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What is the worst eye makeup error committed by Asian women?
Wearing too much blue or green eyeshadow | 31%
Wearing too much eyeliner | 36%
Wearing the eyeshadow too dark | 20%
Wearing fakey false eyelashes | 13%
Which brand of eye makeup works best on Asian women?
Estee Lauder | 11%
Lancome | 12%
Maybelline | 3%
Yves St Laurent | 1%
Other | 73%

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Hey, no matter what shape, I find that just enlarging your eyes will really help. I can't go out feeling good about myself without make-up on...a real bother but it's worth it.

My eyes aren't that bad, but they're not as huge as I'd like them to be. I _always_ use eyeliner to extend the sides, and bottom (use make-up sparingly on the bottom otherwise you end up as a panda)so the whole things seems larger. Creases are a real advantage in looks, agreed? So for the top, I just kinda border the lids.

If you don't got creases...well just make sure you know how to use eye shadow properly. Some of my friends who don't have it and apply eye shadow...well let's just say it looks HORRIBLE. It's like you don't know how to put on make-up! If you don't have double eyelids I suggest simply eyeliner and focus on size. Honestly, no matter how professional you are in applying make-up..large blobs of colour don't match creaseless eyes!

Oh, and Prep, about your white-skin problem...have you ever tried artificial tanning? I don't know much about that sutff but I'm sure a lot of other people do. There's also cover-sticks, powders, and creams used to make your skin colour darker.

I agree with Yong Zhi about the glittery eye shadow thing. I always thought that stuff was meant soley for blondes and brunettes. (Never asian) Hey, Yong Zhi have you ever tried pencil kind of eyeliners? If you get a hard kind and sharpen it well, it gives you a much finer line to work with and doesn't stand look as fake.

And of course, who can go without mascara? Personally, I find that it slightly contributes to enlarging your eyes. Make sure you don't get a clumpy or smudge-prone kind though. The best types I've worked with usually include waterproof, lengthening, and curling. If it can lengthen and curl, clumps shouldn't be a problem. Also, eye lash combs really help to seperate your lashes when the mascara fails to do so.

Oh, and back to eyeliners. Dark blue actually looks great! You can try it with eye shadow if you've got creases. (Darker/navy blue, or simply smudged eyeliner at the ends, fading out to silvery-blue-gray at the beginning.)It looks really pretty and is good for extending length.

