Xi Jinping Readies China for Superpower Status

In the year 2100 the world’s eighth-graders may come to read how Xi Jinping’s crusade against corruption spared humanity from the specter of living in the shadow of a malignant superpower.

During his first year as China’s big boss Xi has shown he has not merely the vision to decry the fever of corruption weakening Chinese society but also the guts to take on China’s real dragon — its massively corrupt officialdom, including the biggest racketeers of his own ruling party. The foremost target of Xi’s crusade appears to be Zhou Yongkang who is said to have been under a hush-hush investigation for corruption since late last year.

Zhou’s stature illustrates both the depth of China’s corruption problem and the magnitude of Xi’s courage in assuming the role of dragon-slayer. Prior to his retirement Zhou was one of the nine member of the powerful Politburo Standing Committee which acts as the ruling Communist party’s board of directors. More significantly, Zhou was head of the Central Political and Legislative Committee which oversees China’s formidable security apparatus which controls its courts, prosecutors, police, paramilitary and intelligence agencies.

Add to that Zhou’s deep personal ties with the most powerful of China’s old-line party bosses, including former party boss Jiang Zemin, and Xi’s willingness to take him on is remarkable. In terms of sheer guts, it would be comparable to, say, the late John F. Kennedy taking on legendary FBI founder/boss J. Edgar Hoover. Kennedy shied away from that challenge, as did his predecessors and successors, despite their conviction that Hoover was turning the FBI into a personal fiefdom dedicated to cowing political figures by spying on their personal lives.

“J. Edgar Hoover would give his right eye to take over, and all congressmen and senators are afraid of him,” Truman noted.

The same can be said of Zhou who for over a decade had access to the dirty laundry of every notable Chinese leader. Regardless of how little dirty laundry Xi may personally have generated, in taking on Zhou he’s taking on a mafia-style party network built on the exploitation of official influence for personal enrichment. Some even saw Xi as putting much more than his political career on the line. More than a few troublesome Communist party leaders have been brought down on trumped up charges and sent to labor camps or even executed.

Xi dares to mount his no-sacred-cow crusade partly because, as the son of a party hero and a gifted leader, Xi too has powerful connections. But mostly Xi just has the guts to act on his deep conviction that only by rooting out corruption can the Communist Party cling to power in the internet age when an official misdeed can trigger a popular uprising on a scale that can overwhelm even China’s gargantuan security apparatus.

In one of his first speeches as China’s new leader Xi invoked the need to “cage power”. At the time it was deemed mere rhetoric. But in the year since, he has been relentless in pushing the party’s disciplinary machinery, prosecutors and courts to be fearless in going after the “tigers as well as the flies.” He has personally taken charge of a commission to reform China’s national priorities. By his sheer will and determination Xi has begun to unwind the coil of corruption that remains one of the mainsprings of Chinese society.

If Xi continues in this vein throughout the next nine years of his likely two-term, 10-year tenure at the top, he will have turned himself into a latter-day Bao Zheng, the incorruptible 11th century official who became one of China’s favorite legends by taking his anti-corruption crusade even into the court of the Song emperor himself.

Why is Xi so bent on risking his decade in what is arguably the world’s most powerful political office — if not his freedom or even his life — by taking on a dragon whose reach is probably even deeper and more sinuous than even Xi may imagine? Because he knows that corruption is the one thing that can derail China’s rise to true superpower status.

China has been making swift progress toward many of the achievements that have made the US the world’s most admired nation during the past 90 years: a prosperous optimistic population, a powerful manufacturing sector, a military capable of projecting power overseas, impressive cities, a manned space program, good works around the world.

Of course, China remains a decade or more away from gaining control of its environmental woes, and its popular culture is largely derivative of the west. But the biggest impediment to winning the respect and admiration of the world is rampant corruption and over-reliance on police-state mechanisms to keep popular discontent from igniting into revolt. These are the weaknesses that prevent China from attracting and reclaiming the critical mass of creative and cultural talent needed to power its rise to the status of a superpower that sets the global agenda.

The Xi administration recently proposed Washington and Beijing form an exclusive organization of two nations — a G-2 — to join forces in tackling major global issues. An indication of the growth of China’s stature during Xi’s first year in office is Washington’s interest in the proposal.

