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GS: What is your ambition over the next five years.
AY: I would love to write a sequel to In Stitches. In Stitches covers my life up to graduating from medical school. I would enjoy writing about my crazy, entertaining experiences in residency, fellowship, and starting a practice from scratch.

GS: How did you become a media personality?
AY: I was lucky enough to be featured on the first season of Dr. 90210 while I spent a year in Beverly Hills working with a world-reknowned plastic surgeon. I enjoyed this experience so much, that it snowballed from there. I have a blog, which is the most visited plastic surgeon blog in the country.

GS: Do you have other media ambitions? Possibly your own show?
AY: Who knows? Right now I am committed to the success of my book, In Stitches. I believe that it will really resonate with the Asian American community. While my story may be unique to me, many of the trials I went through growing up and in medical school are experienced by Asian Americans all throughout the U.S.

GS: Why are you living in Michigan? Why not a place like L.A. or New York?
AY: Michigan has always been home to me. I had the option of staying in L.A., but I’m a Midwestern guy.

GS: What prompted you to write In Stitches?
AY: I believe there is a need for a book about becoming a doctor that highlights the reality of it. There are too many self-important books from physicians that paint us like we’re equal partners with God in the battle against sickness. This is not true. We are, for the most part, regular people with insecurities and quirks. And, all doctors are nerds, whether they admit it or not. I also believe there is a need for more Asian American writers, particularly humorous writers. Margaret Cho isn’t enough!

GS: Do you have any other books or projects in the works?
AY: I’m always working on something, including a TV show and segments on other programs. I also work on my blogs: and

GS: What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?
AY: In addition to my full-time job and media-related projects, I spend time with my children and am an occasional member of my church band. I attend the English ministry of a Korean United Methodist Church. I also play basketball, tennis, and the guitar.

GS: Tell us a bit about your personal situation. Are you married? Kids?
AY: My wife is a pediatrician. We have two wonderful kids and a cool dog!

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