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mong the 128,000 undergraduates currently enrolled in the elite 9-campus UC System, Asians outnumber Whites 40% to 38%, according to the most recent available statistics. Asian enrollment has seen its fastest rise since affirmative action was ended in 1998.
     In the two most prestigious UC campuses, Asians began outnumbering Whites after a hidden anti-Asian quota system was discovered and slowly dismantled beginning in 1987. At UCLA, the largest campus with an undergraduate enrollment of 25,000 Asian undergrads outnumber Whites 40% to 37%. At UC Berkeley that ratio is 39% to 38% in favor or Asians.
     The most dramatic disparity between the two leading ethnic groups is at fourth-ranked UC Irvine where Asians outnumber whites 61% to 23%. UCI's heavy emphasis on the biological sciences accounts for a major part of this huge disparity. At UC Riverside, Asians are 41% of undergraduates while Whites are only 20%, the lowest level of Whites among the 9 campuses.
     The campuses where Whites outnumber Asians are at third-ranked (in terms of UG population) UC Davis (45% to 37%), fifth-ranked UC San Diego (47% to 37%), sixth-ranked UC Santa Barbara (estimated at 45% to 35%) and eighth-ranked UC Santa Cruz (50% to 25%).
     Based on current enrollment trends, the Asian share of the UC system will continue to grow for the next several years, especially in the graduate and professional division where Whites currently account for 50% versus 33% by Asians.
     Under present conditions, the University of California system admits the top 6% of California high school graduates and a small number of out-of-state applicants with superior qualifications.