If Xi succeeds with his anti-corruption drive during the coming decade, the world will come to see China’s one-party system as a much-needed stable counterpoint to the often unsettling convolutions of America’s two-party system. That would mark an inflection point in the historical shift of power from west to east.



Sinopuppy · Jan 25, 09:09 PM · #

President Xi should increase military defense spending.
Japan is provoking a war. War is inevitable.
It’s a question of whether U.S will be dragged into the fight.
China must prepare for U.S involvment.

Sinopuppy · Jan 25, 11:51 PM · #

This might be of some interest when U.S attacks ML China

Sinopuppy · Jan 26, 09:31 AM · #

China test Hypersonic Missile Vehicle

*Immediate response to attack on China

WesternPuppy · Jan 29, 01:39 AM · #

You must be dreaming, US and China will never go to war. The only war there will be is another cold war. The leaders of countries are to chicken to blow each other up with nuclear weapons and send humanity back 400 years. The US does not have enough man power, equipment and financing to wage a prolonged war with China. IT will just provide ample opportunity for other countries to advance their military while the US has their hands tied fighting China. Not to mention that China produces a vast array of merchandise for the world. How will the economies of many countries be affected when China stops manufacturing. Surely other countries will take up the slack, but it will take time.

Sinopuppy · Jan 29, 07:22 PM · #

Due to China retalitory military capability

You Never know we’ll see

Sinopuppy · Jan 30, 11:49 PM · #

China Directed Energy weapon deployment
WorldNet Daily
(Jon E. Dougherty/Charles Smith)
December 3,2013

Not only is the Chinese military advancing rapidly in the field of anti-satellite, anti-missile laser weapon technology, but its technology is progressing or equal to U.S. laser weapons capabilities currently under development,- informed sources have told WorldNetDaily.
According to Mark Stokes, a military author specializing in Chinese weapons development, Beijing’s efforts to harness laser weapons technology began in the 1960s, under a program called Project 640-3, sanctioned by Chairman Mao Zedong. The Chinese, he said, renamed the project the “863 Program” in 1979, after a Chinese researcher named Sun Wanlin convinced the Central Military Commission “to maintain the pace and even raise the priority of laser development” in 1979.
Today, Beijing’s effort to develop laser technology encompasses over “10,000 personnel — including 3,000 engineers in 300 scientific research organizations — with nearly 40 percent of China’s laser research and development (R & D) devoted to military applications,” Stokes wrote in an analytical paper provided to WorldNetDaily.

China’s “DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) research (is) part of a larger class of weapons known to the Chinese as ‘new concept weapons’ (xin gainian wuqi), which include high power lasers, high power microwaves, railguns, coil guns, (and) particle beam weapons,” Stokes said. “The two most important organizations involved in R&D; of DEW are the China Academy of Sciences and the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (COSTIND).”

To underscore Beijing’s fixation with laser weaponry, the Hong Kong Standard reported Nov. 15 that the Chinese have developed a laser-based anti-missile, anti-satellite system.

“China’s system shoots a laser beam that destroys the [guidance systems] and causes the projectile to fall harmlessly to the ground,” the paper said.

The report also noted that Beijing had “conducted tests of its new technology since August 1999,” and said the system was “similar to the laser defense system technology being developed by the U.S. Air Force.”

Rick Fischer, a congressional Chinese military hardware expert, told WorldNetDaily that recent photographs of Chinese main battle tanks taken during military parades held in celebration of China’s 60th anniversary of Communism in October showed “what was described as a photoelectric device that may have been a ground-based laser equivalent” of the same ASAT system.

Fischer said the U.S. is currently developing a similar weapon, whereby “a ground-based laser would be capable of producing a ‘dazzle’” strong enough to knock an incoming missile off course.”

However, he cautioned, “the Chinese may have beat us to the punch,” though he said attempts to classify the new battle tank equipment as “definitely laser technology” were inconclusive.

As early as 1997, the Army reported successfully test-firing a ground-based laser called MIRCL at an orbiting Air Force MSTI-3 research satellite as it passed over the Army’s White Sands, New Mexico, test facility. According to one published report, “Two bursts from the chemical laser struck a sensor array on the MSTI-3 craft.” The U.S. firms Boeing and TRW are also developing an airborne laser defense system, fitted to a cargo model of the 747 airliner, that would be capable of targeting incoming ICBMs and other medium-range missiles, either destroying them or rendering them incapacitated.

