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Q:Any sparks that first time?
A:I don't know about sparks. There was probably attraction, yeah.

Q:Was he more attracted to you, or you to him?
A:We're both not teenagers. We don't lose our heads over dinner with someone.
"And to be guided by Oliver Stone, it's a very good, rare opportunity for any actress."

Q:How did the next date happen?
A:It didn't really. We talked on the phone a little bit. We lived in two cities.

Q:How did you get to the "I do" stage?
A:We didn't feel like dating because it's so unnatural. At the same time, there was attraction, so we just kept in touch by phone. I flew up again sometime later, a month, two months. We met for dinner and went out with a few friends. We went dancing. I was probably seeing other people, he was probably seeing other people. There was no tension. Afterwards we talked on the phone. then he came over because he had family in L.A., his parents, his nephew, his brother and sister. He went back, then he said, "Maybe we can marry."

Q:Just out of the blue? After that second date?

Q:You hadn't slept together or anything?

Q:What did you say?
A:I just laughed and laughed also. I'm sure there were attractions. I think a good sign is when you don't go to bed with people right away. I think you treasure it more. A lot of people, one date or third date or fourth date, you gotta go to bed. It's silly.

Q:Do you ever do that?
A:Yeah, it's all spontaneous, but I don't believe in that. When he said, "Let's get married," I think it was really a proposal more of love and friendship. It's a way you say I really like you, because we all laughed, you know.

Q:He popped the question at the end of 91 and you got married on January 18 of 92.
A:After that I guess we saw each other a few more times, and he said, "I really mean it. I think we should get married."

Q:So it went pretty quickly then.
A:Yeah, yeah.

Q:He's a man who knows what he wants.
A:He knows right away he wants to make a commitment. He is very straightforward. Most guys would be a little scared. If you don't talk about any commitment or a shared future in three months, I don't think you're sincere.

Q:Is he the kind who visits movie sets?
A:Actually, he took some time off to go to every movie set. He couldn't spend a lot of time there but he did go. Not just to make sure things are all right--he trusts me making my own decisions--but just to be with me and to know what my work is like. He's perfect.

Q:Has marriage had any effect on your career?
A:I've been away for a long time. I'm being more selective. I don't think I've made any sacrifices or anything. I do have more love in my life, which is good.

Q:Does the fact that you've both been married before help make this one a better marriage?
A:I think so. As people we don't really get to do dress rehearsals. I got married when I was 23. He got married when he was 24. Very young, didn't really know what we wanted. PAGE 4

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