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What's the best thing about Japan?
Clean courteous people | 34%
Dynamic urban life | 34%
Appealing traditional culture | 6%
Safety and social stability | 26%

What's the worst thing about Japan?
Crowding and pollution | 24%
Rigid social conformity | 39%
Stagnant economic system | 31%
Exhorbitant prices | 6%

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omfg. i went to japan over the summer and things are totally different than what you guys are moaning about. im mix half white have japanese and even though i look it, im accepted. also, about the kook that said something about Japan being barbaric, Japan is the most technologically advanced country in the world, two and a half years ahead of America. yes its expensive there, but they also make more than people in the US. Yes it was wrong for Japan to take over another country (even though theres no space there so they were stuck if they didn't) but it should be noted that other countries like Russia sided with the Allies two days before Japan surrendered and took over a whole island of Japan. also for those that lived in japan there is an incredible sense of community among ALL citizens, which might explain their attitude to turists. ordinarily i would side entirely with US opinions (bc i live there) but with America wiggling its sword of war, it might be the only one to use a nuke on people, again. i dont think i can blame the japanese
tsg    Friday, January 03, 2003 at 19:12:48 (PST)    []
hey sorry non-asians was a misspelling.

i meant non-japanese asians.

regarding post
Thursday, November 14, 2002 at 01:06:48 (PST) []

living in japan
   Saturday, November 16, 2002 at 06:38:37 (PST)    []
I wonder whether the Tokyo resident with the tag 'Living in Japan' really meant to type 'other, non-Japanese, Asians' rather than 'other non-Asians' when s/he wrote about some foreigners being looked down upon in Japan.

If my interpretation is correct, s/he is right about the rudeness and contempt which other Asians occasionally - NOT invariably - encounter; I heard exactly such personal anecdotes from the Chinese and Korean-born Koreans whom I formerly taught at Kansai University in Osaka. But it didn't happen to them every day or even once every week.

Sure, but this kind of crassness, and deliberate nastiness to Caucasians* too, sometimes, happens in Japan but it happens pretty much everywhere in the world in one way or another.

There are a lot of truthful bad things one can say about Japan, and these shortcomings are debated endlessly by the Japanese themselves, too, but sustained hostility to foreigners wouldn't be near the top of the list.

If I was ever asked "Do you like the Japanese?", I'd always reply "I don't know; I haven't met them all", which still strikes me as being a good enough answer. As for Japanese women "flying into the arms of Western males", this is a silly exaggeration; it's true of a minority of the bolder spirits only and even they - quite rightly - tend to be picky and choosy.

The observations about the lives of real Japanese were totally accurate; we've all heard the Japanese saying "The Japanese are poor people living in a rich country". However, the mention of the $50 watermelons needs a footnote; these are flawless and exquisite token gifts to be given on special occasions, often accompanied by a bottle of expensive Scotch or cognac. In the shabbier parts of urban areas [like Sakai, the gritty industrial town south of Osaka where I lived for nine years] melons are far cheaper, if usually less pretty!

* Before the U.S.S.R. went down the toilet, all Caucasians in Japan were assumed to be high-status North Americans, Europeans or Antipodeans. Then came the influx of Russian gangsters, hookers and their pimps; in some places - not all - attitudes changed at once and many Japanese became very wary of the tall, young leggy blondes once regarded with near-religious veneration!
Bill Corr    Friday, November 15, 2002 at 12:47:38 (PST)    []
Santa Fuji,

