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What kind of ethnic mix do you prefer in a club?
All Asian | 34%
Predominantly Asian | 32%
Multi-Racial | 33%
Other | | 1%

Which of the following American metro areas has the best Asian nightlife?
Los Angeles | 39%
New York | 21%
San Francisco | 19%
Honolulu | 6%
Vancouver | 7%
Toronto | 8%
Other | 0%

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Come to lovely Hawaii, Asian-americans make up 65% of the population (give or take 5%). Plenty of sexy night clubs near Waikiki,...along Kap Blvd. The Asians chicks here are sexy and receptive to any long as their cool.
Hawaiian punch    Sunday, December 29, 2002 at 02:13:27 (PST)
No one know any under 18 clubs/parties in Chicago? Attend an predominantly WHITE school so have no idea as to where to go...


Chibi utena    Saturday, December 28, 2002 at 15:47:52 (PST)
40% of Vancouver is Asian. This is a secret I hesitate to give out. Every club, even the irish pub is mixed. Asian guys have it pretty good here. But don't come up here... its cooold!!!!!! and rainy!!!!!!
van aint bad    Sunday, December 22, 2002 at 11:20:52 (PST)
I am looking for some Asian night clubs in Buffalo, NY that are open to people age 18 and older.If you know of any then email me, Thanks.Let me know if it is all Asian or if there are any other race in there too.
Lyndi    Tuesday, November 26, 2002 at 21:19:02 (PST)
"Asian females are welcome everywhere"

Really??? I didn't realize this. When I visited the clubs in NYC I noticed a 50/50 amount of AM and AW. I did notice less AM dancing than AW. I wonder why that is? I mean there were a few, but not very many at all. The only AM I noticed really dancing were my boyfriend and his group of friends. It was a rave. I thought everyone liked to dance at raves!
why is that?    Tuesday, November 26, 2002 at 03:52:55 (PST)
Does anyone know of a good club for upper 20-30s to go to in Houston? It has been a while since I was in the club scene and I am wanting to go to check it out. The last time I went clubbing was 6-7 years ago and that experience wasn't all that great. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
wanting to dance    Saturday, November 23, 2002 at 10:30:49 (PST)
Subject: NYC and Multi-racial Clubs Are OVERRATED

I have been reading messages in this forum and amused by people who asserted that how multi-racial clubs are superior to Asian clubs and how NYC clubs are the country's best. BS! For Asians, when you judge or evalute a club, you should ask this question:

Is the club--its atmosphere, culture, setting, women, etc.--friendly towards ASIAN MALES?

(Asian females are welcome everywhere so they are not part of the consideration. Continue reading for explanations.)

Not all clubs are created equal when it comes to treating ASIAN MALES.

As an Asian man, Why would you go to a multi-racial or mixed club if the girls there are generally not receptive towards Asian men?

Why would you keep going to a club if the women in there keep giving you a hard time?

Why would you go to a club if you know the Asian women in there are looking for White men to sell out and the White/Latin/other women in there are mostly off-limit to Asian men?

Here is the point: different clubs have different atmospheres and degrees of friendliness towards Asian males. Some clubs are friendlier to Asian males. Some are not.

(Forget Asian females. They are hot commondities no matter where they go. White/Black/Latin males drool all over Asian females in any club. We all know the same does not hold true for Asian males. Generally, Asian women go to the so-called "multi-racial" clubs to be picked up by White men.)

I can care less if a club is Asian or multi-racial. As long as it is a good place for Asian men to pick up and score with women, I am there. Do not tell me: "the club does not matter. It all depends on the individuals." That is so not true. If you think I am wrong, you should go to an all-White bar or club in the South, try to pick up a girl and see what happens.

Here is something I have learned from my experience: being successful with women in night scenes does NOT only depend on individual efforts and skills. It depends on the club settings and cultures as well. The clubs are big, well, HUGE factors in deciding if an Asian male is going to be successful with women. In fact, if an Asian male go to the right clubs, sometimes he does not even have to do anything. Women will approach him by themselves (See my other post.)

So, clubs in NYC probably have more "class" and "taste". But are there friendly to Asian males? (Again, I leave out Asian females because they are always welcome in most any clubs.)

I would say even the BEST, CLASSIEST, MOST TASTEFUL club in NYC is NO match for some of the clubs in L.A. when it comes to being Asian-male friendly.

And what's about multi-racial/mixed club? Well, if there is anyone in here who knows any multi-racial/mixed club where an Asian guy can just sit there and hot women will go up to and talk to him, let me know and I will review my opinion of multi-racial/mixed club. (That DOES happen in some Asian clubs in L.A.)
T'K Chang    Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 19:09:55 (PST)
Curious to know:
"How's Miyagi's on Sunset Blvd (LA)? I had dinner there with a friend, but we left before the dance floor opened (@ 11PM, I believe?). Anyone got the low down on this place?"

Miyagi is not a dance club. It is a sushi bar. There is no dance floor in Miyagi. It is for the 20-something and college crowds. It is really a mixed club, with mostly Whites (about 70%.)

After 11PM, Girls climb up onto the bar counters and dance like they are in the movie Coyote Ugly, except they are not as hot as the girls from the movie. Fat and ugly girls make up about about 20%-40% of the female population on Friday and Saturday nights. Although I have seen good amounts of hot white/latin/persian girls in there. But it does not matter--they are generally NOT receptive towards Asian men's advances.

