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Which Asian nationality possesses the most attractive physical traits?
Chinese | 27%
Corean | 23%
Filipino | 15%
Indian | 8%
Japanese | 13%
Vietnamese | 14%

Which Asian nationality possesses the most appealing personality traits?
Chinese | 31%
Corean | 16%
Filipino | 17%
Indian | 6%
Japanese | 17%
Vietnamese | 13%

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This flame war isn't getting any where. Different people will have different sense of pride. Pride is just something to lift your self-esteem. Whatever your mind craves, your brain will find something to be proud of. People from different cultures will never understand each other's pride, unless you indulge into that culture or atleast try to understand it. You Chinese and Koreans are trying to judge each other when that sense of pride is foreign to you. I bet most of you are American born Chinese or Koreans. You can't even fully familiarize yourself with the people from your motherland and yet you try to judge something more foreign. I think instead of using hateful words to show your pride, try to convince people how great your people are nicely and wisely. This is the only way people will respect you and your people without hate or fakery. Some of you should stop your fascination with war. Mongolians are one of the greatest warlords and what happened to them now? Whenever there is one person admiring Genghis Khan, there will be 10 more who hated him. Same goes to Hitler. And I think some of you need some pride for your self and not just your ethnicity.
Nice Cantonese Guy    Friday, November 22, 2002 at 06:01:39 (PST)    []
Some of you are wrong.

The Chinese have no more designs on Corea. Remember that both the Chinese Nationalists under Chiang Kai-shek and Chinese Communists under Mao Tse-Tung had allowed Korean regiment army divisions to form within Chinese armies, when they were fighting Japan. The Russians and Americans would not even admit that Koreans existed back then.


Koryo was founded by a Shilla defector general and one-eyed monk (who was an illegimate prince of the Shilla king). We all know it. Even scholars say that modern Korean language is essentially the dialect of Shilla. They claim to be Koguryo only because they were headquartered in the former regions of Koguryo. Most Koguryo citizenry either died in Tang invasions or were deported into China. Yes, all Chinese have a drop of Koguryo/Paekche blood in their veins no matter how sad, shameful and violent it came about. If you look at people from Beijing and Shandong, you see a people with a lot of Koguryo and Paekche blood mixed in with the Han.
yy    Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 22:14:01 (PST)    []

>>>though there's a chance that men of Korean race once joined the horsemen of the Huns and Mongols going West I have the suspicion that there were also certain distances between all these Northern races. I suggest, there are (racially) from East to West:<<<

I don't know about Korean mercenaries, but the Mongols (esp. Hulagu's campaigns in Middle East) did take with them many thousands of Chinese soldiers and siege technicians. Not that they wanted to go, but were in a way, forced to. I once had an interesting conversation with an Iranian girl and she told me that the words for tea (chai) and printing (chap) in her native Azari and Farsi languages are almost the same in Chinese (cha and chao respectively). She joked that she may have had Chinese ancestors and if you look at her, she does in a way feintly look like there might have been something Asian in her generations back.

>>>Tungus: medium height, narrow face, much beard in Manchuria, Amur region and Lake Baikal;<<<

Those Tungus with full beards are mixed with Gilyaks (an Ainu people) in the northern Amur regions. But, in China, the Xibo, Oroqen and Manchus are one of the more hairless people and the Han Chinese of Beijing (who can grow full ones, but not as much compared to Hui Muslims) often point that out as a distinction between them and the Manchus.

>>>Mongolians: medium height, but not flat face, sparse beard in Mongolia and North China;<<<

The Outer Mongolians, Kalmucks and Buryats often have huge heads and faces even compared to Koreans.

>>>Turks: medium height, narrow face, much beard in Turkestan and Tatarstan;<<<

There is no one or two Turkic racial types. In Turkey, they look Greek and Armenian. In Iran, they look Iranian. The Uygurs have noticeable Chinese influences even in their faces.
Turkmens and Uzbeks are a highly variable race in terms of looks. You see Slavic influences in Tatars evidently. There are Ugric and Tungus components in the Yakuts. It is probably only the Tuvan, Shor, Bashkir, Kazakh and Kyrgyz who are pure Turks.

>>>Samoyeds: small, broad and flat face, sparse beard somewhere in the Ural.

However, the connection between these folks is evident, the Samoyeds being the weakest in the "chain". According to one of their myths ("Mosh and Porr") they received an admixture of a weak and peaceful race and lost all power.<<<

Their closest relatives are Hungarians, linguistically speaking.