Actually in Japan, some "bubble clubs" or massage parlors, or hostess bars will not let Westerners (meaning whites, usually) in their doors. The Bouncers will stop them at the door and say, "this is only for Japanese men. go away.". Japan is full of GIs or geeky white guys who want to get laid. sometimes the language barrier is a lot to overcome so they seek to pay to get laid. And like I said, they get turned away many times too.
Dont worry... it's not just you guys.    Thursday, September 05, 2002 at 16:45:24 (PDT)    []
hey itīs true that this mentality of some japanese is BS* but yours is not that good, please you telling the US has to control Japanese with their military power... US might be the most powerful country in the world but that doesnīt mean they have to be involved with each countries problems, look at Cuba, Arabic countries.... and whenever they get attacked(sept11th) they all suffer and although i think this was a terrible act and that there was no need to kill civilians, this was nothing compared to what the US army has done and still does all around the world
klm    Thursday, August 22, 2002 at 13:20:48 (PDT)
I heard that Japan has a Hip-Hop club that won't let Blacks in unless they are escorted by a Japanese person! And check this out... The name of this joint is called CLUB HARLEM! If you are Japanese, living in Japan, tell me what the hell this is all about. I think that it's racist to imitate Black culture & exclude Blacks. I bet this doesn't happen to Whites, does it???
Santa Fuji    Saturday, August 17, 2002 at 07:51:23 (PDT)
actually, the minimum wage in America is now $6.75 not $5.50. Just a reminder
gaga    Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 16:37:16 (PDT)
for some reason i like japanese people but i HATE the image of japan..... even though it seems small and petty for coreans and the chinese along with other asian nations to complain... it would be the same if tables were turned ........... i'm sure if i was japanese i would be tired of hearing all this crap about "apologize for this and that" but then again ... you attacked and the rest were attacked ... so its a whole different story... since its most of asian vs. japan in this arguement u should realize and try to understand more why people complain and ask for forgiveness.... i hate the fact kozuimi goes to corea and china and says BS about ... lets forget the past and japan aplogizes this and that .. its so BS!! he goes to .i forgot whats its called... its a memorial/grave where they pay respects to japanese soldiers who killed millions of other asians ... -i read somewhere that corea had an emperor just like japan but japan killed the whole royal family and one was taken to japan and forced to sleep with a japanese girl to rid of the purity in his corean blood..
truesotrue    Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 02:55:40 (PDT)
Although you are japanese you seem as if you don't know too much about your culture. NO country is perfect but i beleive you, yourself are over exaggerating the greatness of japan. Yes it is true that tokyo is the most expensive city in the world, watch the news kid. Japanese items are more expensive but japanese people can handle that because they get paid more. For example japanese people usually get about $8.00 or so starting as Minimum wage while americans only get about $5.50 Minimum wage. My example of my friend with 2 and 3 jobs in japan is very much true. I lived in japan, i know americans as well as japanese people in japan. If you know about your culture so well you should know that before the americans ever invaded japan, japanese people were very Barbaric! I mean the japanese went to china and tryed to take over manchuria and asia as small as japan is compared to other asian countries! Its ridiculous. They made slaves of the chinese and korean men and raped and killed the chinese and korean women. Thats why most asian countries don't get along with japan these days or want nothing to do with them. So yes japanese did kill civillians before any americans ever came to invade hiroshima and nagasaki. If it was not for americans japan would probaly be the same as back then, trying to take over all of asia, it might have even tryed to turn out to be another germany. Actually i think all this is kind of stupid, i mean no country is superior then another they all have their faults (even the usa) so give it a break.
the real scoop    Monday, August 05, 2002 at 09:08:23 (PDT)
I am japanese.. full blood!!! but i was born in toronto & now living in the states!! & i speak, read, write, know my own culture very well..
& usa had nothing to do with the way japan is now!!!!! after world war 2, japanese commited themselves to make their life and economy as strong as they can. they did it for the women & children that was innocently killed in hiroshima & nagasaki.@ least in pearl harbour, they killed soldiers & not civilians. & yes you are saying that usa is the best nation.. u don't have to say it, we can hear it!!
& u know what is stupid??? tokyo is not the most expensive city(tho it is expensive) & don't exaggerate about not being able to support a family with 3 jobs. take it from some1 that is japanese & has lived in the west all their lives!!!!!!!
" don't talk about Japanese like you are 1"    Saturday, August 03, 2002 at 23:26:16 (PDT)