However, I have received "come-get-me" signals from girls in there (I think I am average looking,) bUT they do NOT approach Asian men. The really good-looking girls do NOT send any signal to Asian men. Many girls (Whites, Latins, and even Asians) outright turn away Asian men. Although I have received signals from a good-looking white girl ONCE (I have been there twice.)
T'K Chang    Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 18:14:37 (PST)
"Miyagi's sucks... typical cheesy Hollywood crowd... overpriced mediocre food. As far as being a "hot spot"... Well it is on the Sunset Strip... So it is a hot spot, but that doesn't make it good."

Miyagi! UGH! Been to Miyagi, Saturday Night Ranch, and most other clubs on Sunset Blvd (in West L.A.) Those are the places where Asian men get "SLAUGTHERED", i.e., where Women are generally not receptive to advances from Asian men, and rude White men just love to "cut in" when Asian men are already talking to girls. The chances for Asian men to score are very low on Sunset.

I remember I was in a club on Sunset and talking to a redhead. We were moving along just well. It was unusual enough for an Asian man to pick up a White girl in a mixed club on Sunset. Then some white guy just suddenly CUT IN to our conversation without being invited (i.e., not the first time that had happened.) I knew when two or more guys were agressively going after the same girl, then no one was going to get her. So I walked away.

A few minutes later, that white guy (who apparently did not hit it off with the redhead) caught up with me from behind and smirked to me: "What makes you think you can get any chic in here? you're an asian man." Incredible!

(I did not response because I was too taken aback. I should have told him: "because I'm not a racist a$$hole like you.")

Anyway, the Sunset strip is just NOT a good place for Asian men to hang out or score (unless the Asian men are driving a Benz and wearing Armani; even then their chances are low.) Women are generally not receptive to Asian men. Asian women go there to seek out White men and sell out. And White men there just enjoy walking over Asian men.
T'K Chang    Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 17:50:20 (PST)
Well no one answered me. Thats cool. I went. I LOVED IT! WOW! It was so much fun! Asian people are the coolest people. They treated me nice just as I treated them nice too. Noone gave us funny looks or anything. Everyone was into the music and having such a cool time! Damn Asian Clubs can PARTY!!!!!!
LaTiNa    Monday, November 18, 2002 at 10:21:17 (PST)
I am going to a club with a group of my friends of mine on friday in New York. I heard the clubs there have some really cool music. The friends I'm going with are all Asian. How are Asian Clubs with non-asian females? Are they usually pretty easy going? I hate to sound so naive, but I have only been to Salsa/Merengue clubs. So this will be my first time in a non-hispanic club.
Kinda curious.
LaTiNa    Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 10:14:55 (PST)
I just saw Dj Bux at Velvet Room in LA. He just moved to Velvet Room. He still rocks the crowd.
club chick    Monday, October 28, 2002 at 10:46:28 (PST)
If any of you are ever in Albequerque, New Mexico, you should check-out this club called: "Apollo's Chariot"
Don't let the Greek name fool you, it;s predominately Asian. Every Friday and Saturday nite tha place is hoppin'!
El Asiatico por no dico!    Monday, October 07, 2002 at 21:50:42 (PDT)
I'm about to come on vacation from London to Fremont, CA. I should be staying there for a month. Where's the best places to go in the bay area?

Raj    Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 10:54:02 (PDT)
Response to an earlier question to "New to Chi-town." Chicago has a healthy Asian scene. On Friday nights, the spot to be is Dragonfly Mandarin, located at State/ Division in the Gold Coast. Its always hopping. Its an upscale Chinese restaurant by day, and at night a posh sexy lounge/nightclub. Its off da hinges. In addition, definetly check out Ginseng parties which is held weekly at various venues throughout the city. Asian Elements is another promotor that is intertwined with fasion and fashion shows. Their next show is also at Dragonfly on Aug. 25.
chi-town    Sunday, August 18, 2002 at 12:51:54 (PDT)
I'm in New York, and I would like to know the latest updates for clubs or parties where Asain women will be.


Purple    Tuesday, August 13, 2002 at 14:35:48 (PDT)
hi, i was wondering if anyone knew what clubs have a lot of asians and are good in so cali. i wanna know about the 18+ clubs as well as the 21+ clubs. thanks!
so cali viet girl    Sunday, August 04, 2002 at 19:39:09 (PDT)
Miyagi's sucks... typical cheesy Hollywood crowd... overpriced mediocre food. As far as being a "hot spot"... Well it is on the Sunset Strip... So it is a hot spot, but that doesn't make it good.
MJK    Monday, July 29, 2002 at 18:58:45 (PDT)
Hey y'all

I'm looking for a cool club in southern california, LA, Orange county, etc. I'm not looking for a super wild club where almost everyone strips or gang fight, somewhere cool but not too wild. Please tell me if you have any idea.
Pgirl    Monday, July 29, 2002 at 13:25:43 (PDT)
How's Miyagi's on Sunset Blvd (LA)? I had dinner there with a friend, but we left before the dance floor opened (@ 11PM, I believe?). Anyone got the low down on this place?
Curious to know    Friday, July 26, 2002 at 00:46:25 (PDT)
HI, I am a 28 year old asian male from philadelphia. I'm not into cars or sitting around eating noodles all the time. I like going to clubs and bars and 'fine dining'. But it seems like the only place asians hang out are chinatown. Where do asian people hang out? Are there clubs/bars that are more 'prominent' in asian populations?
or do asians not like going to bars???? unlike other races...??


philly asian male    Thursday, July 25, 2002 at 13:41:30 (PDT)