Electric Solution

Electric Solution

Qichao Hu's Battery Advance May Make Electric Cars Affordable

Sachin Katti Leads Startup That Doubles Wireless Bandwidth

Qi-Long Ying Isolates Mechanism That Keeps Stem Cells Pluripotent

Peter Lee Directs Microsoft's Future toward Machine Learning

James Liao Engineers Bacteria for 50% Biofuel Efficiency Boost

Bandwidth Doubler

Bandwidth Doubler

Zhenan Bao Uses DNA to Form Transistors of Graphene Ribbons

Shinichiro Imai Traces Brain's Age-Delay Mechanism

Daniel Nomura Finds Way to Stop Cancer Tumor Growth

Se-Jin Lee Unleashes Potential for Massive Muscle Development

Dharmendra Modha Leads Creation of Brainlike Computing Architecture

Preserving Pluripotence

Preserving Pluripotence

Jeannie Lee Uses RNA Therapy to Help Body Fend Off Disease

Susumu Tonegawa Creates False Memory by Manipulating Neurons

Xunrong Luo Takes Big Step Toward Diabetes Cure

Lianbing Hu Makes Cheaper Battery from Wood, Salt

Kai-Fu Lee Leads Beijing's Bid to Challenge Silicon Valley

Mobilizing Microsoft

Mobilizing Microsoft

Takanori Takebe Grows Functioning Livers in Stem-Cell Breakthrough

Wenbin Lin Develops Better Way to Extract Uranium from Sea

Shigeru Watanabe Shows Mice Can Distinguish Painting Styles

Jim Yu Builds Leader in Search-Engine Optimization

Jang-Ung Park Leads Samsung Smart Contact Lens Project

Biofuel Breakthrough

Biofuel Breakthrough

Vincent Lee Pioneers Ultra-Bright LEDs

Noriyasu Ando Gets Moths to Drive Electric Car

Miyoung Chun Leads the BRAIN Project

Percival Zhang Turns Cellulose into Starch

Qiming Zhang Develops Haptic Shape-Changing Thin Keyboards

DNA Chipmaker

DNA Chipmaker

Eugene Chow Pioneers Printing of Computers

Annie Lien Leads Audi's Piloted Parking Project

Tomoaki Kato Pioneers Complex Organ Transplants

Susan Muranishi California's Best-Paid County Administrator

Peng Shi Solves Boston's School Assignment Puzzle

Youth Gene

Youth Gene

Charles Shao Builds US-Style Dairy Giant in China

Yunfeng Lu Develops Artificial Organelles

Supratik Guha Pioneers Speedy Nanotube Chip Technology

Kevin Tsujihara to Head Up Top Hollywood Studio

Raj Nair to Lead Ford in Joint Fuel-Cell Car Development

Blocking Tumors

Blocking Tumors

Sehat Sutardja's Marvell Hit with Monster Verdict

Young Sohn Heads Up Samsung's Global Strategy

David Eun Leads Samsung's Silicon Valley Invasion

Zhenan Bao Builds All-Carbon Solar Cells

Dan Huh Shows Lung Chip Can Mimic Distressed Lung

Muscle Man

Muscle Man

Gurbaksh Chahal Sees 2013 IPO for RadiumOne

Hongshik Park Develops Carbon Nanotube Chip

Tony Hsieh Transforming Downtown Vegas

Guodong Pan Creates Mice Resistant to Osteoporosis, Fat

Masayoshi Son Close to Buying Sprint Nextel

Brain Quest

Brain Quest

Japan Inc Fears Outflow of Engineers to Korea, China

Toyota to Push Hybrids, Fuel-Cell Cars, Delay Electrics

Phone Apps May Replace Credit Cards in Korea

Samsung Holds Edge Over Apple in Brewing 4G LTE Patent War

In Korea US, Japanese Lag Surging German Import Cars

Unblocking Genes

Unblocking Genes

Nanshu Lu Develops Body-Tissue-Friendly Electronics

Apple Cuts Reliance on Samsung Components

Tiny Capacitor Keeps Murata Ahead of Samsung

Record Minivehicle Sales Power Japan Auto Growth

Tokyo Court Rejects Apple's Claim Against Samsung

Manipulating Memory

Manipulating Memory

Ford Focus Overtakes Corolla As World's Top Seller

Claire Huang to Head Up JPMorgan Chase Marketing

No Apple-Samsung Patent Dispute Yet in China

Apple Falls to 4th Place in China Smartphone Sales

William Chueh Extracts Cheap Hydrogen Fuel from Water

Diabetes Breakthrough

Diabetes Breakthrough

S. Korea's Credit Rating Rises to Level of China, Japan

Apple, Samsung Both Losers in S. Korean Patent Ruling

Tycoon's Arrest Triggers Run on Leading Vietnam Bank

Coca Cola Struggles with Image Problem in China

Danielle Fong Uses Air for Green-Energy Storage

Wood-Salt Battery

Wood-Salt Battery

H J Kang Finds Switch that Shrinks Depressed Brains

China's Soybean Imports Hit 2-Year High

Patent Win Frees SK to Make Leading-Edge EV Batteries

Chinese Firm to Buy 80% of US Battery-Maker A123

China, Japan Agree to Double Flights Next Spring

Beijing Tech Guru

Beijing Tech Guru

Toyota to Regain Top Spot Amid 270-Fold Profit Jump

Sanjeevi Sivasankar Invents Way to See Single Molecules

Japanese Cars Regain Old Market Share from GM, Ford

Economic Crisis Helps China Banks Become Global Players

New Stock Rules Send China Shares to New 3-Year Lows