U.S. officials downplayed the results of the Army’s laser tests, saying only that they were “a research experiment, not a step towards a space weapon.”

But since the Hong Kong newspaper account, officials and experts in the United States have begun to re-examine the issue of Chinese military laser technology, which now may be even more advanced than developments first revealed by the Cox Committee.

According to the Cox report, Beijing had already managed to obtain sensitive laser technology enabling them to test miniature nuclear weapons and to assist the Chinese navy in locating hard-to-find U.S. nuclear submarines.

Unclassified documents provided to WorldNetDaily also provide detailed technical information on new Chinese beam director designs for high-powered laser weapons — specifically those designed for eventual “anti-satellite missions,” anti-missile applications and for blinding combatants in the field. Stokes said the Chinese were especially interested in the development of “free electron laser” weapons, “because they have a number of advantages, including their adjustable wavelength and bandwidth and their potential range of 5,000 kilometers.”

According to documents, Li Hui, Director of the Beijing Institute of Remote Sensing Equipment, a developer of optical precision and photoelectronic guidance systems for surface-to-air missiles, “has cited laser technology as the only effective means to counter cruise missiles.”

Hui has “encouraged the acceleration of laser weapons development,” the documents said, while stressing that an “anti-cruise missile laser weapon” already developed by China “utilizes…the most mature high-energy laser technology, the deuterium-fluoride (DF) chemical laser.”

“Li Hui’s statement advocating ground-based laser weapons for use against missiles is not the first by a Chinese weapons developer,” the documents said. “The 1028th Research Institute (RI) of the Ministry of Information Industry, a major Chinese developer of integrated air defense systems, has analyzed the use of lasers in future warfare. Such uses include active jamming of electro-optics, blinding combatants and damaging sensors, causing laser-guided weapons to deviate from their true targets, and target destruction.”

The 1028th’s analysis, the papers said, “concluded with the statement, ‘The appearance of laser weapons will have a significant impact on modern warfare. On today’s electronic battlefield, it is natural for defensive systems to use low-energy laser weapons to damage enemy electronic equipment. When high-energy lasers that can directly destroy tanks, planes and ships develop and mature, they will be formidable offensive weapons.’”

Stokes’ research supports the Cox Committee’s conclusions about Chinese intentions to build a variety of high-tech laser weapons. Though he said “there is no proof or strong indication that development” of such weapons “is in a more advanced stage in China than in the U.S.,” he notes that China’s People’s Liberation Army “is placing greater emphasis on lasers and their potential military applications.”

“The Academy of Military Science, the PLA’s leading think-tank on future warfare,” Stokes said, “believes lasers will be an integral aspect of 21st century war.”

korean_guy · Feb 3, 11:35 PM · #

“Japan is provoking a war. War is inevitable.”

Japan is provoking war? I detest the Japanese as much as the Chinese, but lets get the facts straight. China is the provoker. Easterner never forget the past and China suffers from the biggest victim mentality syndrome, which means China will provoke a war. Is war likely? Since Chinese politburo thugs are ruled by hubris and emotions and the United States is controlled by global bankers the answer is easy: YES!! With the caveat that China won’t be the one to attack U.S. They are too chicken sh*t. Russia will attack the United States and then China will come and side with Russia to destroy the U.S.

China is the biggest chicken sh*t out there. They are all talk and no substance. They hide behind their population stats (1.34 billion is just a made up consensus…probably more like 750 million tops). They can’t do anything or build any weapon of any destructive power without borrowing/stealing from the Russians.

Sinopuppy · Feb 5, 01:06 PM · #

Governor of Japan broadcaster NHK denies Nanjing massacre
February 3,2014

A governor of Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK, has denied that the Nanjing massacre took place, days after a row over Tokyo’s use of war-time sex slaves engulfed the new NHK chief.

Naoki Hyakuta made his comments as he campaigned for a right-wing candidate in the Tokyo gubernatorial election.

Mr Hyakuta, a prominent novelist, is one of 12 members of the NHK board of governors.

He was picked by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for the role late last year.

“In 1938, Chiang Kai-shek tried to publicise Japan’s responsibility for the Nanking Massacre, but the nations of the world ignored him. Why? Because it never happened,” the Asahi newspaper quoted Mr Hyakuta as saying.

