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Which sport do you engage in most avidly?
Running/jogging | 7%
Martial Arts | 3%
Skiing | 6%
Working out | 16%
Cycling/Mountain Biking | 5%
Hiking/Camping | 6%
Golf | 6%
Tennis | 9%
Swimming | 4%
Basketball | 7%
Other | 31%

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     Jason or whomever reads,
     I have recently stumbled upon your page. I read everything on there.. But I have one question. See I've done weightlifting for about 3 yrs now. Within these last 2 yrs I've had some medical problems and i've gained weight. But now I can't (i don't mean to be but i can't sweat!.. what can i do.? I know this is a really weird question but i don't know. I've tried to stack clothes but then I end up getting sick and throwing up but i still don't sweat... Any idea's?. I also get major headaches when i really get to movin'. Is there anything I can do about that.?. Also is there any good diets out there? I now tend to use food as a comfort now. What can I do.. Please help me.!! I have done the yo-yo diet thing. and I really want to get back in shape. I have those Hydroxycut pills and Thermosyn how can i put them to good use.?.. I know this is alot but any help/advice i would really appreciate it. Just so you have an idea I am 5'9" tall and my BMI is a Huge 43.3 Cervical cancer has helped me get here along with knee surgery. Dr's and steroid shots suck.!! Anyway, Please help..
     Thank You...
     Sincerely, Nikki J.


     Rubgy + Boxing + Basketball are my all time favourites to participate in although watching basketball can get a little boring with all the stoppages. It's a shame that I stopped growing at 5'11, 'cos it kinda left me a little disadvantaged. I also get a kick out of watching tapes of Wushu demonstrations from the Motherland, the kids there are great! Best of luck to Comrade Wang Zhizhi(Dallas Mavericks) for 2002!

     I'm 5'5 and weigh about 130lbs, so like most of us, I think golf is the better sport to go with.

     Go Daniel!
     I only weighed 170lbs. and I started at center in my varsity football squad back in 1995. I was probably the smallest starting lineman in the whole league, and I have to admit that I was always a little scared when I faced those All-league 6'2" 250lb noseguards. But I would always go apeshit and unleash some fury on anyone who got in my way. Sadly, I only got to see 1 other Asian American player all thru high school named Jason Chang over in San Joaquin Memorial (has a brother named Ryan who was the JV QB). I hope that this trend of Asian kids playing football continues to increase.
tom ho, Tranquillity High

     ultimate frisbee will be a medal sport in the upcoming goodwill games in japan. every college has an ultimate frisbee team and sheer size doesn't matter. check it out.

     Football: I roll over all kinds of players white, black, or hispanic, it doesn't matter who. Asians are small people who are getting bigger people. I'm only 5'8" but I'm quick and strong. In the future there will be an asian bro who will start running over all people in this sport. Dat Nguyen is just the beginning. Size is only one advantage in this game. I encourage you bro's to get out, train hard, and prove this country wrong!
Daniel Mitsukawa
South Benton College High Running back, #5

     I luv mountain biking!

     to the guy with a capoiera friend,, brazilian jiu jitsu is not remotely related to capoiera. BJJ is a grappling sport, derived from Judo. Capoiera looks really cool, but it is a martial art based on striking the opponent. If you are at all curious to see what BJJ looks like go to a phone book, look up a local BJJ school if you live in a city and go check it out. You can even participate in the first class at any school for free. You will see what i mean.
tom ho

     oh come on everyone, gotta go with the gymnastics/break dancing combos! genuine asian haha

     Hockey is the best sport in the world. I would like to see more asian participating in this sport. I am very talented. Played 30 games , scored 28 goals, 30 assits in Triple AAA. So eat more rice and grow stronger and bigger..
     i just turned 15 3 months ago and want to make it to the NHL.

     I'm surprised table tennis isn't listed. LOL
chess is fun too

     I believe that "brazilian jujitsu" you are refering to is called "CAPOEIRA" (KA-POE-AIR-A) in Portugeuse. A Chinese-Brazilian friend of mine does it.

     I love playing badminton!!! Martial Arts is also really interesting, good aerobic work-out, learn cool moves, and can be applied for self-defense. I like all kinds of martial arts. Lifting weights/resistance training is also good to tone-up and build certain muscles to help with other sports.
     Last, but not least... SEX is an excellent aerobic work-out...
     hehehe... j/k j/k

     jacking-off to skechers catalogs. Oh well, it's a good thing that this VOTE button on the bottom doesn't really work
speedy gonzales

     Let's all snowboard! I am a snowboard freak and go every weekend. All you see up at the slopes are white and asian people. Usually the only races that can afford it. I haven't met many good asian riders though so listen up everyone, get good and ride with me. It'll be fun. The sport's huge in Japan. I hope to turn pro soon. If not, oh well. It's fun regardless.
AM 20 - UCI

     brazilian jiu jitsu. Great workout and generally low-impact. Lots of strategy involved. i guarantee that a good hard 10 minute or 20 minute spar session will leave you light-headed.
tom ho

     olympic style weightlifting

     Basketball, swimming, rowing, and sex rules.
future laker

     I swim every day in the ocean, even in the winter when the water temp drops to 65. It's a great way to keep your body young.
San Diego Seal

     My favorite activity as an asian male- shooting pistols and high power service rifle competition. It's amazing how many asians you see out at the gun range.
Bananna man

     I like all food! (Of course I have to run 5 miles a day to stay slim...)
Audra (AF),

     I don't do sports---I hate it.
     My favorite past time is having sex, sex and more sex!
I can eat anything except for American fastfoods, and Chinese food---too fatty and oily.
AF, 19

     Basketball is an intense as well as fun sport to play.

     You can burn a lot of calories and see a lot of the countryside when you're on the saddle of a good bike.

     taekwondo is a great sport and lets me keep in touch w/ my asian roots.

     Swimming! I absolutely love swimming. I love water sports of all kinds (in addition to running, yoga and tennis). Believe it or not, I'm only 5'2 but for the fun of it, I love to shoot baskets (I'm an Asian American female). I think swimming is by far my favorite. I'd also love to take rowing lessons. Hey: are there any Asian American rowers out there? Or Coxswains? Again, I have many interests and hobbies. One I've just learned (and which is so addictive) is kntting and crocheting. I also love to read. I love to bake (especially chocolate chip cookies), and I can always go for a good movie. I also enjoy playing the piano for my own enjoyment, without pretending to be a performer, or without the pressures of practicing and taking lessons. I also love listening to music, traveling, and creative writing. And ......I admit being addicted to playing solitaire on my computer. :)