20-year-old The Bold and the Beautiful regular Lindsey Price has graced daytime TV longer than any other Asian American actor.
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ince the age of 14 half-Corean Lindsey Price has been a soap regular, first as scheming immigrant vixen Ang Lee in All My Children, then as sucessful career girl Michael Lai in The Bold and the Beautiful. Price's on-camera career began at the age of three when she appeared in a national Vivitar Camera print ad campaign. She has gone on to become the most employed Asian American model/actor of her generation.
"She's very unlucky in love."

GoldSea: How did you get the part of Michael Lai on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Lindsey Price: I went for an initial audition with the casting agent, then I went back to read for the producers, then I screen-tested. It will be two years this next June.

GS: How do you like the character.

LP: I love the character. She's a very strong, independent woman. She's got a lot of integrity. She does the right thing, all the time. She's got a career that's on the rise. She's kind of sarcastic, a little bit dry. She has a lot of integrity. She's a marketing executive for the fashion house the show's about.

GS: Is Michael Lai Chinese American?

LP: It's ambiguous. We don't know. We never spoke about it.

GS: Does she have a love interest?

LP: She's very unlucky in love. She's been involved with two men. One with Dylan, and they had a relationship but she let him go because he was in love with another woman. The next man was Grant, that's the man she lost her virginity to. She really fell in love with him but he turned out to be an opportunist and he married Brook so he could further his career. He's a fashion designer.

GS: What's your schedule like?

LP: The show tapes all year long, we only get two weeks off for Christmas and two weeks off in the summer. Every character doesn't work every day unless there's a really heavy story line. I'm in on average two or three times a week. This week I work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

GS: What are your hours typically?

LP: Usually from nine to five, unless it's some sort of party with the whole cast, then we're there 'til all hours of the morning.

GS: You just bought a house in the Hollywood Hills. Where is it located

LP: You know where Woodrow Wilson is? I'm in the hills, off Cahuenga across from Universal City. I'm a little bit closer to the Valley. My view is just trees, which I love. You kind of forget you're in LA.

GS: How much did you pay for it?

LP: It was on the market for $240,000. I got the most amazing deal. I got it for $206,000.

GS: How many bedrooms.

LP: Two bedrooms.

GS: Do you live alone?

LP: I was until recently. I ran into a friend of mine I went to school with in New York. She said she was in a bad living situation and I offered to rent out the room I have, so she's been renting it for three weeks. PAGE 2

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