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Which of the following do you like best about Asian American women?
Beautiful Face | 60%
Attractive Figure | 7%
Attitude & Personality | 15%
Education/Intelligence | 18%

Which of the following do you like least about Asian American women?
Facial Features | 4%
Body Shape & Size | 5%
Personality & Attitude | 12%
Materialism & Superficiality | 79%

Which of the following types of men do Asian American women prefer to date?
Ambitious professionals | 47%
Sensitive Soulmates | 51%
Rugged Individualists | 1%
Smooth Laid-Back Partiers | 0%

Which best describes Asian American women in marriage or long-term relationships?
Caring & Thoughtful | 80%
Bossy & Demanding | 15%
Fun & Playful | 3%
Distant/Self-Centered | 2%

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abc guy:
not to worry, we all including myself get "carried away" at times. It has nothing to do the the value of your contribution which was worthwhile reading and I appreciate your passion.
asian scientist    Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 12:20:04 (PST)    []
response to: "I am supportive of Asian pride like anyone else but not at the expense of the truth which effects us all as people who must interact in this society. - asian scientist"

point taken. i admit i got carried away in the name of racial pride. i'm sure folks are equally intelligent and to make broad overgeneralizations either both positive and negative is to commit the sin of stereotyping. Yes to succeed and to have social harmony we have to interact with others of different backgrounds. The question is HOW we interact with others which goes into the important questions of positive/negative self image we Asian Americans have. Needless to say, there needs more work in the Asian American community to produce more cohesion for political power. The Jews in this country have shown the way. So far Asian women are shown everywhere in the media in a more 'positive' light. However in the white man's world that equates to being labelled their sexual property, implied or outright spoken for. At this point, in the Asian American community there is a need for more Asian women to express support for the men. I know enough Asian American women that desire strongly to marry our own. The women who marry outside out of circumstance and love, pure legitimate reasons are to be respected. No respect for those who marry out because of self-hate & hatred of Asian men. They make us all look bad and a laughingstock of the melting pot.
abc guy    Wednesday, November 20, 2002 at 20:36:11 (PST)    []
It most certainly is the focus on education that should be a source of pride for us as opposed to superficial claims about our intelligence. Our children benefit much more by the tangible results that they achieve in school as opposed to baseless claims about our natural intelligence levels.
I am supportive of Asian pride like anyone else but not at the expense of the truth which effects us all as people who must interact in this society.
asian scientist    Monday, November 18, 2002 at 09:40:12 (PST)    []
asian scientist- I agree with you. Asian people are no smarter or dumber than people of any other race. Why would the gene that determines skin/hair color have anything to do with the gene that determines one's intelligence?

I think that Asians tend to be more focused on education and study harder. This is probably why they make such great achievements in school. If everyone truly applied themselves 100% in learning I'm sure they could do well too.

Anyway great post abc guy. Keep up the positive attitude and good luck.
JMO    Monday, November 11, 2002 at 12:07:35 (PST)    []
abc Guy (23):
You can't look up something that simply doesn't exist. There is no such thing as a quantatative study linking ethnicity to I.Q.
Although it has been attempted, there are no stable control factors with which to conduct such a study. You may certainly of course be referring to limited studies on intelligence but all scientist to the last understand the limitations of the undertaking and therefore do not draw any false or generalized presumptions on this subject. It simply can not stand the test of criteria for such a study unless one could study the entire population of the world under control factors. Impossible !
Just want to clarify for the record.
asian scientist    Thursday, November 07, 2002 at 14:00:43 (PST)    []
abc Guy 23,

Well said man. That is the vision of Asian America that I have too.
ABK Guy, 21    Wednesday, November 06, 2002 at 18:38:34 (PST)    []
I am just curious and interested in the views of ASIAN MEN, who are INTERESTED in us AFs.

Heard loud and clear. Here is my take on this. MOST, but not ALL Asian men are interested in marrying within our own pan-Asian ethnicity because of continuity of our culture for one. We DO have an Asian American culture although it will take more years by talented representatives of our respective peoples (chinese, japanese, korean, filip, etc - not in order of importance) to explain it eloquently throughout all the artistic and cultural mediums available. I'm not emphasizing the obvious reasons like Asian women are hella hot for this is self explanatory and stale. Whenever I look into the dark eyes of the women of my race I feel conncection and exciting possibility of either romance or true friendship. I already know we can relate on so many levels that although we still have to learn each other's personalities there are things unspoken that bind us. we've all grown up with our immigrant parents and had to forge our identities in a land where we were forced to deal with two tongues. that of our ancestors and our adopted land. we have shared values and physical characteristics that set us apart from the rest. You know the human race is mostly Asian and as a group we score the highest in median IQ - studies confirmed by a white scientist you can look it up. Do you people not forsee the day when we rule the earth? China as Napolean called it is the sleeping dragon. When she has fully awakened she will be world dominant - hopefully democratic and free as we are in the good old US of A. over a billion exceedingly enterprising people given half a chance and then it will be only a matter of time for economic/cultural development to get on par then exceed the West. can you envision the day when mandarin is completely en vogue and our Asian cultural icons fill the earth? i can easily. It is ethnic pride and self love at least for me. Although American born, I love being Chinese and I grew up on rice. Which is not to say that I don't respect our American way of life and detest most Asian political systems. I understand that for the white washed AF she would feel almost compelled to want a WM solely to fulfill her innermost longing to be white and accepted. that is sad because to deny one's heritage is to deny one's reality and the truth. and who doesn't have contempt for liars, especially those who lie to themselves? personally i hate dishonesty. marrying or dating out isn't wrong per se, it is the intention behind dating WM exclusively that would enrage any self-respecting Asian person, American-born or otherwise. We have pride. I remember a Japanese girl who told her life story to a high school during some academic program about wanting to be white so desperately that she cried. The white kids looked on to her with great pity and compassion. Oh poor Asian girl she ain't white like us. I'm sure her samurai ancestors turned in their graves gnashing their teeth. All her former generations would have committed seppuku in shame at this descendant. I don't hate the girl just sad for her. (she's young and has an obvious weak sense of self) The circumstances and environment responsible for causing her to think in this way should be blamed. Her surroundings in her upbringing must've been way too euro-centric at best or at worst in the Great American Tradition of the Trailer Trash (what nation on earth would air JERRY SPRINGER for jeebus sakes??!?! pure garbadge and makes me almost ashamed to be American!)- meaning her social circle. However adult men and women have to take responsiblity in everything and that especially includes our attitudes and beliefs. Be proud of who you are Asian women. You are the other half of an entire heritage and a great people. btw, a final note i actually am cool with white people but here's my rant for tha day in favor of true Asian Pride. =) And by that i don't mean souped up rice rockets that make more noise than an airplane and a bunch wannabe thugs acting all hard and spouting ebonics - yo wussup nigga? hahaha - that is really getting played out. I'm talking about class and sophistication and a deeper appreciation for what it means to be ASIAN AMERICAN, our stories, lives, struggles, hopes, unique challenges that we face, and finally our dreams...
abc GUY (23)    Sunday, November 03, 2002 at 21:43:18 (PST)    []