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Assuming you are a female of Chinese ancestry, which of the following most attracts you to males of Corean ancestry?
Their facial features | 67%
Their physique | 9%
Their attitude and personality | 17%
Their education and cultural values | 7%

Assuming you are a female of Chinese ancestry, which of the following most dissuades you from relations with males of Corean ancestry?
I don't find them physically attractive. | 2%
I don't find their personalities and attitudes appealing. | 15%
I don't think they would find me attractive. | 74%
I'd rather not deal with the disapproval of family. | 9%
Assuming you are a male of Corean ancestry, which of the following do you find most attractive about females of Chinese ancestry?
Their facial features | 63%
Their physique | 12%
Their attitude and personality | 18%
Their education and cultural values | 7%

Assuming you are a male of Corean ancestry, which of the following most dissuades you from relations with females of Chinese ancestry?
I don't find them physically attractive. | 1%
I don't find their personalities and attitudes appealing. | 10%
I don't think they would find me attractive. | 72%
I'd rather not deal with the disapproval of family. | 17%

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[This page is closed to new input. --Ed.]
I know one married Korean male-Malaysian female couple.

And the Korean husband converted to muslim after marriage.
Yes,they're a muslim family.
There are two sons in the family and they can read the Koran!

I watched the story about the family from TV last year!
So I think there's no problem if partners show great respect to each other!!
But there are also very stupid Korean familes.
And the sons from this kind family can be so dominating and rude to women.
You should avoid them!!

You need to check his family background and his personality very carefully before marriage.

It's not different from most of the cases for marriage.

So Korean men are not special folks.
haha ^ ^

If there's a Malaysian lady who want to know more about Korean male in detail or need some advice -I would be gladly answer you!!
I won't only say good things about Korean male because I am one of them.
^ ^
Actually, I would love to give more of warnings that you should concern.

Good Luck all of the ladies on this forum! ^ ^ ;;
korean man    Tuesday, December 10, 2002 at 11:08:46 (PST)    []
Firstly, my apology to anyone who thinks my comments/views are somewhat offensive. I did not mean to throw in negative punches on this topic. I'd like to apologise to Cupid. I wasn't saying that 'it's absolutely no no to date a Korean' but do find it rather challenging in view of cultural, language, customs aspects, distance (if unfortunate) and etc.
I'm very fond of the Koreans. I regret that I still do not have the chance to visit Korea and meet up with 'someone' that I miss so much. Cross my fingers, hopefully I'll step foot in Seoul next year mid of April.
Cupid - Please don't be mad with me. I honestly didn't mean to offend anyone and believe you may have misunderstood my opinions ealier. Sorry.
Malaysian Chinese Girl - You know that you are very lucky. That guy is here, right ? It's quite a different circumstances.
Good luck & Cheers !!
Techie    Monday, November 11, 2002 at 00:39:45 (PST)    []
Yes there are ugly and beautiful korean and chinese girls. But why should it matter? If you look at white people, there are ugly and beautiful too.
There are guys who have told me I'm hot, beautiful. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Why should it matter so much?
Chinese girl    Tuesday, October 15, 2002 at 12:28:46 (PDT)    []
WANTED: more courage!!!

i love those "eye games" lol....
give him some more hints and if he shows even a little bit of interest ... pounce on him...hehe..G luck
Jae    Wednesday, October 02, 2002 at 04:54:22 (PDT)    []
I'm a Chinese female, and I have a crush on Corean male. We get along really well, and it's really confusing whether our "friendship" is just friendship or more than that. We met not too long ago, so it's hard to tell yet. I've never had a crush on a Corean guy before, and I'm not sure what I'm getting into, because I've never dated outside of my own ethnicity. Also, neither has he, and his parents are very strictly traditional Corean, and prefer him to date and marry Corean.
???boggles my mind.    Monday, September 30, 2002 at 03:37:13 (PDT)    []
My parents want my dream man to be either Taiwanese Chinese or Cantonese Taiwanese. Cantonese is already bending it a bit because it's "different" and "how are they going to communicate?"...Corean and Japanese are a no-no.

...which is funny, because although all my boyfriends so far have been Cantonese Chinese (cute too might I add, not to sound concieted, but to give "props" to Chinese guys), I find that I am most attracted to Corean and Japanese guys.

Almost everytime I check out some guy, or think some guys is particularly good-looking, he turns out to be Corean or Japanese. Corean mostly.

