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What is the most important benefit of practicing martial arts?
Improved health/conditioning | 63%
Ability to defend self and others | 24%
Building character | 2%
Increased self-confidence | 11%

What is your favorite martial art?
Taekwondo | 24%
Kungfu | 15%
Karate | 14%
Boxing | 6%
Judo | 10%
Ju Jitsu | 6%
Aikido | 2%
Grappling | 1%
Other | 22%

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The Pencak Silat I studied didn't have those drum instruments things. Are you sure you're not confusing it with Capoera?
I've never seen a pencak silat in Indonesia that uses musical instruments, so I've no clue which ones you were referring to. Most Pencak Silat systems in Indonesia uses religious influences/rituals instead.
I like Pencak Silat but ever since moving to US, I never had the chance to study it anymore.

Kenpo is a very fine system to study. And since you've had some experience in martial arts, studying Kenpo will be much easier (than newbies-I don't recommend newbies to study Kenpo) and will benefit you greatly. The years in TKD will give you great advantage in your basics and power, and Kenpo will further improve your techniques and awareness for real applications and real self defenses.
Kenpo employs both punches/kicks and grappling techniques to subdue/escape your opponent.

Actually, my Kenpo instructor is one of those people with a belly, but just a beer belly not a pregnant belly. Although he was still very agile and powerful in his movements (much better than most of his students), I can see he gets tired more easily than when he was still in his youth.
But don't get me wrong, the man has great physical and internal strength (for a shorter 45 year old guy he's physically and internally stronger than me),just not the same vitality as he used to have when he still kept his body proper.
Arde    Tuesday, December 31, 2002 at 08:05:47 (PST)    []

That's cool that you are teaching TKD to little kids. It sucks for me because every ad I read is only looking for a Black Belt in TKD to teach little kids.

I am even tempted to do TKD for a few years until I get a Black Belt so I can teach. Then switch those little dinkers to Kung-Fu without them even knowing! Aww, probably be forced to do twenty or so pushups by the Sensei for disobeying his commands. Unlike in Kung-fu you can be a smart ass to your teacher and get away with it. In fact many Kung-fu teachers encourage it because it shows that you are learning and not be a repetitive robot ass. It's more laid back and informal than karate.
That's why I like Kung-fu because you have to advance in your own pace and develop your own way like an Artist. You naturally want to practice it not because you are forced to.

I haven't done any Kenpo but I always thought of it as combined Americanized Kung-fu and karate. I leave it you to you to understand what it means.
Mar-nut    Tuesday, December 31, 2002 at 00:56:24 (PST)    []
Muey thai vs TKD roundhouse...

Both kick pass through the target. However, the real difference is point of contact.

TKD point of contact is the foot and Muey Thai is the shin. So the trade off is distance for power.

Also Muey Thai has face punching involved, so you notice the kick is thrown and the head is tucked into the abs. This would be dangerous in TKD because some would defend by throwing a skip side/back 45 degree roundhouse to the abs, which might hit the attacker's head.

Anyways the quickest kicking counter to a known backleg roundhouse is a simple front kick or back kick to the open side.

What happens next after the attacker is pushed back/off balance from the straight kick, seperates the men from the boys. Experience fighters at this point smell blood and pummel their oppenents for making that simple mistake. Less experience fighters pauses and admire their work thinking the energy bar of their oppenent went down 15%.
AC Dropout    Friday, December 27, 2002 at 19:27:35 (PST)    []

It depends cause the instructor is suppose to impart knowledge. Since in reality all student can physically defeat their masters at some point. I once met the Puerto Rican Coach for the Pan American games. He was hefty, but had some good pointer for me.
AC Dropout    Friday, December 27, 2002 at 19:14:34 (PST)    []
Its true, there is big difference between WTF TKD and ITF TKD. First thing is first, for example WTF TKD started out in South Korea whereas ITF TKD started out in North Korea. The sparring styles are different. The ITF TKD sparring it has much more contact than WTF TKD. I practiced under both TKD organization. It depends what you want from the martial arts. If you want to practice TKD to improve your health. I recommend WTF TKD. If you enjoy full contact sparring. I rommend ITF TKD or Kyunkushinkai Karate. The founder of both came or have orgin from North Korea.

From JDL Boston.
Jewish Defence League    Friday, December 27, 2002 at 07:56:19 (PST)    []

Thanks for the briefly information about Wing Chun. I appreciated. I would like to try Wing Chun. I'm a hapa Mar-nut. I've been loyal to TKD for over 10 years, I learned it the same time with Gymnastic since I was a kid. I also ever learned KungFu for 2 years. But I like the kicks in TKD. Now I'm TKD sensei, teaching for green belt kids. My friend ever talk to me into Judo, but I don't like it. Do you know anything about Kenpo?


You learned Pencak Silat before? How do you like it, it's Indonesian martial art and its more like dancing to me. I just couldn't stand that drum instruments thing. Irritated the ears. Sorry, if you like it. :) So you're learning Kenpo now, how's Kenpo?.


Hey, Welcome back. Long time not seen ur post in this poll. Ni hao ma?. (^_^)

Well RE. your post, " I can go to any gym in any Martial art & find some poor out of shape person, hopefully not the Instructor."

You know I ever saw poor out of shape instructor. With a big belly, like 9 months pregnant and his highest kicked just about 3 feet. :D Bwa hahaha...
Oh man, he was disgrace him self as instructor. Definately never ever choose instructor like that. :D
SPRNZ    Friday, December 27, 2002 at 02:36:05 (PST)    []
To Korean Boy,
>The biggest difference between any other stand up kicking from Karate , TKD etc to that of Muay Thai is that Muay Thai kicks swing through your target (which involves your whole body)and you open your hips when you do this other kicks are more like chamber kicks where the power comes from the leg only.

Yeah but Muay Thai kicks are easily fore-guessed, since the kicker swings his whole leg... and I only see roundhouse kicks used in Muay Thai.

The good thing about TKD kicks are that it's very dynamic, difficult to fore-guess the kick, and in TKD, the kicker trains to counter attack a kick instead of going of on a blocking retreat like in Muay Thai.

Also in TKD, the power isn't just off the leg snapping, its also off the hip. Look at the sidekick and roundhouse kick in TKD. I haven't seen any other kicking art who puts the hip rotation as much as TKD. Its just not noticeable. Look at the hip angle to the target when a TKD kicker kicks.

In Muay Thai, from what I've seen is the kicker cuts up, the hip isn't parallel to the target.
ITF TKD    Wednesday, December 25, 2002 at 02:04:40 (PST)    []