US Treasury Continues War on Yakuza Families

The Treasury Department is continuing its war against the US operations of Japanese crime syndicates by freezing the assets of a third major yakuza family.

The Inagawa-kai, third largest among all yakuza families, has been designated a transnational criminal organization by the US Treasury. The designation allows the freezing of all assets located inside US jurisdiction. It also allows the feds to ban US corporations and individuals from doing business with the family which operates many legitimate business interests in the US, as well as illegal ones like operating gambling parlors, smuggling drugs into the US and guns from the US into Japan.

Sanctions have also been imposed on two individuals identified as the Inagawa-kai’s leaders — family head Jiro Kiyota and his top lieutenant Kazuo Uchibori.

The Inagawa-kai, founded in 1949, is based in the Tokyo-Yokohama region. With 15,000 members, the Inagawa-kai was one of the first yakuza families to begin operating overseas. Historically a high proportion of its membership has been bakuto, tattooed itinerant gamblers, and it has focused its activity on illegal gambling. More recently the approximately 330 clans that make up the Inagawa-kai family have expanded into drug trafficking, prostitution, extortion and blackmail.

Yakuza occupy a quasi-legal status inside Japan, being tolerated by the government and, historically, even hired by the government and corporations to perform dirty jobs like breaking up labor strikes and recruiting young girls from Japan and other Asian nations to serve as sex slaves for the military. Yakuza families have also engaged in charitable or civic activities, including shipping tons of food, blankets and other supplies to victims of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The Treasury’s move against the Inagawa-kai follows its September designation of Sumiyoshi-Kai, Japan’s second largest yakuza family, as a transnational criminal organization. In February the Treasury had imposed sanctions on Yamaguchi-gumi, the biggest Japanese crime family. Its estimated 50,000 members comprise over half of all yakuza.



Cleo · Jan 24, 10:19 AM · #


Larry · Jan 24, 07:08 PM · #

You want to eat the Yakuza?

Cleo · Jan 25, 08:18 AM · #

I want every criminal on this planet caught and separated from the rest of us.

Larry · Jan 25, 07:15 PM · #

Hmmm, good in theory but are you sure you’ve never broken the law a few times Cleo? Not all criminals are the same. Baby rapists aren’t the same as someone who steals a bike.

Sinopuppy · Jan 27, 03:13 AM · #

I went back recently to New York City for a visit. Alot of real estate purchases in Manhattan by the Japanese. Little Toyko in the Village has expanded exponentially beyond the one or two streets. Some punks with tatoos. Of course all the Asian women were with White men. De Rigueur

Cleo · Jan 27, 05:19 AM · #

a lot of Japanese real estate brokers too – they’ve come a long way since Cibo Matto – is that married woman still living in Sean Lennon’s townhouse WITH his lolita looking girlfriend? Brrr.

I notice in California that a lot of them are school administrators in schools with a lot of Chinese kids. That would make me really uncomfortable since my alarm installer told us how his toddler felt discriminated against by Her Japanese piano teacher even though the toddler didn’t know what a Japanese was – she said she could really tell that teacher didn’t liker her and treated her differently from other students. The next day, he brought his little girl with him and she was fantastic looking – a really beautiful little girl and clever and articulate for her age.

you do realize that forcing all of us to get along actually allows the bad ones nearer to the good ones – it’s basically giving them a weapon and a license to pull the trigger whilst everyone else plays ostrich

Cleo · Jan 27, 05:22 AM · #

that WAS the whole point with the embargo on Japan for invading China, right? The realization that once Japan had successfully dealt with China, it would be strong enough to do the same to everyone else on the planet including America. Now the Chinese reputation is so smeared that Japan thinks its sheep’s clothing is kevlar quality and they are convinced that this time, the rest of the planet does NOT believe that Japan covets everything.

Why DID the Algerians separate the Japanese hostages? Were they going to ransom them to the Japanese and leave the political message of murder for the White folks?

