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Technologies Changing Our Lives

icrowave ovens save us from the spectre of fiery deaths from forgotten soups and tea kettles. Cellphones let us big brother shady mates. The internet saves our backs from weekly recycling bin schleps. Aspartame lets us gorge ourselves silly on sweet nothings. Wireless LANs save us from having to enter the jungles growing in the dark recesses behind our desks. CD-burners liberate us from all those awful songs on sketchy albums.
     And who isn't eagerly awaiting self-driving cars that never need refueling? Or gene therapies to reverse the effects of ageing? Or hypersonic airliners to cut those interminable transpacific crossings to an hour or two?
     Is it just us or is technological progress the only reliable force for improving human life?
     So what technologies are changing your lives? And what technologies are you staying away from?

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(Updated Tuesday, Apr 1, 2008, 05:09:37 PM)

What about a synthetic high-tech medicine for poor jealous people??

If poor people do not want to become victims (in the sense of followers) of either sectarian gurus (like Sun Myung Moon) or political revolutionaries (like Stalin) they should become less emotional. It would have to be something like the coca of the Andean peoples which supports endurance at work.

I'm also a bit curious about when they will finally develop the ultimate brain-washing "machine"(?) to control the states' peoples better and make them work harder without any complaints.

I hate mad dictators, too. But as a pessimist... I believe that human nature will be influenced or even changed by the technology sponsored by rich white supremacists.
rare stuff
   Sunday, August 11, 2002 at 17:47:09 (PDT)
Usually it's like that:
those who need technology for traditional Asian cultural purposes have too much less technology. Those economically spoilt people without any sensible cultural background abuse technology.

TV: there's lots of rubbish and propaganda on TV. It's sad that the TV is the big brother of many children nowadays. One positive thing: there are also documentary films about Asian people which support me to resist the white-washing process.

internet: the same as with TV, but more interesting. Very comfortable method of communication for shy people.

weapons: too much technology. One reason to go not to army is that high-tech stuff gets to complicated for a primitive headhunter mentality like me.
ABC weapons are boring, except for hardcore sadists like the politicians of today.

Because of the raise of technology with the help of the world-wide consumers we have too many freaks, now. Such freaks should be put into zoos. I don't understand why the young people are so freaky that they poison themselves with synthetic drugs and/or "techno" music. Maybe it would make more sense to transplant a monkey brain into the head of a techno freak than letting him abuse modern technologies for hedonist purposes.
Asian Twen
   Sunday, August 11, 2002 at 15:28:16 (PDT)