Eldo Kim Proves Harvard Asians Can Be Dumb With Bomb Hoax

Korean American student Eldo Kim concocted Monday’s Harvard bomb scare in an effort at getting out of taking an exam.

On Monday Kim, 20, emailed the campus police, the student paper and various Harvard University officials saying that bombs had been placed in four buildings. “Be quick for they will go off soon,” he added for good measure.

The FBI and police sealed off the university entrance and conducted a seven-hour search for explosives. After finding none police traced the emails to Kim and arrested him on Tuesday. At that time federal prosecutors announced that Kim had confessed to pulling off the hoax as a ploy to avoid taking his exams. He admitted to thinking he had succeeded when he heard the alarm go off, Kim said.

Kim is a psychology major who had attended high school in Washington where he had been active in volunteer work, according to the Harvard Crimson. He is said to enjoy playing pool, swimming, break dancing and debating.

Kim now faces up to five years in prison and/or a $250,000 fine as well as any punishment Harvard may decide to impose.

This is one of several recent incidents that suggests what leading universities lose by overlooking traditional measures of intellectual ability in an effort at recruiting students thought to possess more unique abilities. Most teens who use the internet would know that emails can easily be traced to their sources.