Cleo · Jan 27, 05:24 AM · #

I remember a weird sign on a storefront near the Zambian embassy – the Chinese characters were “thousand fans” but it was a Japanese business with dark windows.

Cleo · Jan 27, 05:29 AM · #

I think the Japanese media reports that their government is cracking down on their own branch of government i.e. the yakuza and therefore the yakuza are FORCED to abscond for ASEAN, China and Korea that that means that they are excusing themselves denying themselves of any connection a la Mission Impossible regarding the inroads the yakuza are expected to pave for Akihito and his entourage. They’ve already started to Japanize Vietnam even to have a television program about it this week as well as promote the luxury living in Malaysia for older Japanese to retire so Japan proper doesn’t have to hire those nonJapanese Asians as nursemaids and possibly risk a large minority claiming citizenship rights.

Japan is abandoning ship but wants to use Asean as raw material but of course, they want other parts of the world as well. I’m surprised that other countries haven’t folllowed suit but maybe Canada, Australia and Cyprus WANT the Japanese to have citizenship.

Cleo · Jan 27, 05:35 AM · #

I would say that the yakuza are already here and are already our problem in a way totally different from profit-motivated criminal organizations. We are dealing with pigs who consume octopus porn which celebrate gangrape, they’re ugly, evil and intent on blending in, they have no problem marrying local minorities, they have no problem behaving themselves and appearing calm because they are the transgressors not the wronged party.

We have a huge problem. Believe that both Korean and Chinese criminals will cooperate with them and THAT is why the American government despises Chinese immigrants who are criminals – not only because of the INGRATITUDE of getting the undeserved American citizenship, not at all the incredible stupidity of betraying yourself and your own ethnic group by joining with the Japanese but simply because you are working for and therefore you yourself ARE a terrorist. That’s why you get tagged and stay tagged.

Congratulations, hanjian.

Cleo · Jan 27, 06:58 AM · #

it’s weird how what looks like a bribe facilitator for American businesses interested in the Japanese market sidled up to Rocky Aoki so successfully and I do believe that the judge is being knowingly unfair just to screw with this family just as Rocky Aoki himself so unlovingly did when he empowered this last wife:

Hai! Aoki widow wins Benihana battle
Last Updated: 1:34 AM, January 2, 2013
Posted: 11:49 PM, January 1, 2013
The seven children of the late Rocky Aoki, the founder of the Benihana Japanese restaurant chain, soon may find the only link they have to the eatery is the occasional dinner reservation.

Last week, a New York Surrogate’s Court judge gave Keiko, Aoki’s third wife and widow, expanded power over a trust Rocky created to hold his financial interests in the 48-year-old steakhouse.

Aoki set up the trust in 1998 to separate himself from the business following a conviction for insider trading.

In the ruling, Judge Kristin Booth Glen tossed two documents Aoki signed in 2002 that would have put the assets of the trust, including Benihana’s international franchises, in the hands of two of his seven kids in 10 years.

Currently, Keiko controls the trust after winning certain rights to it in 2010 when the same judge approved Aoki’s will over objections by the children.

The 2007 will gave Keiko 25 percent of the trust’s assets and the right to distribute the remaining 75 percent to his heirs when she dies.

But if the 2002 releases were upheld, Keiko would lose the assets to Rocky’s 30-year old daughter, model-turned-actress Devon, and son, Steven, 35, when they turn 45.

Glen tossed the releases in part because she was not convinced Aoki knew they were irrevocable.

Besides Benihana’s international franchises, the trust holds $35 million in cash gained when private-equity firm Angelo Gordon paid $16.30 per share to buy the company in August.

At the time, Aoki’s trust held the largest stake in Benihana with some 2.15 million shares.

Keiko’s lawyer, Richard Feldman, said Keiko can now decide who will get the remaining 75 percent when she dies, including heirs not yet born. In the meantime, she receives interest off that portion of the estate, he said.

