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Is Seattle a Haven for Asian Americans?

he Seattle-Bellevue-Everett area is only 11th largest in the size of its Asian American population (285,000, or about 11.4% of the area's 2.5 million), but it claims one of the oldest and richest slices of Asian American history. Its Chinatown was home to America's first Asian-owned manufacturing business, the Wa Chong Co. The company produced, among other things, a very fine grade of opium, some of which was probably exported to China with the U.S. government's blessings.
Best city for AA?

     Since its birth in 1910 Seattle's atmospheric International District was settled by generations of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and Vietnamese immigrants. In the late 70s the aging District began enjoying a rebirth into its modern incarnation thanks to Asian American activism in seeking to preserve it as a historical and cultural site. More recently an influx of trendy young AA professionals, entrepreneurs and artists has helped transform it into a vibrant part of downtown Seattle's cultural and night life. The District hosts the Northwest Asian American Theater Company and the Wing Luke Asian American Museum, named after a Chinese American elected to the Seattle City Council in 1965.
     On the far end of the Seattle area's cultural spectrum is lush, ultra-modern Bellevue, one of the nation's most affluent communities. Asians make up 20.3% of the students of the Bellevue School District, thrice the 7.3% concentration in the general population of Washington state. This points up the fact that Seattle hosts one of the nation's best established Asian populations. Unlike some urban areas dominated by one or two Asian nationalities, Seattle's AA population is highly diversified, comprising the nations 7th largest Japanese (31,000), the 8th largest Vietnamese (44,000), 9th largest Corean (38,000), and the 11th largest Chinese (58,000) and Filipino (53,000) communities.
     The area's Asian Americans take pride in their high degree of acceptance and integration. The fact that the state's governor is a Chinese American named Gary Locke doesn't hurt, of course. Or that the city's major league baseball team is owned by Nintendo chairman Hiroshi Yamauchi and sparked by Ichiro. Even on the grassroots level, one sees signs of acceptance. The ratio of AM/WF couples is noticeably higher than in most other metro areas. A cop who was rude in issuing a jaywalking ticket to a group of Asian Americans last year was reprimanded by the police department. And the ticket was dismissed by the judge.
     Is the Seattle area really a haven for Asian Americans? What are the best and worst aspects of AA life there?

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(Updated Tuesday, Apr 1, 2008, 05:56:38 PM)

To: Those who live in Seattle who used to live in SF/Bay Area

Hello. I just wanted to get an idea from those who lived in the San Francisco Bay Area or other areas of California who now live in Seattle. How would you compare the two? I visited once last year and the weather was immaculate. However, I always hear of the rain. Is that something you get used to or is it always a drag? Whatās life like in comparison? What are home prices/rents in comparison?

Iām considering a job transfer sometime in the future in that area. Any information or links to other sites will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

   Tuesday, May 07, 2002 at 23:41:51 (PDT)
Whoa! I was trying to be funny, but I guess I do have some people who like me here. haha =P

"If you've ever seen AM/WF couples and their kids, the kids for the most part look race neutral. And these AM/WF pairings in Seattle have been going on for generations."

Is this necessarily a good thing? I know over the centuries, races will intermingle, and become unified, but in most areas, for the time being, many are more interested in keeping their heritage alive. So, are you saying Seattlites are more Americanized? Well, there you go. That just proves my point. Click back a couple of pages, and you will see that I mentioned this. Now, I have living proof straight from the horse's mouth.

It's not that Seattle "looks" white. The stats prove it. Out of the 50 largest metro areas in the US, only Portland has a lower percentage of minorities. I posted the link awhile back, so since apparently you like to read my old posts, you can dig for it.
Toi San Jai    Tuesday, May 07, 2002 at 15:23:55 (PDT)
TSJ fan:

Did every AA you know buy the Maxim edition because Kelly Hu is AA and on the cover? Or did they buy it because they wanted some of the "lowest common denominator" (LCD) lifestyle advice for WM?

I was responding to someone else who thought that it was stupid to use Maxim to rate the best city for AA to live. If you want to buy Maxim because of Kelly Hu, go ahead. It's your money.

big fan of TSJ:

I guess you must be a WM, which makes me wonder why you're here. Ever wonder why Seattle looks whiter than usual? If you've ever seen AM/WF couples and their kids, the kids for the most part look race neutral. And these AM/WF pairings in Seattle have been going on for generations.

Is it the fault of AM that WF want to date and marry us (at least in Seattle)? It must be something in the water, because it's not like AM are throwing themselves at WF (it's more like the other way around). I guess that answers your question as to why "white boys" want to leave Seattle.
Seattle Sodo Mojo
   Monday, May 06, 2002 at 18:45:11 (PDT)