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Can China Avoid the Soviet Union's Fate?
(Updated Tuesday, Apr 1, 2008, 05:08:40 PM)

he People's Republic of China likes to compare itself with the United States. Both governments were forged to throw off the imperial yoke. Both are amalgams of many races and nationalities. Both are great continental powers capable of harnessing immense resources to promote national agendas around the world.
     Beijing's bosses cite these parallels to justify China's ambition of returning Taiwan to the fold -- forcibly if necessary -- and violently suppressing movements for Tibetan independence, Moslem separatism and religious tolerance. The party line: "In a few decades we will be as prosperous, unified and democratic as you Americans."
     Unfortunately, some observers see closer parallels to the former Soviet Union.
     Founded in 1910 to free Russian peasants from oppressive landowners and a weak imperial government, the Soviet government quickly and ruthlessly expanded into a superpower that rivaled the United States in military might and reach. On top of nearly 300 million citizens of several dozen captive nationalities, the Soviet Union became the puppetmasters of virtually every Eastern European government. By 1989 it was buckling under the burden of superpower competition. In 1991 the communists lost power to the reformist Yeltsin. The Soviet Union broke apart into Russia and a dozen independent republics. Today Russia is a nation of 150 million struggling to build a capitalist economy from the rubble of the communist meltdown.
     Among the Soviets' earliest converts were Mao Tsetung, Zhou Enlai and other young Chinese intellectuals who saw in communism salvation for the Chinese people from western imperialism and internal corruption. Mao's long struggle against Chiang Kaishek and the Kuomingtang would have ended disasterously without the support of dozens of ethnic minorities in northwestern China who believed his promise of ultimate political autonomy. Their help proved more valuable to Mao than the billions in American aid and direct military assistance to Chiang. By 1949 the Kuomingtang had fled to Taiwan and the PRC ruled the mainland.
     Beijing's bosses have been as ruthless as the Soviets in consolidating territory and suppressing separatist movements. But they have been far more successful in creating a functioning economy. They began capitalist reforms in 1979. By 2001 China's economy had become free enough to enter the World Trade Organization. For the past two decades it has grown at an average annual rate of 9%. Few of China's 1.25 billion go hungry and about 125 million enjoy living standards comparable to Malaysia and the Philippines. By some measure China has just surpassed Japan in GDP and will surpass the U.S. by 2025.
     But China's future as a united nation is far from assured.
     Even assuming peaceful reunification with Taiwan and victory over Tibetan separatists, Beijing's leaders face some big hurdles. They must integrate a billion subsistence-level farmers and workers into the consumer economy of the east coast or face ethnic discontent on a scale that would dwarf America's racial strife of the 1960s. Yet burdening the developed regions could breed separatist sentiment in Guangdong, Fujien, Manchuria and other regions. Over 100 languages and dialects are spoken in China. Long-suppressed religious minorities are becoming better organized thanks to the internet and other communications technology.
     Are China's prospects for staying united more like those of the U.S. or of the former Soviet Union?

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You got treatment at the Hospital in China, so I don't know what you're complaining about. That hospital is no different than medical treatment provided to low income people in the USA. I just find it surprising that someone with a low income background like yourself could afford medical treatment in a hospital in China. They are on a pay first basis in China. There have been many stories of poor people just dying in the waiting rooms because they cannot afford the treatment in China.

But you go to a hospital in the rich area in any nation and the medical treatment will be consistent.

As for you comment about my family members. I find it only someone low class would resort to.

I need not even mention all those black slaves that need to satisfy their masters for 200 years in the USA. All them high yellow blacks as you call them.

The SARS is effecting the economy in all of Pacific rim. Even Australia and Our western states are beginning to feel the effects. So it is not just a Chinese issue. It is a global issue now.
AC Dropout
   Monday, April 21, 2003 at 07:40:17 (PDT)    []
Nick, no one here has any decent retorts to any of the points that you and I bring up.

SARS is becoming an epidemic in China and HK. The president cancelled the May holiday week, which will hit the Chinese economy very very hard. Also foreign investors like the US are considering moving operations to safer and closer countries like Mexico. After this we can't trust the Chinese government, and it's clear that a problem like a virus creates a catastrophe in China. There are tons of other poor countries that can mass produce cheap, crappy goods for us.

As for the airlines, it's mostly the Asian airlines that are being hit because of so many cancellations. The American airlines will be bailed out by our government and life will continue on.
SARS- China's downfall
   Monday, April 21, 2003 at 07:20:47 (PDT)    []
My final answer to the question

"Are China's prospects for staying united more like those of the U.S. or of the former Soviet Union? "

China will never be an America because of the lack of diversity,
The one party Communist system and the underlying curruption in every aspect of their boarders.