Atrocities were committed by all sides in wars and that there was no need to teach such things to Japanese children, he said.

His comments came in a stump speech on Tokyo on 3 February, the paper said.

Asked about the reports, Japan’s top government spokesman declined to comment.

“I’m aware of the reports, but I’ve learnt (expressing personal views) doesn’t violate the Broadcast Law,” Yoshihide Suga said.

The law bans the governors from serving as officers in political parties but not from being members, and their political activities are otherwise not restricted.

Mr Hyakuta’s comments come days after the broadcaster’s new head, Katsuto Momii, said that the Japanese military’s use of sex slaves during World War Two was a practice common in any country at war.

“Such women could be found in any nation that was at war, including France and Germany,” he said, describing international anger as “puzzling”.

But he later apologised, saying: “It is my lack of discretion in that I didn’t understand the various rules. I think it was very inappropriate that I made the comments at such places.”

China states up to 300,000 civilians and soldiers died in Nanjing over the winter of 1937-38 after the Japanese military entered the city. Japanese historians dispute these figures.

Sinopuppy · Feb 5, 02:24 PM · #

Why Japan Is Still Not Sorry

You wonder why Chinese hate the japanese. Still they refuse to atone for inhuman atriocities. At least the Germans accept what they did to the Jews was wrong. These japanese refuse to accept their guilt.

Several people on this website post with different usernames defending japan and engaged in China Bashing are SCUM.

korean_guy · Feb 5, 06:46 PM · #

“You wonder why Chinese hate the japanese. Still they refuse to atone for inhuman atriocities.”

“Several people on this website post with different usernames defending japan and engaged in China Bashing are SCUM.”

Chinese will be the first to point fingers to Japan for their atrocities and yet not recognize their own immorality or incivility. That’s called double standard. I don’t defend Japan’s past and neither America’s corruption. But typical Chinese’s inability to see their own immorality and their mass victim mentality is why China is even greater threat.

China today want to live off the blood, sweat and sacrifices of Chinese of the past that made ancient China the great civilization it once was. Chinese of today are bunch of victim mentality cheats and thieves and murderers.

To view one’s own flaws before pointing finger at others is a virtue Chinese proudly lack.

And speaking of atrocities why the f**k is China colonizing Mongolia and other countries? How does it make China OK to do what Japan did to China? Chinese always says “because XXX belongs to China!” Well the Japanese made the same conclusion.

While Chinese are fuming for what Japan did they are doing the same to those countries they are occupying right this minute.

But asking a Chinese to be objective and moral is like asking a chimp to solve a calculus problem…it ain’t gonna happen. Immoral peasants and thugs that rule them only know one thing…force.

Sinopuppy · Feb 5, 09:13 PM · #

Japan A Nation Of Sexual Stalking Perverts

FEB 1, 2014

If you would, dear reader, please take a moment of your time today and let Prime Minister Shinzo Abe know that you’d like him to treat Japan’s stalking problem seriously. Let him know that you’d like the Diet to make real laws that would protect the women who are subject to harassment, humiliation, injury and even death by men who chase them.

So far already, 112,000 people have signed a nonpartisan petition to this effect — including Abe’s own wife. But more on that later.

About year ago, I wrote how Japan’s soulless stalking laws were costing lives. Even after she spoke with police, a 33-year-old housewife was stabbed to death in November 2012 by an ex-boyfriend who stalked her. The stalker had hired a private detective to find her, and even though that man was recently charged over his role in her death, nothing will bring the woman back to life.

Similarly, in October 2013, a high school student and budding actress was also stabbed to death after alerting police to her stalker.

The laws at present existing in Japan to prevent stalking and protect victims — as well as the enforcement of those laws — are all abysmal. But now, at last, people are beginning to protest.

The new champions of anti-stalking are an unlikely duo: a former Miss International, Ikumi Yoshimatsu, and Akie Abe, the prime minister’s wife. Together, this January, they launched a movement to combat stalking nationwide — and here’s the story of how it happened.

In December last year, Yoshimatsu, 2012 winner of the Miss International contest, filed criminal charges against one of Japan’s most powerful talent-agency executives, whom she alleged was stalking and harassing her.

The result: the management of the pageant, The International Culture Association — founded in 1969 as an incorporated organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs — ordered her to skip the succession ceremony and “play sick and shut up” out of fear of scandal.

