120 Most Inspiring Asian Americans of All Time
Bruce Lee
Men & women who set the bar for Asian American success.

Famous Tigers
Tigers are crowd-pleasers but have trouble dealing with setbacks.

Tri-Cultural Novelist
Janice Lee exhumes Hong Kong's dirty secrets.

Hollywood Veteran
Teddy Zee leverages Hollywood experience to tap the trans-Pacific entertainment boom.
Famous Rats
Rats use charisma and drive to overcome long odds.
Famous Pigs
Pigs have the big hearts and deep convictions that inspire belief.
Famous Dogs
Honesty, loyalty and nobility combine with charisma to make dogs natural leaders.
Famous Oxen
Oxen know how to put their heads down and plow through adversity.

Better Luck Today
Justin Lin survives the leap from Asian American boy wonder to Hollywood old boy.

Big-Screen Chameleon
Michelle Krusiec proves she can play intriguing characters as well as stereotypical bimbos.
Beijing's Bi-Cultural Badgirl
Annie Wang has turned the foibles of Beijing's young professional elite into the stuff of trans-Pacific best-sellers.
Famous Roosters
Roosters are pioneers who combine private resolve with public appeal.

The Chosen
As a Hollywood action star Jet Li sees himself as fulfilling his lifelong destiny as the chosen champion of the Chinese people.
Arriving at White Castle
The role of Harold Lee may do for John Cho what Ted Logan did for Keanu Reeves.
Primal Man
Jason Scott Lee reveals the life changes that have made him so elusive after Dragon.
Everydude Uploaded
Keanu Reeves finds his best self in the virtual realm.
Plucky Duckling
Lucy Liu goes into full-fetish mode for action-babe stardom.
Scene Stealer
Russell Wong is newly married and ready for stardom.
Heavenly & Earthy
Beauty and brains helped Joan Chen conquer two worlds.
Lifestyle-Upgrade Engineer
Stanford engineering grad Vic Chao discovered that the best lifestyle upgrade he could engineer was becoming an actor.
Fun-Loving Gal Chick
Ming-Na Wen's no quiet, dutiful Chinese daughter.
Body in Motion
Kathy Lee is the sassy and physical prototype of a promising new generation of highly professional young Asian American actors.
Rising Star
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa held out for strong, virile roles -- and got them.
Best of the Fists
America's top Asian actor/producer talks life, love & success.
Day Star
At 20 Lindsey Price is the gray lady of TV soapdom.
Yellow Ranger Unmasked
Thuy Trang outgrows her power suit.
Leading Man Emeritus
James Shigeta is the greatest Asian leading man of all time.
The Unforgiven
France Nuyen talks about her Joyless Luckless ordeal with Amy Tan.
The Legend
Sessue Hayakawa is the first Asian American superstar.
Leslie's Demons
Leslie Cheung crosses the line between art forms and genders.
The Next Action Hero
Robin Shou has a shot at carrying on Bruce Lee's legacy.
Supermarket Special
How Tia Carrere was discovered and got her Hollywood break.
Susie Wong Revisited
Nancy Kwan talks about her first and most notorious role.
Deep Dark Enigma
Russell Wong wavers between heavyweight hunk and mystic-lite.

Tele-Kinetic Explorer
Lisa Ling opens up to fans and critics.
Morning Glory
Sharon Tay sheds her suit and gets personal.
Asian American Air Force
Three women of our on-air force reveal the bread, sweat and fears.
Anchoring California
Wendy Tokuda wooed audiences up and down the West coast.
The Perky One
Lisa Ling's youthful rise to become TV's top Asian talking head.

Shifting into Drive
Grace Park rekindles hopes of becoming golf's golden girl.
King of Challengers No More
At an age when most players contemplate retirement, Kevin Kim is blasting into the upper ranks of professional tennis.
Michelle's Epic Quest
Michelle Kwan has won everything but Olympic gold.
Ice Princess
Michele Kwan rose from Chinese-restaurant-owner's daughter to America's ice princess.
Straight Shooter
Jeanette Lee cues her way to billiard championships.
America's Toughest Cop Alive
Art Tom earned that title twice in world competition.
Rising Fastballer
Chanho Park survives rookie year to become the Dodgers' star.

L.A. Renaissance Chick
Kahi Lee brings a unique southern California aesthetic to her work as interior designer, TV host and magazine writer.
Artist of the Floating World
Chang-rae Lee distills pale wine from the scarcely suspected agonies of the mutual-fund set.
Shadow Novelist
Susan Choi makes a stand at the subversive intersection between political alienation and emotional survival.
Simmering Perfection
Novelist Julie Otsuka finds her best pigments in English prose.
Head Cheerleader
Kimiko Tanaka recalls her 8 spectacular years as a Raiderette.
Lady of the Legs
Debra Lin's legs find a home in the world's top modeling agency.
Transpacific Supermodel
Angela Harry has enjoyed a wildly successful international modeling career.
Fantasy Face
Kyoto Model Nijo Eiko settles into L.A. the hard way.
Kelly Green
A young Kelly Hu stretches for that elusive beauty crown.

Hung Lo Holds Up
Asian American men get representation in the porn industry.
The Reincarnations of Roy Lee
A bored badboy ditched a legal career and found fun and profit as a producer specializing in Hollywood remakes of Asian films.
Genghis Chan
Johnny Chan conquered the brutal odds of high-stakes poker.
Saga of an Asian Badboy
Was Tomi Kita the New Pig on the Block or just another rock comet?

Jolly Grin Giant
Jerry Yang has become Bill Gates's net nemesis.
Titan of Tech Trials
Morgan Chu wins 9-figure verdicts on patent trials.
From Sir, With Love
Boston Medical Center's Chi Huang spends three months each year helping the most hopeless of Bolivia's street urchins.
Hollywood Veteran
Teddy Zee's zippy name and personality inspired a TV series about a legendary Hollywood agent.
Microsoft's Asian Pioneer
Scott Oki earned a $100-million early retirement by turning Microsoft into the global software leader.
Web Weaver
Jerry Yang parlayed a homepage into the web's top cyber-empire.
A Badboy's Second Act
Stephan Chao talks about the weird end to his years as Fox TV president -- and the weirder aftermath.
John Chuang built his student copyshop into one of the world's most admired temp agencies.
Mr Nautica
David Chu turned a knack for clean masculine designs into a big stake in a global sportswear leader.
Biotech Goldenboy
James Kuo combined a medical degree with venture capital savvy to help launch hot biotech companies.

Manifest Destiny
Janet Yang is Hollywood's high-priestess of Asian films.
Rhodes to Rio Chino
Greg Pak is on the trail to making the great Asian American western.
Chen Kaige's New Life
China's top director discovers the happy ending.

Haute Culture's First String
Yo-Yo Ma talks about his violins, his name and his passion for grocery shopping.
Cool Fusion
Ming Tsai serves up all-American patter with bold east-west platters.
Pop's Unscented Voice
Michelle Branch is a breath of fresh air.
Comedy's Southern Squire
Henry Cho redefines all-American humor.
Cat Woman
Cat Kim has the makings of the first AA pop diva.
King of Branson
Shoji Tabuchi puts on the biggest show in the world's live country music capitol.

Legally Renowned
As U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California, Debra Yang is America's most powerful practicing female attorney.
Governor Fix-It
Gary Locke is poised for a role in national Presidential politics.

Marriage and Family
Carl Nomura's memories of starting a Japanese American family in post-war Minnesota.
Jamming Man
John Kao finds the secret to business creativity in play.
Ken Fong built Clontech into a biotech leader.
Remote Possibilities
Yulun Wang applies precision robotics to surgery.

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