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What's the most important way in which your Asian ancestry hurt your career?
I wasn't considered for some assignments and/or promotions. | 32%
I was excluded from opportunities to socialize. | 35%
I was burdened with more work demands than my colleagues. | 12%
I was subtly put down for being different. | 16%
I was singled out for sexual harassment. | 5%

What's the most important way in which your Asian ancestry helped your career?
My linguistic/cultural skills were key to my success. | 2%
My ancestry caused me to focus on fields that later proved highly lucrative. | 1%
It filled me with the drive and determination to succeed. | 97%

What's the most important way in which your Asian ancestry influenced your career choice?
My career choice was motivated by the desire to defy stereotypes. | 46%
I chose a field that would best utilize my cultural skills. | 3%
I chose the field dictated by my family. | 0%
My ancestry didn't influence my career choice. | 51%

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Self-respecting lady,

Bravo. Glad to see that you saw the light. YOu will be the better person in the long run. Good luck!
SF AM    Thursday, December 12, 2002 at 15:35:47 (PST)    []
Asian-American History Educated:

Stop being stuck in the past and wake up to modern society. Crystal did NOT say that she was giving up on Asian men. Maybe it's time for you to go back to school and take some reading comprehension classes.

You also prove Crystal's point in saying that some Asian men tend not to be open to listening to what we females have to say. You automatically assume that Crystal prefers White men in every single way, which she does not say at all. In fact, we don't know WHO she prefers, and it's none of our business.

Why don't the first two question allow you to say that your ancestry did not affect your career in any way. That's kind of annoying and makes the survey inaccurate.

How were you outspoken, exactly. Your story doesn't exactly say much to bring my sympathy in your direction. I'm not saying that you're not deserving, but I can think of several ways to be outspoken and needing to be fired for it.

I work in a place that's great. It's very diverse. I've even been praised for my work by my superviser and lead engineers. I'm not saying that everyone else is lying and making things up I'm just saying that I ended up in a good job with good people.
An Engineer    Sunday, December 01, 2002 at 02:35:50 (PST)    []
[Mr Hann, your question has been moved to the Asians in the Military page. --Ed]
For several years, I thought that I was getting ahead because I was just better than Asian men. Until one day, I overheard my mentor, who also is one of the senior partners in the firm, telling one of his colleagues that he thinks I "would be a good (you can imagine what word goes here, it starts with f)" It was then I started piecing together all the pieces. I was just an Asian doll to them. Though they knew I worked hard and was competent, they never, ever, ever would fully respect me.

So I decided to leave and join a company with several Asian guys who had been long been cast off by that firm and am now having a great time. I feel sorry for a bunch of Asian female acquaintences who do not realize that they are being used this way. In the end, it's about self-respect.
Self-respecting Lady    Wednesday, July 10, 2002 at 08:13:20 (PDT)
asian machoman,

About your comments on April 19, man they Friggin' ROCKED!!! Funny your story is very similar/opposite to my own. I worked for 5 years, for a caucassian male employer that cleverly hid his views on asians as well as other races until the doors were closed. HE is very racist, but contends that since he used to have black friends in Kentucky, that he's not a racist. And he has a token female black manager running thing in the morning, that he's still not a racist. Gee, i guess if one were to have "friends" of one minority, it has bought you the privelege of being a thinly-veiled coward? Anyways, I was very out-spoken when i was under his employment. But I think in his mind that made it seem like he couldn't control me. He got 2 employees to sign a document saying that I refused to work my schdule. Consequently, I was fired for this little screwed job. HE got rid of me, and those 2 employees got more hours and were promoted. The new millenium has some very old good 'ole boy backroom stuff still going on. People need to wake up!
Empyrean20    Tuesday, July 09, 2002 at 14:37:56 (PDT)
Asian-American History Educated,

You're a WINNER!!! Finally, someone who can agree with me! =)

Mongol Horde    Wednesday, June 19, 2002 at 22:03:56 (PDT)
To Outside Looking In,

I never read that anywhere. If there's cheating involved, people will KNOW, and there will be specific consequences.

As far as a "typical" Asian, we look more for a faithful relationship with a partner than a sexual date--a flavor of the week, month, or year--which is more of a White mentality.
Asian-American History Educated    Tuesday, May 14, 2002 at 23:26:05 (PDT)
Asian-American History Educated,

How can you be so sure that the typical Asian man is faithful? I read somewhere once that Asian people cheat but the difference is they don't tell anybody. I'd be interested in hearing your perspective on this. Thanks.
Outside Looking In    Saturday, May 04, 2002 at 12:28:10 (PDT)

Oh, Crystal, it hurts me, continuously, as I hear opinions of redundant comments from specific type of Asian females--only if Asian men were more like White men, and etc. If you want to abandon the Asian men, then do so without despising them for who they are: earnest, vibrant, understanding, sensitive, indominable, sexy, faithful, and etc.

I am sorry that your experience with Asian men have been less than positive compared to that of White men, who care little about fidelity and more about dating.

It looks like you have left the Asian men already (it's our loss, I am definitely sure), but do yourself a huge favor and take some classes in Asian-American history, if you have the chance.

Do you know why Asian females are preyed upon with hugs and kisses from White and Black men?
Asian-American History Educated    Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 01:57:41 (PDT)
hi ac dropout,

thanks for giving me some pointers.
woe    Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 15:22:24 (PDT)

Looking for someone to share the greif with. Well first off talk it through with the FOB. Do they want to transfer into your department? Once that has been determined, your actions will be pretty simple.

If you bring the FOB into your department, will you be supervising that person? If not, I don't see what you need to worry about. You only made a recommendation, you will not be responsible for their quality of work.

If you are somehow roped into being responsible for the FOB quality of work, then you should consider the matter closely. Because now your reputation is on the line. You will have to consider if they are good workers, etc.
AC Dropout    Monday, April 22, 2002 at 10:55:05 (PDT)
Asian American Educated,

You sound like a pissed off militant black man.

I am an Asian American female, and most of my friends are and we have never been preyed upon by "The White Man". lol

Sure there is bad stuff all through out history with every race that you can take out of context to try to make someone look bad. But in affect i think that is just silly and stupid. If women in general are preyed upon it isn't because we are this or that it is because we are too trusting of some people we need better judgment. I went to public school, and I have found that there we are preyed upon more from black guys than any other race, but this doesn't mean that all black guys are like this. But when it comes to white and asian guys i feel as though asian guys are not as foward and direct as i would like them to be, and whites are very open to you of what they think. Very strong opinionative but very open to your own thoughts. I wish Asian guys were more like this so we could have some good heated debates :-) But it's okay i love them anyway they come!

crystal    Sunday, April 21, 2002 at 13:14:23 (PDT)