“My heart goes out to the Aoki children,” said Ken Podziba, a spokesman for Aoki’s children who was also the best man at Aoki’s marriage to Keiko. “This is a true miscarriage of justice and I hope it doesn’t stand.”

Cleo · Jan 27, 07:01 AM · #

Kevin Aoki is married to a Taiwanese, the DJ one uses a Cantonese name for his company that he doesn’t understand and Devon Aoki just looks like the Face of Murder. I’m not a fan of this family BUT I think they are being screwed with because their dad was dirty – he named Benihana as an insult to the Americans vanquishing the Japanese but he made his fortune in America from Americans. I find that really dirty.

Larry · Jan 27, 05:40 PM · #

Cleo, you need to get back on your medication. If the Japanese want to get to you, they will. I hope the Japanese haunt your dreams. You’ll be like Iris Chang who kept having nightmares of the Nanking massacre, until, well you know what happened to her. 頑張ってください

Cleo · Jan 27, 06:09 PM · #

your language is a forgery

Larry · Jan 27, 09:15 PM · #

You are right, after all we just copied it from the Chinese. Your hatred for the Japanese will come back to haunt you later in life. Again remember Iris Chang, her hatred caused her death, no doubt. She must have suffered terribly and it served her right. She blamed people who had nothing to do with the war for war crimes committed by their ancestors. In a way the Imperial Japanese soldiers killed her too. She wasted her whole life with hatred, instead of doing something constructive.

Sinopuppy · Jan 27, 10:39 PM · #

As generations forget the past,The past will repeat itself.
This new generation does not know the evil atrocities and savagery committed by the Japanese and they and their allies try to belittle what was committed and attempt to delete it from history.

The Japanese reneged on their financial compensation in 1972-1973 as agreed upon for 50 Trillion Yen. This is never talked about among the Japanese and new generations of Chinese are not taught that the Chinese will not compensate China financially. Actions and deeds speak the truth not some lame phony attempt at a unremorseful apology without regret.

There is some solace in the fact that Japan for the next 2 generations will have radiation sickness.

Cleo · Jan 28, 06:08 AM · #

I’m not talented enough to hate the Japanese as they deserve. I doubt the people who triggered the tsunami bomb(s) on 3-11 can’t hate as much as Japan deserves. This is just the fact of life. Not even Koreans can hate the Japanese enough. The Jews certainly can’t hate the Germans enough. No one can match Germany and Japan for their hatred towards others. No one.

But that doesn’t mean Japan and Germany aren’t screwed. What’s it like to be marked for destruction by America’s sweethearts?

Cleo · Jan 28, 07:00 AM · #

Iris Chang wasn’t mean to anyone let alone anyone descended from baby rapists. All she did was write a book containing facts and defended herself against the many clever false accusations that there were errors in her book. The Japanese didn’t even bother to attack Charles Roland for writing Long Night’s Journey into Day.

Cleo · Jan 28, 07:04 AM · #

we should have a website listing in chrono order all the attacks made against Iris Chang’s character and we can write our own responses to those attacks – she was always too well behaved and polite when those idiots deserved the TRUTH – the stinging burning truth. Yakuza can’t handle the truth!

Sinopuppy · Jan 28, 08:40 AM · #

Japan Liberal Democratic Party + Yakuza + Central Intelligence Agency go hand in hand in Japan. Mitsubishi Industries Group 三菱グループ involved in refinement & production of opium to heroin. Distribute it in China 1931-1944 then 1951-1975 thru out Asia.

People don’t want to hear the truth

The Truth will set you free

Larry · Jan 28, 08:24 PM · #

Wrong, there were errors in her book, well over 100. She even admitted there were errors. If you don’t believe me look it up. It’s fine to remember past atrocities so they aren’t repeated but harboring hatred like Iris did will eventually lead to your downfall. Maybe she should have written a book about the Opium Wars as well.

