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Which stereotype of Asian women do you find most offensive?
Quiet/Submissive | 22%
Sexually Available | 73%
Materialistic | 5%

Which stereotype of Asian men do you find most offensive?
Small Stature | 6%
Quiet/Submissive | 56%
Nerdy | 38%

Has American society's stereotyping of Asians decreased during the past 3 years?
Yes, there's less now. | 37%
No, it has stayed about the same | 43%
No, it has actually worsened. | 20%

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"If some white prick says something to me, I will f***ing say something back. My philosophy is: you f*** me once, I f*** you three times over and your mama too!!! Plus, I am not quiet. I just have nothing to say that these whites would understand anyway."

I think I just died laughing. =D

Way to go sister. I like some spunk in my Asian women.
An Asian Bruddah in arms.    Sunday, December 29, 2002 at 01:31:11 (PST)    []
That we all know some form of martial
arts. And that we are super smart in
math. Unfortunately, I suck at math and
don't know any martial arts. And also they always assume I got here in the
States from another country. Hello!
There are some asians who are actually
born in the States!!!!! People will
blatantly ask I'f I came from China
or something.
Helen    Saturday, December 07, 2002 at 17:40:42 (PST)    []

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chi chi, angry asian girl

All I can say is WOW!! I just saw your post from Nov. It is very refreshing to hear that there are AFs out there that aren't easy pickups for WM. You sound like a very proud AF and I applaud you for your entire attitude!! Everything you said is true. There are plenty of whites that are quick to preach racial tolerance to minorities but yet they wouldn't even think about lifting a finger to fight against the injustice their own race deals out every day!!
BRAVO, Chi Chi    Tuesday, December 03, 2002 at 23:54:34 (PST)    []
What I hate is the stereotype that asian men cannot lay it down in the bed because...
When I first met my man...things were not very serious between us. Honestly,we F'd on the very first date. Oh well, thats how it went. We met, and we had sex...we were both extremely curious as hell, and it turned my little world completely upside DOWN!!!! I felt like I lost my mind! Like I WAS HIGH from some crazy unknown drug or something! He made me crazy as hell!
And it affected me so hard and soooo wild that I found myself at his sushi bar searching like mad crazy for him the very next afternoon!!!!
And the bunch of white guys that worked there were asking me if I needed help. I was so dumbfounded, and out of my mind I was like,"Could you please find Maung for me?" they were like,"The little asian guy with the glasses"? I was like,"HELLL YEAH!!!!! HIM!!!!" THey couldn't understand what I wanted. They asked me,"Did you F" him or something? WHATS THE DEAL WITH YOU?"
I was like,"Yes, and its completely driven me out of my mind!!! Do you know where he is? Because i think i'm going completely insane or something" and they were soooo shocked that he had completely satisfied me in so many ways. they were actually trying to hit on me,, but it did no good because only he could satisfy that need in me. and it blew their minds that a 5ft4 asian guy with glasses and a little slim build had turned my world upside down in the bed on the very first date...and i am 5ft5 130 pounds 38-24-36 puerto rican and mexican and they were mesmerized like crazy!!!!!!!! you see, they believed in some stupid retarded stereotype that asian men were not the bomb in bed. one of them actually had the nerve to ask me,"how the hell did this happen?
as though it were a freak of nature or something. damn, he had noooooo idea of the reality of the situation!!!!!!
and honestly? he drove me so crazy...that i cannot stay away from this guy. its been 6 years straight now!!! him and noone else! stereotypes suck! and they are definitely stupid and faker than hell!
oh hell yeah once you go asian? damn!!! wow    Monday, December 02, 2002 at 17:14:30 (PST)    []