She didn’t attend the ceremony — but she did speak out.

After The Japan Times and the Shukan Bunshun weekly magazine reported the story, Yoshimatsu received encouragement and support from around Japan and many other parts of the world.

In contrast, she received little support from the other mainstream Japanese media, which has a cosy relationship with the talent-agency executive and his company bosses, who are widely reported to have cozy ties with unsavory groups in society.

However, one of those supporters was Akie Abe, who had been a judge for the 2013 Miss International contest. When she posted a small comment on her Facebook page about judging the contest, hundreds of people wrote her, saying: “Why aren’t you doing anything to help (Ikumi) Yoshimatsu?”

She responded to her online followers that she would look into it — and she did.

As a result, on Christmas Day she met with Yoshimatsu and the two of them discussed her case and the appalling situation of stalking victims in Japan. They decided to do something about it.

Together with a website named, on Jan. 9, they launched the Stalker Zero campaign, calling for an end to the Japanese “culture of silence” toward crimes against women.

The campaign asks the public to petition for changes in the law. The recipient of those pleas will will be Akie Abe’s husband, the current prime minister. One may think she could just bring up the subject with him over dinner — but maybe he needs to know there are more than 100,000 people who agree with her before he can bring himself to pay any heed.

The response was tremendous; by Jan. 16 — after just one week — the campaign had 20,000 signatures. As of Jan. 31, there were more than 112,000 signatures on the website, with countless numbers of them coming from overseas supporters.

Words written by Yoshimatsu to accompany the petition explain the plight of stalking victims in Japan much more eloquently than I am able to do. Here they are:

“Mr. Abe, as prime minister you have been a strong and vocal supporter of women’s rights. You have called time and time again for a ‘society in which women shine.’

“Your strong leadership on this issue would be a game-changer.

“As a first step, I ask that you establish a task force to investigate stalking and violence against women with the objective of laying out an immediate national strategy to address these issues and offer real protection for women.

“Out of all the industrialized nations, Japan is by far the lowest- ranking country on gender equality — a disgraceful 105th out of 136 countries.

“We need strict anti-stalking laws and strong punishment for perpetrators of crimes against women. We need a police force that will protect women and immediately act to prevent stalking and intimidation.

“We need restraining orders granted by the courts for any woman who has been threatened, before she is harmed, murdered or commits suicide. We need media that report on these issues without fear.

“Without protecting the women of Japan, our country will never enjoy the economic and moral benefits of a truly equal society.”

Before writing this article, I spoke with Yoshimatsu about her own experiences with the police.

“I know that they are doing their best, but even though my stalker has repeatedly called my family, barged into a television shooting and grabbed my arm, and hired private detectives to follow me — they say that they can’t charge him under the stalking laws.

“Why? Because he has ‘no feelings of love for me.’ So unless your stalker ‘loves’ you, can’t you get protection? That’s a little crazy.”

Yoshimatsu says she’s received hundreds of mails and comments from victims — including men. Many of these describe how, when the victim has gone to the police to file a complaint, the procedure has turned into “a consultation” on affairs of the heart.

One foreign resident of Tokyo also told me of her depressing experience with the police despite now having been stalked for almost a year — with the perpetrator on one occasion breaking into her home.

“I will credit the local cops with recently trying to do something, as they now monitor where I live,” she said. “But I’ve got so sick of dealing with the police-box staff. I’ve given up trying to follow my case up. No feedback. No updates. No English support. Honestly, I’m saving to move out. It’s crazy that I may end up moving, not because of the stalker — but because of lack of confidence in the police.”

However, Yoshimatsu feels that the problem isn’t just the police, but the laws.

“The police do things by the manual. If you want to change how stalkers are prosecuted and how victims are protected, you have to change the rules first.

“I hope that the prime minister means what he says about making a better environment for women in Japan. Setting up a task force to deal with the stalking issue and creating real legislation would be a great start.”

korean_guy · Feb 6, 10:37 PM · #

And how is your posting of Japan’s wicked ways different from me accusing the same of China’s evil ways? No differences. The tactic Chinese resort to is the bring to light wicked deeds of others loudly so that they will be distracted from the wicked ways of China.

China believes two wrongs make a right!

China is just as despicable as Japan.

Sinopuppy · Feb 8, 12:52 AM · #


The backstabbing & devious method of japanese culture.

