Hung Lo's
Hard Life in Interracial Porn

Hung Lo has come a long way from production assistant to the star of an Asian American porn production company.

by Genessee Kagy



Hung Lo's Hard Life in Interracial Porn

ights, camera, action!” These words penetrate the dreams of Hollywood hopefuls. But in the $3 billion dollar porn industry, we're talking action of a different sort. And while names like Mimi Miyagi, Asia Carrera and Annabel Chong are synonymous with sex, others like UC Davis professor and amateur porn producer, Darrell Hamamoto, enjoy recognition on the tongues of anthropological scholars, as opposed to those of sweaty teens.

    But despite few recognizable Asian American men featured in porn, in 2003, Prof. Hamamoto marketed the first full-length flick featuring an Asian American couple. With his 50 minutes of pay-per-view footage, Hamamoto stimulates his own brand of sexual healing.

     “I'm trying to do it in the most direct, visible way possible, by promoting and producing Asian-American erotica for Asian-Americans by Asian-Americans,” Hamamoto says.

    Fueled by his mission-driven enthusiasm, there was no shortage of available women, however, Hamamoto spent months casting the guy's role.

    Several years later a new group of faces have arrived. Among them, one billed as “HungLo,” carries Hamamoto's torch by starring in, directing and producing Asian-male centric films.

    Whether idolized for his work on the Asian American cause, or envied for hours spent in the company of busty babes, HungLo occupies a very special place on the XXX scene.

    But since starting his own production company HungLo realized that it's much harder than it looks:

    “There is always a big mess after each shoot. I don't know why, normal people have sex don't leave that much of a mess behind,” he commented.

    Back in the 1970's, porn's golden era, Dick Ho was a legend of epic proportions. An Asian American touted to have the industry's longest member at 13.5," his existence is still the subject of debate.

    Some say he was the victim of a conspiracy theory, others claim sightings at recent porn conventions. Whatever the case, HungLo carries the torch; Asian American male sexuality once again has XXX represention.

GS: How did you get into acting in porn films?
HL: I used to be a "good" kid, I studied hard in school but as I got older, it became pretty clear what the outcome of this kind of life would be: a dead-end job making between 30-100k a year, being miserable. Then some girl broke my heart. She totally destroyed me. I was depressed for almost 2 years, lost all will to continue studying and dropped out of Cal State Fullerton. I needed a change. I needed more girls. I found an ad from Interavid Inc. which later became known as Hush-Hush Entertainment searching for an intern production assistant. I went to the interview and was hired on the spot. After getting to know the director a little better, I asked him to put me on camera and give me a try. Most directors won't even bother; I was lucky.

GS: Give us a rundown of the titles and dates of some of your films?
HL: I don't keep track of all them, but just to name some, Frat House Fuck Fest 3, Frat House Fuck Fest 5, Bachelor Party Fuck Fest 3, No Swallowing Allowed 9, Spring Chickens 16, Down the Hatch 20, all of which were shot between 2005-2007, and the most recent and most important project that I am in is, a website featuring me, an Asian American male, paired with Caucasian partners. PAGE 2

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“After getting to know the director a little better, I asked him to put me on camera and give me a try. Most directors won't even bother; I was lucky.”

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