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he's the most watched Asian woman on American TV. He's the year's hottest Asian American movie hunk. She's 26. He's 29. She's 5-5. He's 6-1. She's Chinese. He's Corean ("Korean", to those who prefer the colonial-era rendering). Both are unquestionably American. She's daringly bubbly. He's recklessly intense. What makes them special to many AA minds is that they defied the odds and the unwritten laws of the American media to become the lone bona fide Asian American star couple.
     Rick Yune was barely one when his family left his native Seoul, Corea for Silver Springs, Maryland. His education has been enviably ivy-covered -- private schools topped off by a Wharton MBA. Then came a stint as a Wall Street stock trader and modeling for Versace and Polo. He made a memorable film debut in December 1999 as a young Japanese American husband accused of murder in Snow Falling on Cedars. Yune's character walks and gets the girl. A breathless Newsweek profile didn't hurt his career. His intense and classic Asian features add sizzle to The Fast and the Furious (2001) and will undoubtedly do the same for The Fence (2001).
     Lisa Ling is a Sacramento native who got her start in TV at the age of 15 as a reporter for a syndicated teen magazine show called Scratch. Just as she was about to leave for Boston University, Channel One asked her to become one of its peripatetic on-air reporters. She attended USC while working full-time at Channel One's Hollywood studio. All her dates at USC were white, it's rumored. Soon after graduating she joined the panel of The View, ABC's popular daytime talkshow and began spending time with a Disney exec named Morgan Wandell. The fact that Disney is ABC's parent company led to resentment and innuendo. What really raised AA eyebrows was an Old Navy commercial showing Ling cavorting with a group of men and uttering the line "I like my men strong and good-looking". The beef? None of the five men are Asian.
     Little wonder that many were skeptical of rumors that surfaced in early 2000 that Ling and Yune had become a couple. Some speculate that it's a sign that Asian men are ascendant. Others suspect it's just Ling's effort at rehabilitating her image with her Asian American viewership. Still others are just glad to see an Asian-Asian star couple at long last.
     What do you think?

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Just a quick comment to the person who wrote the article about Lisa Ling and Rick Yune. It is spelled KOREA not Corea. I know this wasn't a typo because the name was spelled incorrectly twice. Correct spelling reinforces the audience's faith in the accuracy of the article itself and conveys the writer's overall knowledge and experience.

It was an informative article however, even though I am not much into gossip. Please ensure that proofreading is done on all articles so that this human mistake might be prevented in the future.
Michael Johnson    Friday, March 21, 2003 at 19:32:00 (PST)    []

[The spelling is in accordance with our Corea spelling policy. The article itself contains a reference to this fact. --Ed]
Is Lisa Ling and Rick Yune still dating? I know that Lisa left The View for other career opportunities. Can someone give me an update?
halfkoreangirl    Wednesday, January 01, 2003 at 20:06:52 (PST)    []
To all,

They are both doing their thing. Yet, Rick Yune aka Patrick Yune, can not act if his life depended on it. He got "lucky". Hollywood unlike Broadcast TV is easier to pull off an overnight (lower case) star. Lisa however, is well seasoned vet in broadcast journalism. She paid her dues. Now, she left the light hearted, superficial world of The View and went to better brighter things. The View was/is a dumb show. Barbara needs to get kicked off. Check Lisa out on CNBS travel!!
As far as looks. Men who are good looking most of the time look better than Women ——in the morning. No make-up! Expand your minds folks!

To you,
Katmandu    Tuesday, December 31, 2002 at 18:16:35 (PST)    []
As a British, African and Cherokee- American female I say date who you want. Background environment determines a lot about who you are. Rick grew up in a black neighborhood so I suspect he's got some that attitude/awareness in him also. Is he therefore less credible as an Asian? We all have assumptions about what it means to be one ethnicity or the other and television and movies do not always help towards that end. I'm a screenwriter that's exploring the Asian issue. Anyway,
Lisa's beautiful and Rick is way hot.
Last Star    Saturday, December 28, 2002 at 10:23:01 (PST)    []
This is so ridiculous that you are harping on LL for not being culturally aware. Give me a break. I have never heard of this National Asian Awareness month and frankly, I don't care. I don't need a national holiday to know my Korean culture. Don't judge someone just because of this ONE incident! (I wouldn't be surprised if someone responded and said that I was white washed...)

These national month-long holidays are ridiculous...who needs to be reminded about the culture? Who is this holiday for? The ignorant? They won't pay any attention. The enlightened? Maybe. But, so what? I recognize my culture every single day. I don't need a holiday to recognize that.

Anyways, it's really disappointing to see these disparaging comments made about RY and LL, especially the ones with the racial tinges. DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!!!!
Sugar    Friday, December 27, 2002 at 07:27:15 (PST)    []
Ms. Ling is a bright woman whom I'm very proud of. No one should have to be a walking advertisement. Whomever she's dating is her decision, as she could never, in her existence, be any less Asian, no matter the decisions made.
fo1mock3    Thursday, December 26, 2002 at 20:08:16 (PST)    []