The japanese pretended to be friends with China and signed NON-AGGRESSION PEACE treaty with China in 1804.

The Bunka-Bunsei Period. Major cultural expansion of the Tokugawa period. Centered in Edo.

korean_guy · Feb 10, 07:38 PM · #

“The backstabbing & devious method of japanese culture.”

And Chines are bunch of thieves and immoral uncivil peasants.

“The japanese pretended to be friends with China and signed NON-AGGRESSION PEACE treaty with China in 1804.”

Boo hoo Japan said they was China’s friend and then back-stabbed us and killed us boo hoo I’m so sad.

If China was such a great nation of 1+ billion people how the hell did they allow a nation of 100+million chimps to dominated them? Because minus a few elite Chinese the remaining Chinese are a docile order taking peasants! That same peasant mentality is displayed as we speak.

China isn’t patriotic, rather they are emotionally knee jerkish. Yea they were able to boycott Japanese chimp products for a while, but they couldn’t keep themselves away from Japanese product. The Chinese trust the Japanese chimps more than their own countrymen. That’s the extent of Chinese patriotism.


Sinopuppy · Feb 12, 01:09 AM · #

japan still occupying Okinawa:
In Okinawa, Talk of Break From Japan Turns Serious

Only armed revolt will kick the japanese out of the Okinawan homeland.

korean_guy · Feb 12, 09:16 PM · #

“japan still occupying Okinawa:
In Okinawa, Talk of Break From Japan Turns Serious”

China still occupies Tibet.

“Only armed revolt will kick the japanese out of the Okinawan homeland.”

Yes Chinese peasants and thugs only understand force. It will take a complete devastation of China in order to stop their evil wreckage.

Sinopuppy · Feb 13, 12:25 AM · #



korean_guy · Feb 14, 05:40 PM · #

Kung Fu Panda is created by American company. And Fortune Cookie does not tell fortune, is American. Go get a bowl of “some young guy” dish.

Sinopuppy · Feb 17, 11:10 PM · #

China Ming Dynasty negotiators met Toyotomi Hideyoshi in Nagoya on May 15th. Hideyoshi arogantly issued 7 demands. A daughter of the Ming emperor must be sent to become the wife of the Japanese emperor. Ming Dynasty said I dont think so buddy and fought japan forces on the Korean pennisula and won.

The invasion of Korea by Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s was his “Operation Barbarossa” and it led to his downfall as a military ruler of Japan and japan’s foreign wars left his clan’s treasury/ coffers completely depleted. He never reached China. China beat Toyotomi Hideyoshi on the Korea pennisula. Japan repeat their strategy in 1931 attacking and invading China thru Korea. Japan again was broke post WW2 until 1980 when japan foreign exchange reserves were replenished to positive numbers.

History will repeat itself.

Sinopuppy · Feb 17, 11:34 PM · #

japan contemplating nuclear weapons and changing constitution

Sinopuppy · Feb 18, 12:20 AM · #

japan Remilitarization

korean_guy · Feb 18, 08:16 PM · #

Japan’s re militarization has a lot to do with China’s militarization. We now have wicked China and wicked Japan arming themselves once again and Korea stuck in the middle. China and Japan is no friend to Korea. If only China and Japan can take each other out without Korea being in the cross fire. One can only dream…

Sinopuppy · Feb 18, 09:02 PM · #



Sinopuppy · Feb 18, 10:06 PM · #


**Karma is a bitch

Sinopuppy · Feb 19, 01:24 AM · #


Japan’s emergent Heisei Generation, no longer under the shadow of Japan’s imperial and wartime past, is eager to take on a more aggressive role in the international system. This process has included: entering joint missile defense efforts with the U.S. in 1980-2003, upgrading the Japan Defense Agency to ministry status in 2007 while reforming limits on SDF forces, increasing mention of China as a pretense potential threat, overturning longstanding limitations on Japan’s defense industries, and drafting of a new national security strategy. These changes, especially the more recent ones, move explicitly toward rewriting the government’s decades-old interpretation of the pacifist Constitution in order to lift Japan’s self-imposed ban on exercising the right of offensive militar force.

korean_guy · Feb 19, 06:29 PM · #

“Karma is a bitch”

Really? You a Hindu? I thought Chinese were heathen atheists peasants.