Cleo · Jan 29, 05:43 AM · #

I did look it up – she was misreported as admitting to errors.

Cleo · Jan 29, 05:46 AM · #

hers wasn’t even the worse recounting of just one incident but the Japanese gave her their full attention – why?

because she’s female, Chinese, rapeable, respectable? or the beginning of the Chinese voice reemerging from every corner of the world?

Think about it and think about why it’s Kim Tae Hee getting death threats.

there’s something really WRONG with Japanese men – I don’t worry about Korean or Chinese men like that at all. There’s something nasty and weak about Japanese men where they react in the weirdest most absurd and violent way to anything that breaks their face.

you can’t tell me they are exactly the same genetically as the Chinese and Koreans because those two just aren’t that weak with women.

Cleo · Jan 29, 05:56 AM · #

It would be so awesome if she were really alive and the government faked her death and for some reason, CONFIDENTLY let her be married to her husband OPENLY:×471.jpg

because there is really no media interest in the fact that her widower remarried a woman who LOOKS like her named “Iris Cheng” and he claimed to have worked on invasion of privacy software for the government.

Interesting, nu?

And Amy Chua’s dad was/is an American scientist – so were/are Iris Chang’s parents. So’s Andrea Jung’s dad. Ming Tsai’s dad was a scientist too, right?

Oooh and they don’t care if the Japanese know it.

uh oh, did somebody get bombed on 3-11? makes Keven Tsujihara’s pay raise look pretty cheap as smoke machinese go, nu?

Larry · Jan 29, 07:57 PM · #

The report you read must have been misreported. Yes most Japanese men love to molest Chinese women. That’s a fact. Maybe they can’t help it since Chinese women are just so irresistable. I find Chinese women the most beautiful in the world, no doubt.

Iris Chang was a nutcase. Yes some of what she wrote was true but in the end her dark obsession was the end of her. Her husband is also unbalanced as he’s obsessed with Chinese women, kind of like Japanese men are, nu?

Yes someone got bombed on 3/11, just as someone got bombed on 5/08.

Cleo · Jan 31, 09:06 AM · #

deniability is causing a great deal of pain for the innocent

it’s interesting how Beijing smog is affecting everyone and NOT just the Japanese intent on raising their children as true Beijingers

I’m pretty sure that no one believes that Japan and Germany’s style of “Bad Romance” had nothing to do with any flattering affection for their favorite victims – Chinese and Jewish women.

Cleo · Jan 31, 09:08 AM · #

even Jacques Torres has a Japanese partner

Sinopuppy · Jan 27, 03:13 AM · #
I went back recently to New York City for a visit. Alot of real estate purchases in Manhattan by the Japanese. Little Toyko in the Village has expanded exponentially beyond the one or two streets. Some punks with tatoos. Of course all the Asian women were with White men. De Rigueur

Larry · Jan 31, 07:37 PM · #

I’m an American citizen of Japanese descent and everytime I go to China the air is terrible. Yes it affects all of us equally no matter if we’re Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Indian, etc. Only rarely do I see blue skies. Sooner or later the Chinese people will demand action from their government. I already told you Cleo, Chinese women are the most attractive on Earth, that’s why so many men want them.

Cleo · Feb 2, 06:26 AM · #

that Beijing air is forcing Japanese to keep their children indoors – they are insistent on raising real Beijingers. That ring of truth isn’t transferable no matter how perfect your fake accent is.

yes, I think beijing is screwing with their own air on purpose

this is huge – Germany and Japan all over the planet and it’s serious and real and it feels like the time is NOW to strike back – for reasons not revealed to the general public. Why would the director of Infernal Affairs be in NYC’s Chinatown casting for his 1980s Chinatown movie? What does that have to do with anything?

too bad wishes aren’t horses because I would wish for a speedy resolution the cost be damned – I wish for quickness.

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