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GS: What are your favorite subjects or themes?
SC: “People” and their human deep inner feelings. I created a country called “Republic of Norman” through paintings and video art. This country tells the story of deep human relationships.

GS: What are your favorite media?
SC: Acrylic on canvas, watercolors, video. Or anything I can get my hand on.

This acrylic on canvas painting by Skyler Chen is titled Viva La Vida (72’‘x 62’‘, 2009).

GS: Are you represented?  How do you sell your art?
SC: I have been showing my work around the world work with many galleries, but not yet exclusive work with any one gallery. Mostly I sell my work through galleries, and art fairs and sometimes people will buy it online.

GS: Are you able to earn a living from your art?
SC: Being an artist, its not easy, but its the best job ever in the world. Sometimes we make a lot money at once, then we dont make anything for months.

GS: What types of people are your best buyers/clients?
SC: New Yorkers, or people who are looking for something more in life. 
Designers and Northern Europeans also seem to like my work a lot.

GS: Give us a picture of your daily routine.
SC: I wake up 8 am make my cup of Latte, shower, do my emails, start painting. I like to paint in the morning ‘cuz the daylight). Good music will be playing while I am painting. I work until 5 or 6 pm.   Make myself a dinner or go out to eat, then home to read a book or watch a good film. Then bed around 11 pm or 12 am.

GS: What are some things that link you to your Asian ethnicity?
SC: When I was living in Utah, everyone around me was white. I was always the “Asian kid” in School. I used to try to be something I am not. But also that was the time which made me think of my Asian ethnicity.  After that I went back to Taiwan to know my history of my family and ethnicity, and try to really get to know myself. Loving my own Asian ethnicity makes me a more attractive person.

GS: What are your activities/passions outside of painting?
SC: Music and outdoor activities. I do wish one day I can to build my own house and have a farm and play indie folk music and cook with family and friends.

GS: What is your main ambition for the next 5 years?
SC: I want to work exclusively with some big galleries and also would love to have a show in Europe.

GS: Do you have any showings/events planned?
SC: I have been creating some new works and hopefully I can show them around the summer or fall.

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