I'm decent looking, people often refer to me as "cute and small" and the occasional "pretty", but I don't have the nerve to approach Corean guys in particular. They intimidate me, because I know alot of Corean guys (in my age group at least), are very "K-P" and being Taiwanese, how exactly do I fit in the mix?

...There's this one Corean guy that I've been noticing around my college campus a lot. I don't have any classes with him, but I know he's Corean because I heard him speaking it once with his friends. We have kind of an "unspoken game" of funny eye contact...I even cracked a smile at him once, but he looked down on the floor immediately. We always pass by each other on the way to our classes.

I want to approach him, but I'm too scared. I keep feeling like I'm just imagining things, and he probably won't find me attractive anyway. He strikes me as the kind of guy that wouldn't approach a girl first.

should I take the chance?
WANTED: more courage!!!    Monday, September 30, 2002 at 03:26:02 (PDT)    []
Who are you to judge? What qualifications do you have to say what is possible or not? Mind your own business.
Cupid    Sunday, September 22, 2002 at 15:19:09 (PDT)    []
It's not really impossible though. I'm dating a Korean from Seoul. He's very shy but nice person though. We met in college
Malaysian Chinese Girl    Friday, September 20, 2002 at 20:28:45 (PDT)    []
I am very surprised to find this page. Well, I have come to know some Korean guys lately and I'd like to say that they are pretty humble, sincere, polite and humourous but don't think they are shy as mentioned by many others in this forum. I somewhere believe that Koreans guys do like Malaysian Chinese but bear in mind that no statistics have shown a great success rate of Malaysian-Korean's marriage. I must stress that it would be better not to generalise the 'Chinese Women' in one category as they vary from countries to countries. As for Malaysian Chinese ladies, we are somewhat different from China, Hong Kong or any other Asian countries in a lot of ways such as our very mixed culture, food, language (most Malaysians speak English), our boldness, views, and etc. I have recently done a lot of reading on Korean cultures and customs and somehow think that it's definitely difficult for any Malaysian girls to date a Korean guy, let alone loving one. Too many obstacles and quite impossible, to be frank.
Techie    Friday, September 20, 2002 at 04:30:27 (PDT)
Thanks everyone for your opinions. Much appreciated! My family has always been very open minded, and understanding. So I find it hard to believe some parents could be so closed minded in regards to other cultures and nationalities. I'm proud of who I am, and wouldn't wish to be any other nationality. I don't try to look more white then asian, I simply have a combination of both worlds. I love my golden blond hair, my big asian eyes, my slim asian body..yet filled in where it counts =) I don't understand why asian girls these days, dye their hair so light at a early age. But then I wouldn't know, because I've always had light hair to began with. And we always want what we don't have. lols. Asian people are very exotic and attractive looking! Better left natural! I find a lot of guys from different backgrounds and nationalities attracted to me. So to all you asian girls out there..guys do find us asian girls attractive and sexy! Enhance your natural god given features, and don't try to change them!
AsiAn GirLiE    Friday, June 07, 2002 at 17:39:00 (PDT)
I think that it varies from one Chinese girl to the next. One could be out going, while another could be introverted.
chinalova    Sunday, June 02, 2002 at 10:38:54 (PDT)
JunHo from S.Korea,

hahahha Yes you knew that, my girl friend is from Taiwan~~
Can you speak chinese?
ni3 hui4 shuo1 han4 yu3 ma3 ?
!! ahaha

see my last message below.
CHINESE WOMEN ARE THE ROYALS I think that very true ^-^.

One thing that you should realize, in Chinese culture, serving cold tea is very disagreeable treatement for guests.
Yes you have to prepare for the hot water in a big pot~!! heheh

I go out to the jimjilbang very often with my girl. it is very good place for date. I am living in Seoul~
I dropped you an e-mail, let's have a meeting! I will introduce my girl to you
Korean man    Sunday, June 02, 2002 at 01:32:59 (PDT)
To JunHo

Thanks for your comment.

I haven't been to Korea in like 10 years so i wouldnt have a clue on how they think of other Asians there but here I feel lot of Koreans think less of other asians and so my parents have only one rule when it comes to marriage, it has to be Korean-Australian or KOrean from Korea.

Its so cool that your parents dont mind Chinese-korean marriages and even more so considering the fact that you guys live in Korea.
As for my parents .. they wont change their rule. My parents are like one of those traditional type koreans and are pretty strict where what they say is the law. U know what i mean.

It must be pretty hard for u and your parents to communicate with her .. unless she speaks English. This was one my parents main arguent. They wont be able to talk to a chinese girl.
Jae Lee    Saturday, June 01, 2002 at 22:02:39 (PDT)