Whatever you do, just remember tha looks aren't everything! (^_^)/
Utopiste    Monday, December 30, 2002 at 12:44:30 (PST)    []
starbullet i have the same thing! i hate it! its like extra fat stuff on my lids and its not a smooth clean one slit crease...its like multiple lol... well anyways i wanna know some tips too!
leah    Thursday, December 19, 2002 at 19:11:59 (PST)    []
To make my eyes look more defined and bigger, I line my eyelids with black eyeshadow. Just buy a angle shaped thin eyebrow brush, dip it into the eyeshadow and press it onto the lids, staying close to the roots. My eye looks naked without makeup and I'm horrible with eyeliners, I feel that they're too hard. This technique has worked great for me and I've been doing it for years now. And of course, don't forget the eyelash curler and mascara.
baybee510    Wednesday, December 18, 2002 at 23:56:34 (PST)    []
Hi my deal with makeup I am still looking and having a hard time finding a base coat and powder any ideas post . thanks mei
mei    Wednesday, December 18, 2002 at 16:39:48 (PST)    []
Hey be proud of your Asian heritage. Whether you have creased eyes or no crease eyes they are beautiful. But hey I have an eyeliner tip for Asian women who want it. Use black liquid eyeliner to line the lid of your eyes. I can't really explain, but I think you know what I mean. I think it looks great and it makes your eyes stand out. If you're inexperienced with liquid liner then just use a pencil liner. What color you say? I strongly suggest jet black.
Pinay    Sunday, December 15, 2002 at 15:41:32 (PST)    []
I need help. I have extra fat on my it looks like I have triple eyelid? Makeup looks weird on it...any tips?
Starbullet    Sunday, December 15, 2002 at 12:13:41 (PST)    []
hi, i have a huge problem with eye makeup for me! well anyway my eyes are kinda they're creased but on one side its barely there! i hate it soooo much! it kinda looks uneven...anyone else have this problem? i've heard that this is pretty common for asian whats the best way for me to put on makeup and look normal?? i would get that surgery thing done my lids, but i don't really want to do that... anyways thats a little off topic,but umm any ideas? THANKS!!!
help!    Tuesday, December 10, 2002 at 19:34:18 (PST)    []
Hi, I am vietnamese and have no clue on what makeup would look good on me. I have strangely pale skin that has no yellow undertone on my face, but my body is slightly tanned (i have problems, my face would never tan!). I also have a crease, and eyeliner, especially liquid never looks right on me. I was also wondering if there's anything to contour around my nose because i have a white person's nose and i hate it.
Prep    Saturday, December 07, 2002 at 13:23:29 (PST)    []
Hi everyone! i'm a newcomer here. I'm only a teen but that doesn't matter. I'm a short 5 foot tall, thin but not bony, creaseless eye, chinese girl. I got a tan over the summer but its starting to fade (I recommend to the asian girls out there... Don't get a REALLY dark tan like what i did. A small one is fine. I don't care for the white, white asian skin cuz it look so... not right but just don't get really dark like me... BIG MISTAKE!) But i still have REALLY yellowy skin. I know many chinese girls in my school have a very pale whitish color on their faces but i'm REALLY yellow when i stand next to them. I've read many of the comments on this website. If you've got the "non-asian" eyes which are big and creased, that's all fine and dandy and you shouldn't have any problem with makeup. Just chose the right colors. For the non-creased eyes like mine, I've found that liquid eye-liner looks horrible and unnatural. I've loved the Maxfactor lasting color eyeshadow in sunset scene for over a year now. I just spread it on and thats it. I don't bother with how much but just don't spread it ALL the way to the eyebrows. Just spread it on and then blend a bit upward so it just fades away. This is the ONLY eyeshadow i have (I'M SERIOUS! my friend gave it to me cuz she was so annoyed that i didn't have any eyeshadow.) i think the warm or neutral shades work best. Just don't get those really shimmery pink glitter eyeshadow cuz one of my friends wore it and it looks ugly. A warm pinkish brown blush is pretty.. just not too much. Then for lips i love all shades of pretty pink gloss but not frosted or shimmery. But then.. all lip colors look nice. I'd like to say more but i have to go eat dinner.. my mom is yelling. ^_^
Yong Zhi    Tuesday, December 03, 2002 at 15:43:36 (PST)    []
I think all of us asian women can wear any kind of eye makeup as long as we apply it right.
elizabeth    Tuesday, December 03, 2002 at 15:30:58 (PST)    []
Asian women actually have it much easier than most people think. I highly suggest to my clients who are Asian to not worry about applying eyeshadows with a "CREASE." This is quite the look of the 90's.

All you simply need is a base color that is neutral or flesh toned applied all over the eye area from Lash to Brow to tone out any discoloration or redness. The apply a second color of choice that is of a medium shade or even a dark shade and apply that to the entire eye lid. Then with your finger or a blender brush, BLEND BLEND BLEND the edges of the eye shadow upward. The medium toned eye shadow should fade nicely. There should be no hard lines. This allows a clean and natural looking eye application.

Eye Liner - Apply eye liner tightly against the lash line. This should be a nice smooth and clean application. Do not do the liner soo thick that it is all you see when someone is looking at you. It is quite unflattering. If you like, lightly wing the end tip of your line upward. But always line Corner to Corner. And as a general rule, don't eye line ONLY the bottom part of lashes. It only brings more focus to the discoloration (ie. Dark Circles) under the eye. The product I love to use most is Bobbi Brown's Gel Eyeliner. Trully waterproof and easy to apply with a brush. Or Laura Mercier's EyeLiner Cake in Ebony with the amazing Flat eyeliner brush. Pencils will almost always smudge and run all around the eye. Eyeshadows can sometimes be used wet with a brush and that is also a nice alternative.

Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Nars, Chanel, any of the higher end brands of cosmetics works beautifully on Asian women. There's enough pigment in the shadows and the shadow consistancy is nice. Its all about the APPLICATION more so than the actually product.

have fun, its only makeup!

MakeUp Educator/Freelancer
Aubrey    Tuesday, December 03, 2002 at 13:26:13 (PST)    []