Sinopuppy · Feb 19, 08:13 PM · #

China initiates funding for the construction of Type 55 Arsenal Heavy Cruiser with Electro-Magnetic RailGun and Laser to deter USN Carrier Battle Groups

**Not too shabby for “peasants”

korean_guy · Feb 21, 01:18 AM · #

“Not too shabby for “peasants””

Yea by Chinese standards! And there will be a war between U.S.A and China, WWIII lets hope we shut the Chinese peasants up for good this time.

Sinopuppy · Feb 21, 03:23 AM · #

Yep U.S will take the side of japan regarding the Diaoyu Islands and continue to attempt to contain China.
It’s not if but when war breaks out.
Its about National Security Core Issues on both sides.
It will be honorable deaths on both sides.

korean_guy · Feb 24, 09:13 PM · #

“Yep U.S will take the side of japan regarding the Diaoyu Islands and continue to attempt to contain China.”

China is the new enemy of the Globalists who control U.S.A.

“It’s not if but when war breaks out.”

That is correct!

“Its about National Security Core Issues on both sides.”

China is being played just like the U.S.A. is.

“It will be honorable deaths on both sides.”

Hmmm tell me where you get the notion of honour when you believe we all come from monkies and banana like your white daddy Darwin told you. There is no honour in being played by small oligarchs behind the curtains. In WWIII many will suffer mass casualty, but China will be essentially wiped out since every one is weary of growing China. Growing China is like cancer and only the MDs and hospitals that can treat the cancer with deadly chemo and radiation treatment welcome it.

Sinopuppy · Mar 2, 05:00 PM · #

Well Since 1978 China has attempted to establish the East Asia Economic Group with japan,South Korea while the Association of South East Asia Nations has been established to promote economics,trade and commerce. China actually thought they could have a civil economic and military detente with japan.

China doesn’t want North Korea – its a economic basket case with a messiah god like worship of it’s dictator leaders while ignoring all China advise to economic reform. China needs North Korea as a military buffer against the U.S.A. So it pays North Korea with economic aid – North Korea is not cordial with China relations. But it mutual need relationship.

japan is Fucked. The average japanese citizen has no idea the REAL radiation levels contaiminating japan. TEPCO consistently lied to it’s citizens while UN IAEA confirms nuclear contaimination.

korean_guy · Mar 4, 06:32 PM · #

“China actually thought they could have a civil economic and military detente with japan.”

If that was China’s intention China sure fooled the world with their bullying aggression. But I guess that was diplomatic demeanor with Chinese characteristics.

“China doesn’t want North Korea…”

Yes even knucklehead China was surprised at the level of depravity N. Korea has stooped to. That’s what you get when you side with evil China.

“…its a economic basket case with a messiah god like worship of it’s dictator leaders…”

N. Korea worships the dear leader while China worships the Chinese Communist Party. One worships a person and another worships a party.

“…while ignoring all China advise to economic reform.”

China reform = government getting out of the way. Now now before you start screaming about how China remains a centrally planned economy, which I agree with, remember it was the communist no. 2 mass murderer who said “it is glorious to be rich” which is completely antithetical to Marxist ideology. Chinese reform is a testament that Marxist ideology is bankrupt and evil, and even a minute “government getting out of the way” policy for 30 years brings about more property than completely Marxist rule lasting 90 years that kept the dragon ass-backwards poor.

“North Korea is not cordial with China relations. But it mutual need relationship.”

There is no honour or love amongst thieves and murderer. N. Korea is using China as much as China is using N. Korea. N. Korea’s views on China is only contempt.

“japan is Fucked. The average japanese citizen has no idea the REAL radiation levels contaiminating japan. TEPCO consistently lied to it’s citizens while UN IAEA confirms nuclear contaimination.”

While I agree, before you Chinamen pop open fake China-made Bordeaux Campaign celebrating Japan’s demise remember this: Japan’s “fucked” nuclear situation is a “fucked” situation for the Pacific Rim including China. As much as I would love to see Japan go down the drains as the next Chinaman their demise via Fukushima is a threat to the entire Northern Hemisphere. Japan can be “fucked” without Fukushima. We need to come together and help Japan clean this mess up, then watch Japan die.

