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or two decades the computer industry seemed the Asian American railroad to surefire prosperity. A seemingly inexhaustible demand for tech talent, astronomical starting salaries, dizzying sign-up bonuses and stock options that doubled in value every month made an engineering or computer science degree seem like a license to print money.
     Now Silicon Valley reels from a relentless onslaught of bad news -- worthless options, hiring freezes, perpetual layoffs, bankruptcies. Graduates of top universities are pounding the pavement in search of jobs. Many AA are starting to think they've been suckered into investing the best years of their lives to buy a ticket onto a sinking ship. Some have already begun lookin into the prospects of mid-career changes.
     Is it time for the best and brightest AA to leave Silicon Valley for greener pastures? Or are we overreacting to a dip on the road to tech riches?

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In response,
I'm glad to hear that people are finally moving out of our valley. I was born and raised in Santa Clara County and have seen it go from a hard working agricultural valley to a high strung, overpopulated, polluted,high crime, 10,000 times overpriced, rat race paced, non english speaking, concrete jungle just to name a few things, it's about time that people realize that not all the opportunity's are not based only here in the santa clara valley. The original people of this valley had to work hard and get their hands dirty to make a real living, it's just to bad we don't have people like that here anymore. Now it just seems like we have whiner's here that feel like we owe them something when they lose their high tech job's and they can't find another job that suits their level of primadona. Believe it or not we did have cultural roots here, but now it has been taken over by greed.

just one opinion among many!!!!
waverider    Sunday, December 15, 2002 at 19:36:41 (PST)
Silicon Valley as we've known it may never come back. I mean, it has been considered the center of tech innovation. Now that role has shifted to many places, including Taiwan, Corea, Finland, Sweden, etc, especially with regard to hardware like cellphones and other wireless devices. Silicon Valley is being reduced to more of a software base. Also, as more and more companies need software for almost everything they make (even refrigerators, microwaves, cars, etc), the software development function is dispersed throughout the country and the world.

It seems to me the only edge Silicon Valley has now is acting as a middleman with Asian manufacturers because of all the Chinese, Vietnamese and Coreans entrepreneurs and workers in the area.
Silicon Soldier    Wednesday, May 15, 2002 at 08:18:12 (PDT)
It's a foregone conclusion that almost all of us will change careers at least once in our lifetimes, sometimes multiple times. That's just a social reality, driven by our ever changing post-industrial economy. You will never convince me that a high-tech degree is worthless. Any skill that most people in this world do not possess is a valuable commmodity somewhere. And so, the more skills and knowledge you have the more prepared you'll be to transition into your next career. If you're smart/talented and hard working you can do a 180 degree turn career wise and do something totally different from your past experience. I think our society demands that of us nowadays. Be flexible to change or be left behind.
Valley Chinese Dude    Friday, May 10, 2002 at 23:10:43 (PDT)