>>>The Altaic admixture in Japanese is rather sparse. I think, Tungus do not reach the islands in the south of Sakhalin. Because they have some Arctic features Japanese can join the Northern cluster if Inuit etc are included. Only in Kansai (there was a book "Osakaology" which supports this thesis) they are more like (Korean) people from the continent. The rest of the Japanese have a social code similar to the social codes of the Amerindians on the other side of the Pacific.<<<

A lot of studies show that the Andes Indians (Aymara, Incas, etc.) have the same genetic physiologies as the modern Japanese. I have twice mistaken 2 Navajos for being Japanese-American.


Karaganda in the North of KAzakhstan is contaminated by radioactivity.<<<

I told you it was the Russians who did it. And, anyways, northern Kazakhstan is predominantly Slavic (Russians, Ukrainians) populated. The nomadic Muslims live more to the south (near the desert).
yy    Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 21:59:07 (PST)    []
Coreans should see the differences when Chinese invade compared to others who also have invaded Korea.

The Mongols, Manchu and Japanese invasions brought nothing but lives, suffering, hardships and discrimination.

The Han and Tang Dynasties invaded and ruled Corea, but you must admit that culture (a higher one) also flowed into the peninsula. Both sides benefitted depending on how you look at it. Plus, the Chinese did not commit the type of large-scale atrocities, stagnation and destruction as those invaders did.

The same can be said of Chinese relations to Vietnam.
yy    Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 21:13:44 (PST)    []

It is accurate history of the Imjin Wars you have there, but why do Corean people still negate or omit the role of Ming Chinese land armies and their battles with Japanese in Corea?

Suffice to say, Ming China would certainly have been threatened without the wits and successes of Admiral Yi, but again, Corea did not have a real organized and fighting land force at that time and the Ming Chinese proved a decisive factor in Hideyoshi eventually evacuating all his forces. Chinese and Japanese had fought many pitched battles all over Corea during both invasions. This is evident in the second invasion.

Let's look at it from all sides.
yy    Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 21:08:54 (PST)    []
Many people claim the Japanese are related to Tungus, Mongols, Coreans, Austronesians, Chinese, Malays and the like, but geneticists have all now concluded that it is the Tibetans whom they share the closest genetic distance with. There are certain Y chromosome genetic markers called "YAP" that is found in the Japanese and Tibetans.

As for Tibetans themselves, their Y chromosomes are also closer to the Han (north and south) and to northern Thai.

It is more likely that the Japanese (bulk of them) were descended from an ancient Sino-Tibetan tribes who inhabited northern China before Han tribes conquered all.

The tribes of pre-Han southern and central China were called Wu and Yueh. They have all been absorbed and mixed into the Han Chinese ethnos now. They were always distantly related to Han and Tibetans. They could be the missing link between Japanese and Tibetans.
yy    Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 21:02:43 (PST)    []
Chinese are easy-going folks. We can accept the great achievements of Corea in modern times, as well as its past achievements. However, Coreans seem to always want to harp on Chinese inadequacies after stating their points on exemplary Corean attributes. Is that really necessary? Can't you just boast and be gone instead of boasting and then throwing insults? this what the great evolution has dealt you?
chinatown    Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 20:36:39 (PST)    []
your one too.,

Cool. Interesting link. so jackie knows some hapkido. i remember him mentioning hapkido somewhere, i guess thats why he mentioned it. I'm really interested in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese martial arts and each others culture.
Anyways, I guess we should be comparing asian nationalities. so instead of trying to list the differences and saying that one group of people is superior or this and that. im going to try to mention some similarities. but, since i already posted a list a while back. i'll just say that the chopsticks civlizations of the east are close by similar culture and values.
noname    Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 20:07:17 (PST)    []
Mind you, if you have seen that Uygur people (like northern and southern Han people) do not have the slit eyes of Coreans. Look at the photos (the ones I posted earlier) again before you speak.

Now you're a spokes person for the Urgurs? And Han Chinese now have big round eyes? You stupid fool. Sounds like some one is shamed of the shape of his Asian eyes. You're an embarrassment to all Asians.

I know that Uygurs who travel to Korea or Japan would get mistaken for Han Chinese.

No, actually we think Uygurs are much better looking. Seriously, how would you know? Have you live extensively in Corea?

You obviously don't know much about the history of people in Xinjiang. The so-called Uygur people are not a racially homogenous folk. They started out Nordic blonde and is now a biracial group.

Whoooooo cares? I'm sure they are keen on keeping their own culture too. I bet on your next post you're going to claim you have Nordic blood. pahaha!
Whoooo cares!    Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 18:43:33 (PST)    []

"Let's make it clear that from the earlier websites I have posted, is the fact that northern and southern Han share essentially the same paternal genes."

Seems to be propaganda of the Chinese government. The truth is that there are you have the choice to test both Southern Han communities of Central Chinese race as well as Hmong/Dai race. Of course, to make a genetic unit of North and South they will choose the those communities with the strongest possible Northern features which can be found in the South for the tests. The majority who have Hmong/DAi genes are not tested, I suppose.
non-sintic    Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 18:31:26 (PST)    []
Chinese is the most concise and grammatically simple language in the world."

