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Assuming you are an Asian American, how important is height in your assessment of a person's attractiveness?
It's a key element of attractiveness. | 20%
It's one of many factors I consider. | 44%
It's less important than other personal qualities. | 28%
I am not attracted to tall people. | 8%

Assuming you are an Asian American, which best matches your feelings toward your own height?
I'd like to be 3 inches taller. | 43%
I'd like to be an inch taller. | 27%
I'm happy with my height. | 26%
I'd like to be an inch shorter. | 4%

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If you're 5'5" and want to dunk a basketball, it would depend on how long your arms are too. When you reach up over your head, measure a little below where your wrist is, since that will be approximately where the bottom of the ball will be in your hands when you go up to dunk. Then, take that measurement and find the difference between about 11 feet. The hoop is 10 feet, I know, but a regulation basketball is approximately 10 inches in diameter.

If you can jump up and grab the rim, you're pretty well on your way - and simply perfecting your timing and jump mechanics can help you get over the hump.

I'm not being sarcastic, since I know you're 5-5. Spud Webb at 5-7 was not only able to dunk, but dunk with authority.
"B" as in "bictory"    Saturday, December 28, 2002 at 12:03:56 (PST)    []
Height is a function of nutrition and other factors brought on by a higher standard of living.

Take the Dutch, for example, presently, the Netherlands has the tallest average and has for many years. Average height for males is a bit over 6'. However, a study back in the 1850's showed the average Dutch male to be about 5'4 and a half...much shorter than the average Chinese, Korean or Japanese male of the present. Interesting, huh?
Nutrition    Thursday, December 26, 2002 at 15:25:00 (PST)    []
Spud Webb was about 5'7 when he won the slam dunk competition in the NBA
Chrisitan    Wednesday, December 25, 2002 at 15:20:24 (PST)    []

Well written, bro. I'm also a Taiwanese-American male. I'm definitely not tall, but I don't consider myself a short midget for an Asian-American male. I'm 5'8" (several inches taller than my father). The younger generation Taiwanese and Taiwanese-Americans are not short. My older brother is 6' and my younger brother is 5'11". They drank lots of milk :) (while I detested milk). It's not uncommon to see Taiwanese males these days who range between 5'10" and 6'. Many of my friends are in that range and some are even taller than this range. My youngest cousin in Taipei,Taiwan is 16 years old and he is 6'1" and still growing. His older sister is 5'9". I have another cousin (who is female) she is 5'10". It's the nutrition that's contributing to the growth spurt.

I think in a few years, with better nutrition, you will start seeing also taller Southeast Asians such as Vietnamese.
Taiwanese Height    Monday, December 23, 2002 at 18:44:43 (PST)    []