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What's the best thing about Japan?
Clean courteous people | 34%
Dynamic urban life | 34%
Appealing traditional culture | 6%
Safety and social stability | 26%

What's the worst thing about Japan?
Crowding and pollution | 24%
Rigid social conformity | 39%
Stagnant economic system | 31%
Exhorbitant prices | 6%

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White American girls are sluts and white American men are too horny. it seems all they do there, especially in Kentucky and Tennessee is drink, smoke, have sex with a redneck girls and go to church on sunday. When I was in Kentucky and Tennessee (two years each) I couldn't believe how addicted to sex these white American women were. If you are any guy they want you as their sex friend. NO JOKE? I was part of the Japanese auto training program and in just in three months I slept with over 60 white girls. Most of these girls you would not want to marry but for good bang this is a East Asian man's paradise. I mean you are treated like a GOD because they think you have the only money. Japanese are the only singificant employer to speak of in those backwoods towns in Kentucky and Tennessee. I mean this. I hope post this because this is truely what is happening in America, particularly in the two states I have been in. Boy, those white girls are hot! However, in the end you want to marry a Japanese woman.

Sato---Sapporo, Japan    Friday, March 29, 2002 at 07:43:41 (PST)
I did it with so many japanese girls it is not funny,

Isn't the Jet Program a teaching program where university graduates are placed in Japanese high schools to teach English? I know most of the applicants are teaching assistants and not real teachers. Anyway, if you're a grown man, and if you did have sex with a teenage girl, you could get into big trouble.

My Friend was in the Jet Program    Friday, March 29, 2002 at 00:15:54 (PST)
hahahhaa you guys are so funny, are you 4 real about the japanese girls over there? Yea i used to live over there and i noticed that alot of them had low self esteem and stuff. And i learned that the j girls try to get with american guy, get pregnet and then try to go back to the states. hahaha they think that they are slick but they got another thing coming. Its pretty pathetic how some japanese copy everyone else in the world and have no selfestem.
? ? ?    Thursday, March 28, 2002 at 21:07:20 (PST)
japanese girls are sluts and japnese men are too horny. it seems all they do there is work, have sex with a street girl and think only about secular things. When I was in japan I couldn't believe how sex starved these japanese women were like. If you just a white or black guy they want you as their sex friend. NO JOKE? I was part of the jet program and in just in three months I slept with over 20 girls. Most of these girls you would not want to marry but for good bang this is a white man paradise. I mean you are treated like a GOD. I mean this. I hope post this because this is truely what is happening in japan.
I did it with so many japanese girls it is not funny.    Wednesday, March 27, 2002 at 17:53:17 (PST)
after moving to japan as a 24 software engineer for a few years, i can die happy.

There I found a few good foreign friends, though the majority of the foreigners my age were dim witted english teachers or military. The japanese men on the other hand liked to keep more to themsleves, due to what i learned was mere intimidation.

But the best part of living in Japan had to be the women. Depending on your preferance, you could find yourself the sweetest sexiest girl and be married, or choose a new one each weekend instead. Largly due to the lack of ambition I found with japanese women, I chose the latter. The women seemed to be content to only take care of the house or work a get no where quick job.

But I knew I could not stay too much longer, as I found not many of my peers were aware of how difficult life is in Japan in comparison to other developed nations.
I called it socialist democratic economy, where typical high paying US jobs would pay lower in Japan, and typical low paying US jobs typicaly paid higher in Japan. You never hear of layoffs and it doesnt matter how well you do your job or how bad you were at if for that matter, other factors contributed to promotion.

This I feel resulted in less ambition to get ahead. If it werent for the 'i live to work' mentality it would be even worse.

But funny enough, all these draw backs I just mentioned, the stagnant economy, repression of women, and anti-capitalist work place and personal social retardedness, these were the root causes to why I had such a good time there.

When I recently moved back to the US, I was quickly depressed with the what seems now mundane yet prosporus life in the US. A by large lazy workforce, pathetic rudness, and in my view nasty women of America.
But still is the best country in the world. I just wish those who have not been spoiled by the US lifestyle could instead be my neighbors here in the US. But that is a catch 22.
call me Hirohito    Wednesday, March 27, 2002 at 11:42:04 (PST)
Of the japanese people I've met I've found them to be quite obsessed with their appearance and thinness, and very snobby and condescending, both men and women. And their "style" isn't japanese, when I was in Paris the Louis Vuitton store was PACKED with japanese girls buying the same LV bags.
me    Tuesday, March 26, 2002 at 13:52:29 (PST)

I too fell for Luna Sea, them and Dir En Grey. But my love was with Sugizo, even though he was the guitarist, I still melted for his way of dress and that sexy look he always had in his eyes. Those beautiful bedroom eyes. I had my eyes on Hide as well (May he rest in peace) from X-Japan, he had this power that was awesome not to mention his great looks.

*sigh* Ah many beautiful men so little time.


I can't leave out my K-pop loves either. Kang Ta, the boys of Moon, and G.O.D (even though most of them look 13 but are older than me). I was watching this movie called "The Bride With White Hair" and the main male character in there was abso-fucking gorgeous. (pardon my french) I unfortunately did not catch his name. Did you happen to see that movie? Did you catch his name?

Heartbroken in LA:

They most certainly do need to know that we non-asian women think they're wonderful! All these other chicos bashing them have no idea. ^.~ And I understand what you're saying about the WWII occupation. That's why I don't hate on them about the way some of them are.


*enters your comment into her shrine of ningen stupidity*

Thank you.
JTHM    Monday, February 04, 2002 at 18:10:59 (PST)
Is it me or does anyone else feel a warm sensation when they hear Gackt or Sugizo (solo stuff) sing? I don't mean aroused hot, I mean a hot feeling in your throat. To me, hearing them sing is like drinking hot lemon juice or hot chocolate. Soothing if you will... It's like their voices hug you & then enter your body. I used to feel that way about Japanimation theme/ending music when I was a girl. As musch as I love Chinese men, they just don't give me that feeling. I like that feeling!
AsioPhile 81: Kate Bush Says "Eat The Music", I say Drink It    Sunday, February 03, 2002 at 20:25:08 (PST)