Is Jeremy Lin Pimping Dates for Asian Guys?

Asian Americans have been excited about Jeremy Lin’s meteoric rise in part because we feel it will help shatter those old stereotypes about Asian American men. But what effect is it having on our own lives?

Linsanity has become such a phenomenon that even people who never watch basketball have become aware of Jeremy Lin’s rise from twice-cut benchwarmer to the Knicks’ superstar point guard.

But what effect is Jeremy Lin having on the lives of ordinary Asian American men?

He’s helped Asian guys land more dates, according to some recent articles.

An Asian student at Purdue University is quoted as saying he’s now finding himself approached by white girls and Latinas who want to date him as the closest available substitute to Jeremy Lin himself.

Another Asian man in New York is quoted as saying that his luck has suddenly changed on the online dating scene. After a long dry spell, he’s recently landed two dates and has gotten feelers from several white women.

What effect have you noticed in your own life after Jeremy Lin’s sudden stardom?