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IM Buddy Becomes Best Friend

My First White Girl

East Indian Meets Viet Wife on El

First Kiss from Junior High Knight

Falling for Kid Sister's Best Friend

Black Woman Wins AM from AF

Hooking Up on the Fourth of July

How LalaLady Scammed Takashi

AF/WM Couple from Friendship to Engagement

Friend Becomes Live-in Lover

Stereotype-Busting Romance in Borneo

Love Lost Through Fear of Family Bigotry

Jealous Of A Deceased Ex-Girlfriend

Getting Cold Feet with a Violinist at the Library

Meeting a Dream Girl on the Airport Shuttle

Infatuation with Waiter Leads to Learning Cantonese

Fathering a Son with Married Woman

Bagging a Major Babe at Friend's Party

Canadian AM's Love Affair with a European Girl

Black Girl Gets Handsome AM Classmate

Proposing Marriage to Argentine Girl

Afternoon Romance in Central Park

WF Falling in Love with AM

BF Doubts About AM Boyfriends' Intentions

Sex Object for WF Bachelorette Party

Chi-Can Man's Failed Marriage to a Cor-Can Woman

BM's Affair with an AF Mandarin Teacher

BF Gets Better Treatment from Asian Men

My Undercover Boyfriend

In Love with a Black Bouncer

A Dance in Idaho Falls

Love Story of Sohee and Pierre

Why I Love Chinese American Men (AF)

Snow Phoenix, Handsome Dragon

Sweet Memories of Two Bold Nisei Women

High School Car Wash Sex

Enchanted AM/BF Encounters

Black Sky in Love with Golden Sun

Memorable One-Night Stand with a Classmate

Black Woman's Quest for a Golden Knight

AM/WF Love Found Online

Forbidden Love Between AM (44) & WF (20)

Born-Again ABC Man Comes Home

Adoptee Embraces Both Sides

Alpha Male Finds Identity

Corean Adoptee Growing Up in Minnesota

Finding Confidence & Love through Anime

Growing Up Hapa in a Small Town

Mother on Identity of Hapa Kids

Shy Lug Hopelessly Fixated on White Girls

Adoptee's Struggle Between Finding Herself and Fitting In

A Whitewashed AF Reconnects with Asian Men

AM Discovering Pride in Asian Identity

AF Rethinking Surgery on Epicanthic Fold

AM Recovering from Adonis Complex

AM Choosing AF Over WF for Wife

WF Getting Inside Look at Asian Culture

Looking for Asians at July 4th Event

My Struggle with Anorexia/Bulimia


Canadian AM Copes with Anger Over Racism

White Wife's Ordeal with Chinese In-Laws

Teeing Off on Teen Hecklers at Stoplight

AM Going Head-to-Head Against Media Image

WM Reaction to My AM Husband (Babyblue)

My Brother's Reaction to My AM Husband (Hayley)

How My Family Came to Accept Marisa

Hapa Male Growing Up in Hick Town

Suffering a Sushi-Bar Bore

Taking Down an Insolent Clerk

Facing Down a Jilted Racist Corean

Confronting Stereotype-Fueled Road Rage

WM's AF Girlfriend Shunned by Other AA

Showing Up Frat Boys on the Basketball Court

WM's Boyhood Memories of Responses to Anti-Asian Racism

Defending Corean Father's Reaction to Daughter's Bastard Child

Seeing an AF Being Harassed on the Subway

Baffled by a Chinese Mother-in-Law

Response to Campus Racist Incident

Watching Hispanic TV with a Latina Friend

Telling Off a Linecutter at Sam's Club

TSJ on Shanghai Clubs and Girls


Coed Holds off Coroporate Horndog

AF Disillusioned by Laguna Niguel

Thai Red String Ghost

Growing Up with Racism

Takewondo Student's Affair with Master

AM Personal Trainer Overcomes Stereotypes

Kiss and Make Up

The Night a Ghost Called Me into the Sea

How I Got Game with Girls

How My Father Became My Role Model

Showdown in the Weight Room

Growing Up with Domestic Violence

Beating Teen Bulimia
Remembering a Great Friend

Lesson from Encounter with Harassive Frat Boys

Leaving Gassy Relationship for Discreet Passer

Why I Love Asian Men (AF)

Why I Love Asian Men (WF)

Why I Love Asian Women (AM)

Why I Love White Women (AM)

How an AF Built Great Communications with Her AM

A California Goldenboy's Love Secrets

An AM's Reflections on His "Little Guy"

A White Man's Quest for an Asian Wife