When you attempt to learn Cantonese, come back to me, otherwise your comment is worthless.

i know i know corea isnt all that... but still i'm proud... because theres just too much to be proud of compared to in my opinion china.. where theres just too much to be ashamed of....

Wow talk about a one-sided and biased argument. I could easily go out and point Korea's flaws and China's advantages, but since it's been said so many times already, I will refrain.

great empire my butt!!! maybe it was back in the "wipe my butt with my hands" time.... but today its like hmmm how would i say it... an overly populated big chunk of land that has gotten nowhere..........

Not really, it's the fastest developing third world nation. That's not everything, but it's still something.

with its huge population and sp called "smarts" it should have dominated the world by now in my opinion...... now.. doesnt that just give you something to be proud of??

When you have a commie dictatorship that turned China's clock 50 years backward, it's kinda hard to progress. Besides, if Korea was that big behind a commie dictatorship, it would do any better? You guys should know better than anyone how terrible communism is when North Korea is starving with a GDP growth worse than anyone's in the world.
HAHA    Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 14:54:19 (PST)    []
Look how small south Corea is in comparison to other countries in the world, yet look at all we've achieved. Remember there are only 48 million people in south Corea as of 2002.
As one of the Four Tigers of East Asia, South Corea has achieved an incredible record of growth in a very short period of time. Thatís why we feel so special, weíve done soo much with sooo few people, in such a short amount of time.

The same can be said about Chinese in democratic nations. Overseas Chinese have prospered all over the world when not being oppressed by communism. The only thing that ever held Chinese and China back were the commies. OC's can also be considered a small nation being that our annual income exceeds most countries.

Now we feel like we can do or accomplish anything. I can imagine how hard it must be to feel special when your just 1 in a billion.

Oh we have plenty to feel special about. We're one of the world's oldest living civilizations, we have 5000 years of recorded history, 7000 years of legendary history, and even though our population problem is huge we have the most diversity out of all nations. Overseas Chinese are the wealthiest minority group in the world. We also, along with Japan, has had the greatest impact as an Asian culture. The list goes on, it's kinda hard to feel special when your culture has no real identity and people mistake you for other cultures with greater impact (People mistake you for Chinese and Japanese all the time), and your country is puppet controlled by foreign powers all the time, etc. It's a no wonder so many of you feel the need to be racist.
HAHA    Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 14:38:39 (PST)    []
Also China really isnít one uniform nation, hell some speak Cantonese and others mandarin, so some chinese people can't even talk to each other.

Hmm that's funny, most Cantonese people I've met know Mandarin. Well can't say much about the second generation over here in the states but Cantonese is spoken at home whereas Mandarin, the mainland language is taught in schools.

Corean is still rated the second best language, just because a billion people don't speak it doesnít make it any less true.

Rated by who? The Corean census? LOL, gimme a break, bottom line is Chinese and Japanese are the most influential languages to learn. Japanese for Japan's economic prowess already in stage and Chinese for China's increased trade with the U.S. and future economic prowess.

Also if you can speak Spanish, then it is easier to learn to speak Corean, and vice versa, and we know spanish is the future, not chinese.

Dude what crack have you been smoking? I don't see how Spanish and Korean sound similar at all. I think you've confused Korean with Italian. BTW Spanish is already a dominant language especially in west coast like California, no need to make up some false claims that Korean has ties to an already prominent language to make yourselves look better.

There are 20,000 chinese living in Corea speaking Corean, how many Coreans want to live in china?

Thanks to Kim Jong, there are more North Koreans in China now, lol that kinda refutes your invalid theory doesn't it?

98% of Coreans are literate, what about china? (CIA world fact book 2002)

Did this CIA world fact book also mention that North Korea's GDP rate is in the negative numbers? What about China's?

Thatís a true statistic found here in Goldsea, look around and you'll find it. It's true that Coreans make the most money per person in America,

Well according the U.S. census bureau, you are wrong. It's the Asian Indians that earn the most money person, with nearly 1 out of 4 earning over 75 G's a year. Now economically speaking, Korean Americans do pretty well economically speaking, however they also have the second highest poverty rate here in America of all Asians. Overseas Chinese however with a diaspora of 50 million people (excluding Taiwan) have a total annual income of 700 billion. As of 1999, only seven countries have a GDP exceeding that of the annual income of the Overseas Chinese, so they are by far the wealthiest overall minority group in the world.

but because of white trash, the average is lowered to below Coreans.

AAAAHHHH you're a racist, figures.
Anaheim Native    Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 11:30:54 (PST)    []