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Assuming you are an Asian American, how important is weight in your assessment of a person's attractiveness?
It's a key element of attractiveness. | 57%
It's one of many factors I consider. | 39%
It's less important than other personal qualities. | 2%
I don't care about a person's weight. | 2%

Assuming you are an Asian American, which best matches your feelings toward your own weight?
I'd like to be 20 pounds lighter. | 20%
I'd like to be 10 pounds lighter. | 35%
I'm happy with my weight. | 28%
I'd like to be heavier. | 17%

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I check out the height forum a lot and noticed that girls shy away from little men, but fact is I think weight is just as much a deterrant in the dating game.

Fat men and women are more detested than short men are in my opinion. And, what is messed up is that us Asians tend to have more bodily fat in our cheeks and this tends to shoo away women (esp. non-Asians) who want the chiseled and angular face shape in men.

Have any of you encountered this?
big people    Sunday, December 29, 2002 at 22:32:41 (PST)    []
Here's a man "weighing" in on this issue:

To me, fat is one of the biggest turn-offs in a woman. If that makes me sound shallow, then so be it. When I mean fat, I don't mean someone who is 5-10 pounds overweight or has a little belly, nor do I mean someone who is naturally round-figured but otherwise in pretty decent shape. Fat to me is someone who is big and getting bigger and seems not to care about it. Even worse is a fat woman who will wear tops which expose her protruding belly - ugh!

Fortunately, this seems to be rare in Asian women, since most tend to be petite, and those who are naturally "big-boned" still tend to be in decent shape. This brings me to another point. A few extra pounds on a woman is not as big a turnoff as cellulite is. Although the dreaded "cottage-cheese-thighs" are definitely more prevalent in heavier women than in skinnier ones, I have seen a number of otherwise slimmer women who have this unsightly condition.

Ironically, skinny waifs are not my thing, either. I was watching the "Victoria's Secret" show on TV recently, and was surprised that none of those women seemed very attractive to me. They looked like robots, all of them 5-10 or so, weighing probably about 105 lbs, with few curves other than the ones given them by their plastic surgeons. Moreover, none of them smiled or seemed friendly. They all wore that ultra-bitchy look which I also find to be a huge turnoff. (But that is for another discussion)

I guess my favorite body type in a woman is the petite-athletic look. Being only of moderate height (5-9) I tend to go more for women 5-5 and shorter. I find it awkward when I see couples where the woman is taller than the man - something visceral about it to just looks, well, weird!
"B" as in "bictory"    Sunday, December 29, 2002 at 10:36:44 (PST)    []
My mom is a beautiful toned and curvy woman. I'm glad that I have curves. I also think that there's nothing wrong in being thin...just not too thin. In my opinion I think being both THIN AND CURVY is the ideal..but If your either..or..than there's nothing wrong with that. There both attractive body types. Being healthy is the key. Being overweight and unhealthy is not. Just look at Jennifer Lopez...Halle Berry..Marilyn Monroe..Catherine Zeta Jones. They all are toned and have hour glass figures. I also think Jennifer Aniston who is thin and athletic looking looks nice too. It's all about preference.
Helen    Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 11:25:03 (PST)    []
Happily thin,

I never thought I've the curviest body in the whole world. I know someone out there curvier than me. Even curvier than you. Oh, Congratulations!. Look! I know you said Betty Boop body 1:10 ratio,comparing to cartoon is ridiculous. And you know she has an hourglass figure, you see Betty Boop is just a SYMBOL of hourglass body type. JUST A SYMBOL.

C'mon we don't have to be mad/upset at each other about this post. Cut it off. Just be happy and proud we've hourglass figure. Yes. You look good in tight clothing. B'cuz hourglass look good in tight, no matter how big the size of skeletal frame, S M L.

Well anyway about clothing, if you all know how to choose the right style that suits your body type it's great. And contrasting the colors will make alot of differences. All of you either male or female will look gorgeous.
Celinda    Monday, November 25, 2002 at 09:06:10 (PST)    []
America glorifies the thin woman because being thin is a symbol of youth. (who the hell cares what a man likes/wants? i don't...:). The fact is that if you take a beautiful slim woman and compare her to an equally beautiful heavier woman, the slim one can get away with looking much younger than her age more so than the heavy woman. That is why a lot of people prefer being thin than chubby. This is because when we were in our teens, *most* of us started out being thin and youthful. As we age, our metabolisms slows down and we get fatter. I am in no way saying that heavier woman aren't as beautiful. Another thing is that I always see fat people going on diets to lose weight, but I never see any skinny people going on "fat-diets".
Medium Sized WOman    Friday, November 22, 2002 at 14:29:00 (PST)    []
hahah Celinda just when you thought you had the most curves and the best hour glass figure on this post with ur measurements of 37-26-38 I think i beat you with my 34-21-35, by these numbers, the indent of my waist is much smaller to my hips than yours is. so hah! and my sister is 36-23-37, so that is much curvier than you, don't you think? and u are obviously not the brightest crayon in the box because u obviously didn't read my post carefully about the whole betty boop thing, i KNOW she has an hourglass figure (who doesn't), but if u don't understand what i am saying, u should reread what i said earlier. another thing is, betty boop looks like she might be 38-21-38, so there is no way in hell that your body resembles hers.

i only look good in tight clothing and get lots of compliments on my body, but when i wear loose stuff, i look really skinny and people complain that i am too thin. then when i take it off my boy can't get his hands off me.

to the person who thought "waifs" look better with clothes on i disagree with that, they look worse with clothes on and better without. with tigher skin --less cellulite and stretch marks. of course the more meaty women in here will say that they look better naked and skinny girls look worse naked, etc. everyone wants to think they are the best body and all. and i'm not saying that i have the nicest body in here anyways cuz no one knows what i look like. well that is just my opinion. don't get mad at me or anything ladies. and if any guys get upset over these comments they are obviously a female posing as a male. lol
Happily Thin    Friday, November 22, 2002 at 13:57:05 (PST)    []
You all make the wrong assumption: a man only like ONE kind of woman, i.e., he likes thin woman, or he likes big-breasted woman.

A man can like thin women and curvy (translated into big-breasted) women, *AND* other kind of women. Men like VARIETY.

OF COURSE, very few men actually like women who are so skinny that they look as if they have just gotten out from a concerntration camp, and very few men like fat/overweight/obese women (men who do like seriously fat chics tend to have some psychological complex or weird fetish.)

So, if you ask me if I like waif-like/fat women, I will ask you: "how waif-like/fat is that?" But my tolerance for waif-like women is much higher than it is for fat women (i.e., I would accept a woman who is 25 lbs underweight but I would not do the same for a 25-lbs overweight woman.)
T'K Chang    Wednesday, November 20, 2002 at 22:53:34 (PST)    []