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Jeanette Lee expects the best from herself and nothing from others. She hasn't been disappointed.

he just turned 24, but Corean American Jeanette Lee is consistently the top-ranked player on the professional women's pool circuit. Her success and beauty are attracting the envy and resentment of peers, but also, big bucks from companies that want some of her magic to rub off on what they're selling. One is the Bicycle Club Casino in Norwalk. This spring Jeanette Lee moved her base to Los Angeles to become the house professional there.

     Jeanette Lee is 5-9 and as willowy as a top runway model, despite a steel rod implanted into her back when she was 13 to correct a curvature of the spine. Her gummy smiles display that all-American wide-open friendliness that makes people immediately wish she were their older sister. Her sweet skin is a soft wrapper on the steely determination that has driven her to the top of a highly competitive sport at a scandalously young age.

     She speaks in the assured measured tones of a professional spokesperson. But when she talks to friends from the pool world, she drops the facade and reverts to being a girl from Manhattan.

GoldSea: What are your days like?

Jeanette Lee: I wake up, do my aerobics for about an hour and ten minutes. I don't want to be muscular. I want to be in shape. The aerobics is more to feel fit, feel healthy, flexible and [build] good endurance--just to feel good. It makes up for the fact that I don't do anything else [in the way of physical exercise]. Then I make business phone calls, I go play pool until I come home, I cook myself dinner, then I play pool again. Either during dinner or after dinner I'll watch an Accuset tape which are tapes of people playing pool.


GS: What does that do for you?

Lee: There are a lot of tapes of top male players. I learn a lot from them. No matter how good you are, there's always more to learn. When I watch men play in the Accuset tapes, I watch how they do things. It's not like there's only one way to get to the next ball.

GS: What time do your days start?

Lee: Sometimes late at night you get into a game with people and you don't want to stop. Generally our business day starts at 9:30.

GS: What time do you wake up?

Lee: Nine. My office is in my house.

GS: Where do you live?

Lee: In Norwalk. My secretary comes over and does whatever work I have to do so I don't have to worry about it. I go play pool and come home and watch a pool tape and go to sleep. In my bathroom I have pool magazines and pool books and mental training for sports and mental toughness training for athletes. I live and breathe pool. PAGE 2

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"Whenever they're sleeping and eating, you need to be playing pool, when they're watching a movie, you need to be playing pool. I live by that."