Sinopuppy · Mar 5, 01:12 AM · #

The Diaoyu Islands belong to China. japan stole them and took them 1895 when China was weak from invasion and attack by the Brits,French and Russians.
China wants it back – what is duely theirs under Cario Accord and Potsdam Declaration. U.S.A arbitarily due to military might/power gave administration of Diaoyu Islands and Okinawan Islands to japan again arbitarily in 1972 and anti-China strategy.

Same goes for Scarborough Reef conflict with Philliphines known as Huangyan Islands to China. The United States took them from Qing Dynasty China in 1900 under “Gunboat Diplomacy” of Treaty of Paris forced on China and then arbitarily receded to Philliphines in1978

China was NEVER marxist in idealogue if you know anything about China !!!
Maoist and Stalinist yes. There is distinct difference

Japan is Fucked. If you are aware of tidal ocean currents and weather pattern wind streams they are all arriving in a east hemisphere pattern arriving in California and Canada. It has already affected Hawaii Tuna,shrimp and seafood industry. Cesium is 1000X norm

Sinopuppy · Mar 5, 04:07 AM · #

In the latest survey, 90.1% of Japanese had unfavorable impressions about China, while 92.8% of Chinese had unfavorable impressions about Japan.


Sinopuppy · Mar 5, 11:06 PM · #

WORLD VIEW: 77% of Koreans have a favorable impression of China. 89% of Chinese have a favorable view of South Korea

korean_guy · Mar 6, 05:52 PM · #

“The Diaoyu Islands belong to China.”

I am ignorant of Senkaku-Diaoyu conflict so I will not comment. What I will comment on is that Chinese’s aggressive and bullying tactics will taint the credibility of their stance on the conflict. Even if China’s claim is true it may not matter if China continues with their aggressive and to be honest peasant-esque unsophisticated uncouth manner of diplomacy (if you can call it diplomacy).

“China was NEVER marxist in idealogue if you know anything about China !!! Maoist and Stalinist yes. There is distinct difference”

Your stupidity overwhelms me. This is why Chinamen cannot get respect in the global community.

“Japan is Fucked.”

Entire northern hemisphere is “fucked!”

WORLD VIEW: CHINA, JAPAN REALLY DO HATE EACH OTHER In the latest survey, 90.1% of Japanese had unfavorable impressions about China, while 92.8% of Chinese had unfavorable impressions about Japan.”

Tell me something I don’t know. Funny thing is China will bitch about Japan while lining up to buy Japanese products. The other flaw of Chinese is that they believe supporting their Marxist government equates to being patriotic. Once Chinese learn what true patriotism is they will realize that supporting a regime that “oppresses” the people and treats he people like cattle, literally, they may begin to better themselves and their lives…but we all know this is highly unlikely. China today is obsessed with mammon. China is a starved person who was in shackles for years, and now is let out in a junk food factory. China, lacking morals and only impetus for their existence is to make money, will be even more of a devoid and depraved country than any corrupt materialistic west country will ever be.

WORLD VIEW: 77% of Koreans have a favorable impression of China. 89% of Chinese have a favorable view of South Korea”

You make me laugh. All this polls says is that Koreans are smarter and more pragmatic than emotional and die-hard nationalistic Japan. Unlike Japan, who will let their disdain of China known, Korea is playing more prudent act. Like you said Japan is done, and their realization of this is clouding Japanese’ mind and the only path is to go ultra nationalistic and even go to war with China. Korea is stuck between a rock and hard place: corrupt America and evil China. Korean’s view on China and Chinese have always been consistent: they view China an ass-backward bullying peasant lacking sophistication and morals. China is an example how not to end up. China is a necessary entity to deal with due to economically reality as well as the unfortunate physical proximity.

Sinopuppy · Mar 6, 08:55 PM · #

As of December 2013 The most recent fiscal quarter
Chinese purchases of japanese products declined 33%

If you are aware of quality of life index conducted by United Nations. The statistical analysis and polling states average Chinese have increased in quality of life variables by 64% since United Nations extrapulated data since 1980

As of December 2013 Most recent quarterly statistic Korean tourism to China increased 148% while Chinese tourism to Korea increased 200%.
Tourism to to Japan by Chinese tourist down 250%

Sinopuppy · Mar 11, 08:43 PM · #

POLL: 2/3 of Chinese boycotted Japanese goods over Senkakus dispute.

Japan’s Trade Gap With China Expected to Grow:

Sinopuppy · Apr 6, 01:02 PM · #


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