China will not become a Soviet Union because they have the ability to Progress rather than digress.
The only way China will end up like the Soviet Union is if it tries to match wallets with AMERICA.
Falling into the trap of trying to be more technologicaly profficient than a country whose aesthetic technique is UNCHALLENGED.

China will therefore try and rely on her spies living abroad to provide her with enough information to try and stay at least 1 step BEHIND American technology. Of course as America tightens up its security and starts suspecting more and more immigrants, we won't have these problems anymore.

Don't believe the hype about America's economy because it has ALWAYS proved stronger than naught and second to NONE. America had a depression that lasted less than 20 years. China is in a depression that has lasted longer than 2000 years and will last as long as one simple aspect about it remains the same: their thinking.

Chinese Philosophy, Politics, etc will never compare to that of the conglomerated America.
China becomes Westernized but America doesn't become Easternized.
Its a regressive way of thought that simply cannot compete with western idealogy
In the end, IDEALOGY is everything.
How we define and how we reason.

SARS will continue to pound China and HK. I heard a report that BEIJING HAS cut off all travel in and out via air/railway. This will blow over eventually but if a disease like SARS could srping up and kill 180 (that we know about thanks to China's discrepencies), GOD knows what is brewing in China's field's?

The world will become more and more dependant on America and China but other countries will eventually become stronger too.

One thing I know for certain is that America's technological innovations in regards to military tech will go UNMATCHED by China for the next 50 -100 years. America will improve its unmanned aircraft bomber/fighters
X-30 through X-44 and China will attempt to do the same but won't be able to keep up. China will rely on its Nuclear weapons for a
'Mutually Assured Destruction ' policy.

China's nuclear weapons will be the only thing that keeps other countries even remotely worried/interested/ considerate of her boarders and what happens inside.

She will continue her policies and continue to suffer from them.
The country will grow at the expense of her people's lives and Cheap Labor will continue to be her only true resource.

I dont think this board is relevant so I don't believe i'll be posting here anymore.
I'll ALLOW Ac Dropout to keep running his usual BS without slowing him down and then you will all realize that your arguing over nothing and there are no facts or important details coming from your posts.
I have more important things to do.
Nicholi says LATAFORTHIS
   Saturday, April 19, 2003 at 22:17:06 (PDT)    []
Nick the FLG member,

Your attempt to credit the USA is really absurd. Boeing has nothing in common with American Airlines. Just like Ford has nothing in common with Greyhound. Boy are you intellectually challenged.

Your logic is like Micheal Jordon is Black and great. I'm black and touched a B-ball once in highschool. I must be great too. Guess what you're still a Dumbass.

The USA government just bailed out our airline industry with a 3 billion dollar bail out package. That's right your tax dollars just went into the pockets of some idiot executive that doesn't know how to run a business in capitalist society.

The reason why USA has no SARS victims is because we don't define it like the rest of the world. There are many people here dying of secondary pneumonia infection due to AIDS. But we don't call that SARS. I'd be happy to entertain you with a medical discussion about this SARS issue, but that is just way over your head.

Your command of Japanese is even more pathetic. Maybe you should find a yokujo (bathtub, bath-house), cause you stink.

I already know you broke your leg in China by riding a 50 cc putput scooter. Then a rich Chinese yuppie probably hit you with his new BMW and told you to pay for the damages, since you were obviously a much richer American on a 50 cc putput scooter. Not to mention a slave boy to Master Li and thought FLG could make you fly.

Really the survival rate for SARS in the PRC is 97% by WHO figures. You should get a Jewish moil instead.
AC Dropout
   Friday, April 18, 2003 at 10:52:54 (PDT)    []
Much less than other racial groups in the USA. Blacks, whites, and hispanics in the same social economic class are much more likely to be drug addicts and prostitutes in the USA.

--You talk real slick for a 29 Year old living in Greenwich Village NY.
I doub't you can actually bring any info to the table to back up these claims either?
I fail to see how you can accuse any other race of prostituting themselves when ya'll gave the BARBERSHOP a bad name.
   Friday, April 18, 2003 at 10:39:08 (PDT)    []
AC Dropout
Well I don't think 40 acres and a mule is relevant.
I perfer 40 g's and a HUMMER.
Your retorts are STILL pitiful. Can't you do anything better?

"In fact SARS has more impact on the USA economy than that of Asia. Our major airlines are about to be destroyed by SARS."

