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Assuming you are an Asian American, how important is wealth in your assessment of a person's attractiveness?
It's one of the most important. | 19%
It's just one of many factors. | 36%
It's less important than other qualities. | 29%
I don't care about a person's wealth. | 16%

Assuming you are an Asian American, which best matches your feelings toward your own wealth?
I'd give up weekends to double my income. | 20%
I'd work longer hours for 50% more income. | 39%
I'm happy with my current income. | 24%
I'd give up some income for more free time. | 17%

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Reading CBJ's post kind of depressed me. Maybe because I was born and raised in America, where crass materialism is looked down upon (at the same time mass consumerism is praised) I am disgusted by people who judge a person's worth solely by their bank accounts. Unfortunately, the people I meet most who have this mentality are Asians, but mostly Asians of my parents' generation.

Perhaps it is because in much of Asia, there is a considerable divide between the haves and the have-nots, and one always wants to be a member of the haves.
Here in America, a person can be considered lower-middle class or "working class" but still enjoy things that many people in that strata of society in other countries can only dream about, namely; cars, your own house, a little money for luxuries like vacations and such.
"B" as in "bictory    Friday, December 27, 2002 at 04:08:07 (PST)
Actually, out of every asian I have ever met (I am myself AA), my korean MIL has been the one who I have noticed is most glazed over with the idea of being rich beyond imagination. All she talks about is money, and how if she was rich all of her problems would be solved! What blows my mind is that she claims to be catholic! Every conversation she has always seems to involve money, or some status of wealth that she desires (a bigger more expensive house, even though she already has an extremely nice house, a luxury SUV, etc..).

My husband and I are considering moving closer to our parents (we currently live two states away). You would think my MIL's reaction to this would be joy in being able to see us more often. Instead, she commented to my SIL that she hopes we move back, b/c I would make a higher salary where she lives!!! WHAT??? I mean, yes that is a plus, but that is not the main reason we are considering moving back (I do however dread the thought of dealing with my pain in the ass MIL).

Never in my life have I encountered anyone so obsessed with money. I came from an upper middle class family (my dad is a professional), and we were never hurting for money. I do admit that $ is important to my parents, they really stressed that we go into careers that paid well. Now that I am married and my husband and I both have stable jobs, I would say we are middle class. We don't make as much money as doctors or company execs make, but we are comfortable and I feel that there are other priorites in life other than just money. It is a shame that AAs have become stereotyped as being money hungry, unfortunately I think that it is often true.
AA girl    Tuesday, November 19, 2002 at 19:40:47 (PST)
Many Asians are obsessive in cocooning. Meaning they want to surround themselves with a house and the car like a shelter away from the cruel world out there.

Maybe it is the prejudices they face out there in the real world and that is the main reason to work hard and save save save until you can afford the Big house and fancy car so you can hibernate yourself and avoid having other people from bothering you because of your ethnicity.

Asians on the other hand are practical people. The term "Show me the Money" is prevalant there. You can show off the titles and the honors but if you have no money it means no security, no life, no respect and no FACE! Period!

If you have no money then other people have a right to take advantage of you and look down on you. Asians make it an art form through their movies or personal actions. They actually take pride in putting others down if they see any disadvantage in others. That is why there is so much of an importance of face. To give an illusion that you are wealthy and have lots of money so others can't take advantage or look down on you. Thus this importance of illusions or showiness to attack first before being attacked.

Thus it is more true to the Asian males in Asia and also in the US to make the most money to provide security and face for themselves and their families. As far as Asian Females goes, you don't see many of them with poor guys, do you? Unless they are Americanized or FOBs with no english skill thus dependant on their husbands, you mostly see AF's dating guys who are rich at least so they can provide for their needs and so they can show off to other people and look down on them also.
CBJ    Thursday, August 29, 2002 at 12:41:22 (PDT)

Hate to admit it, but you're right. Asian girls seem to be one of the highest groups that are obsessed with materialism and wealth. If they can't achieve attaining that on their own, most will marry rich because they want to have a good lifestyle. That's why so many Asian males strive to make the most money. In the states, its' looked down upon, but in most of Asia, it's actually an admired quality.
Susan    Monday, August 19, 2002 at 18:52:57 (PDT)
Asian women, especially those from korea and taiwan, only want to date the rich. Yes, it's a generalizaion, but it's not very far off. Don't blame me for pointing out the ugly truth out. Blame the culture and the upbringing.
Kevin    Sunday, August 18, 2002 at 11:43:37 (PDT)
Hannybunbun, Cawaii Girl,

Interesting discussion. Hannybunbun, I agree with you that spending time with your family and watching your kids grow up is more important than money. But I also understand the idea of the selfless parent that works their butt off to provide a better future for their children, and thus aren't home as much. My father is an example (I am white). When I was in high school he worked 80 hrs a week so that I could go to Prep school and my sisters and I could go to college. Though he wasn't around physically very much, I always felt that he was watching over me. In a way it was good because it taught me to be very independent. My Dad had that old-fashioned Protestant work ethic- you go to work no matter what, being lazy is bad. So you see-Asian and American cultures are not as different as some would make them out to be, though I do see an increasing trend among my age group- the lack of almost any work ethic at all, complaining all the time. I think a lot of them were just spoiled.

I guess my point, after that long ramble, is that neither approach to life is better than the other, and I see no reason why you can't find a happy medium.
curious girl    Friday, August 16, 2002 at 06:34:03 (PDT)

I too see your point. It is a valid point, but only serves in reflecting your American upbringing.

You will find many who fall under the same category as your FILs as well as your own husband.

To your FIL, it *was* worth it in the end. He has the luxury cars, homes, and a fat wallet.

The difference between the two cultures, is that the American one prides itself more on spending time with one's children.

In your eyes, what your FIL did was wrong.

In his eyes, he did what was best at the time.

Wrong or right...that is where the cultural divide lays.
Cawaii Girl    Monday, August 12, 2002 at 13:13:32 (PDT)