asian American Parenting Guide
Avoid the traps of parent-centered parenting and apply the principles of child-centered parenting to raise confident, effective kids with strong self-images.
6 Keys to Building Your Kid's Self-Image Before Age 13
Many teen problems are founded on identity conflicts precipipated by racial stereotyping. Here's how to address the 6 psychological pressure points.
Feng Shui for a Happier Home
Wise placement of rooms and furnishings will boost your family's health and prosperity.
Confessions of an Asian American Wife
Behind every happy 28-year marriage are a few really ugly secrets.
Private School Boom
Asian students are a large and growing presence at the genteel schools that were once the exclusive province of WASPs.