---Oh really? Our Airlines are just fine. They are in a bad slump right now but, dont forget that AMERICA is the country that makes most of the Airplanes in the world and AMERICA is the sole beneficiary of the profits. Boeing, Lockhead Martin, Grumman, NASA...we do it all. CHINA buys airplanes from us you dunce.
China Eastern Airlines, China AIR, Taiwan, Singapore, JAL, check their reciepts and see where those planes come from. America produces them and sells them. If we need money for our airlines after the war, we can get it.
--SARS hasn't killed a single man in America yet unlike those Chinese death beds in ANY PRC hosptial.
At most what will happen is we will increase our national defecit and GET the money we need. Besides, now that weve taken over IRAQ, Airplanes will be cheaper to run :-)

If you like Japan so much, what are you doing with a Chinese gf? The Japanese probably find you to be uncultured and boorish. Trust me a Japanese person would not find you interesting at all.

---Thats actually a good point. Maybe I should go after a YOKUJO?
As for a question of interest, I'm not worried at all because I could find a Japanese girl just like those Japanese soldiers found your grandma and shimmied her against her will?
I find it interesting to sit with a Japanese person and hear what they think of the Chinese. Maybe next time I'll bring a tape recorder.

Fractured ankle in China? Probably pissed off someone in China and they broke your legs is more like it. I thought you were a 6'6" great secret agent. How in the world do you break an ankle on a top secret mission?

---Why do you even believe me when I say I broke my ankle? You choose to believe whatever you want you %&%^&# dunce.
HOW I Fractured it is irrellevant. What is of matter is the fact that CHANG HAI hospital was probably the most poorly run, filthiest, disease ridden institution I have ever set foot in. If this hospital was an example of PRC run facilities, then perhaps, they should just import catholic priests to read every SARS contractor their last rights.

AC DROPOUT, say whatever you want. Your not funny and your attempts to shy away from the issues only reinforces what Ive been saying all along. PATHETIC
   Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 09:49:40 (PDT)    []
Nick the FLG cult member,

"When will China stop being deceitful?"

When the USA also stops being deceitful. Any of your black family members get their 40 acres and a mule from the Federal government for supporting the Union during the Civil War. Any of your native american family members get compensation from the federal government for stealing their land and destroying their culture.

Didn't think so either.
AC Dropout
   Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 06:48:12 (PDT)    []
SARS- China's downfall,

"Oh riiiiight, Asians are perfect and it's the horrible whites, blacks and hispanics that are ruining this country, right?"

It's actually the conservative Jews and the WASP that are ruining the country. Since your only happy to discuss these issue on racial sterotypes I will throw in my 2 cents as well.

"Have you ever heard of Asian gangs in America?"

Actually I know of many Asian gangs back in my highschool days. However, most of them were really just gophers for the more organized Tongs. The rest were maladjust from upper middle class backgrounds punks with nothing else better to do.

"Do you think there are no Asian drug addicts or prostitutes here?"

Much less than other racial groups in the USA. Blacks, whites, and hispanics in the same social economic class are much more likely to be drug addicts and prostitutes in the USA.

"And there are plenty of Asians, especially from SE Asia, that are living off of Welfare that my taxes, and yours, paid for."

But there are even more Blacks, Whites and Hispanics living off Welfare than the entire asian population in the USA.

"Asians in America on average make more money than whites, black and hispanics"

That's true, so why bring up the fact that there are also less fortunate asians in the USA.
AC Dropout
   Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 06:45:05 (PDT)    []
------It's hard to understand your posts because of your horrible grammar. Please take some English classes.

I can see that you didn't use your brain when you wrote this. If you really couldn't understand you wouldn't reply.

--------Sorry but your GED doesn't count as having completed high school.

Who said I have GED? Once again you failed to understand me as a person.

-------- Why would I want to enjoy China's prosperity? I live in the USA and I am proud of it. I am enjoying American prosperity, thank you very much.

You see you don't think of long terms and your not aware of things on a business level like myself. You know, I used to think like you but something hit me when I was working in China. What I realized living there was that in the future, even though I'm an american citizen, I was not only enjoying america prosperity. But I am actually enjoying the worlds prosperity, China is one of them. And as the country gets stronger, you will realize it like myself. And your kids will too.

----------------------- And as for you "converting".......... but you will NEVER BE ASIAN. This indicates self-esteem problems on your part.

Tell EMINNEM that he can never be black. Tell Michael Jackson that he can never be white. And tell your kids that he can never be like MIKE aka michael jordan, corrupt america?

----"Yup a lot of whites never passed 8th grade and it's not my fault. I did my job already, teach your kids to do theirs.

The reason why I brought this up is because it is somewhat true. Our kids are getting worst in the way we act and how we preform in school. Like I said I did my jobs well and have nothing to worry. And it is up to you now.

If you didn't know, most fouth grader failed their reading and math city wide exam. Why do you think Bill Clinton assign the American Reads programs for college students to tutor elementry and Junior high school?

Now if you will, I have things to catch up to. have a good day.
The White Man
   Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 06:21:22 (PDT)    []