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he employers listed here were chosen for the quality and quantity of opportunities, compensation levels and benefits offered to professional-level Asian Americans, their degree of interest in recruiting and promoting Asian Americans, their business performance and industry conditions. Our information was obtained from reader responses to our ongoing Employer Survey, input from employers, media research and commercial sources.

New York, NY
Broke off from Anderson Consulting in 2001 to establish itself as an admired consulting firm in both business strategy and IT. Also provides outsourcing services. 150,000 employees in 150 cities around the world.

Adobe Systems
San Jose, CA
Industry leader in graphics and multimedia software with over $2 bil. revenues and consistent growth. Employees enjoy top pay and total health care coverage. 3,600 of 5,700 employees located in U.S., mainly the Bay Area.

Advanced Micro Devices
Sunnyvale, CA
A distant second to Intel in microprocessors but gaining steadily in market share by focusing on less costly alternatives for sub-$1,000 PCs. On occasion beats Intel at coming to market with new generation processors. Now selling its own brand of PCs. 13,000 employees.

Allergan Inc
Irvine, CA
Makes surgical and pharmaceutical products for eyecare, also contact lenses and medication for acne, wrinkles and muscle spasms. 6,500 employees.

Northbrook, IL
Nation's largest publicly held personal lines insurer. 13 major lines of insurance include auto, property, life and commercial. 39,000 employees and 13,000 agents and financial specialists.

American Family Insurance
Madison, WI
With insurance and financial product lines in 18 states and $15.5 bil. in assets AFI is the nationŐs third-largest mutual property and casualty insurer. Staffed by 8,000 employees and 4,000 independent agents.

American Express
New York, NY
Established in 1850, AmEx has grown to become the world's most respected travel-related services and global payments company with revenues of over $25 bil. 30,000 of its 68,000 employees are based in the U.S.

Amgen Inc
Thousand Oaks, CA
Leader in biotech; develops medicines to fight cancer, hepatitis, degenerative nerve diseases and stem-cell therapies. 7,000 employees.

Applied Biosystems
Foster City, CA
Provides tools and services for mapping the human genome, research into genes and proteins, drug interactions with bodily systems and genetic make-up, testing for contaminants and performing DNA-based identification. 4,600 employees.

Applied Materials
Santa Clara, CA
Global leader in wafer processing systems and chip fabrication technology, including chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD), epitaxial and polysilicon deposition, rapid thermal processing (RTP), plasma etching, ion implantation, metrology, inspection and chemical mechanical polishing (CMP). 20,000 employees.

Ariba Inc
Mountain View, CA
The leading provider of spend-management business software for major corporations, connecting to 100,000 suppliers. 1,700 employees in U.S., Asia and Europe.

Wilmington, DE
This British pharmaceutical giant has enjoyed remarkable stability during a difficult time for the industry. $24 bil. revenues. 12,400 of its 54,000 employees are based in the U.S.

San Rafael, CA
The leader in 3-D software for architectural, engineering and other design firms survived stagnation, then turmoil to return to building a rosy future. 3,600 employees.

AXA Financial Inc
New York, NY
Life insurance, financial planning and asset management. The company was formed by the acquisition by French insurance giant AXA of Equitable. Operations have been refocused to provide a comprehensive range of financial services and products. 18,000 employees.

Bank of America
Charlotte, NC
BOA has grown rapidly through recent acquisitions to become the largest financial institution in the U.S. with 6,100 branches. $160 bil. revenues and over 230,000 employees in the U.S. It's also the world's largest brokerage after the Merrill Lynch acquisition.

McLean, VA
Spun off from KPMG in 1999, shored up image as an industry leader, with about a third of revenues from federal government and rest from major corporations. 17,000 employees.

Bechtel Group Inc
San Francisco, CA
4th-generation family firm that is the largest in the U.S. Tackles some of the world's most complex building and infrastructure projects. 40,000 employees.

Bingham McCutchen
Boston, MA
An international corporate-law firm with high per-lawyer revenues and rapid growth. About 1,000 lawyers in 13 offices throughout U.S., Asia and Britain.

New York, NY
The world's leading provider of business news, data and analysis delivered via TV, newspapers, the internet and radio. Also provides international market data and communications tools to corporations, media and financial professionals. 8,000 employees.

Booz Allen Hamilton
McLean, VA
Global consulting firm that works with corporate and governmental clients on six continuents to enhance performance. Family-friendly flex hours for most of its 19,000 employees, 16,800 in U.S.

Boston Consulting Group
Boston, MA
Takes pride in maintaining work environment that nurtures individual potential and integrity. Top pay for associates and consultants. Truly international clientele with only 1,500 of 4,200 employees based in U.S.

Central Intelligence Agency
Washington D.C.
The lead federal agency for collecting and evaluating overseas intelligence relating to U.S. national security interests and disseminating it to appropriate public and private persons, including the President. Agency secrecy prevents disclosing budgets and number of personnel.

San Ramon, CA
With acquisitions of Texaco and Unocal, has become the no. 2 integrated oil company in U.S. $210 bil. in revenues and solid growth. 62,500 employees, mostly in U.S.

Cisco Systems
San Jose, CA
Global leader in hardware, software and services for building networks across the internet. Founded in 1984 by Stanford scientists. 47,000 employee worldwide with 27,000 in U.S.

Community Health Systems
Franklin, TN
Has become top publicly-traded hospital company in U.S. after acquiring Triad Hospitals. Operates 130 hospitals in 28 states as well as providing management consulting services to 180 independent hospitals.

Coach Inc
New York, NY
Has enjoyed spectacular recent growth on the popularity of its purses, the success of its aggressive licensing efforts and fast-growing international chain of retail outlets. 7,500 employees.

Detroit, MI
Financial services giant that provides businesses lines of credit and international trade financing as well as traditional retail banking services like consumer deposits and lending and mortgages. Also offers private banking and asset management in areas like trusts, insurance and retirement services. 11,000 employees.

Computer Sciences Corp.
El Segundo, CA
Pioneer in IT consulting with nearly half century history. Innovated by integrating disparate areas into unified business service management contracts. Gets a third of revenues from defense contracts. 77,000 employees.

Deloitte & Touche USA
New York, NY
Deloitte Touche USA is a part of an international professional association based in Switzerland and providing accounting, auditing and financial consulting services in 80 U.S. cities through 30,000 professional staff.

Electronic Arts
Redwood City, CA
As top U.S. video gamemaker, EA competes head on with the likes of Nintendo and Sony. Has developed over 100 titles and distributes 1,000 titles for other developers. Operates online games channel for AOL/Time Warner. 3,600 employees.

EMC Corporation
Hopkinton, MA
EMC Corporation is the world's leading supplier of intelligent enterprise storage systems for mainframes and midrange computers. Its RAID software has become the industry standard, making it one of the hottest growth companies in the software industry as well. 25,000 employees.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Toronto, Canada
Nearing 50th years as one of the world's prestige hotel chains for high-end travelers, with 74 deluxe properties in 31 countries. Likes to cultivate in-house talent for property management assignments.

Fluor Corporation
Irving, TX
2nd largest civil engineering firm in U.S., specializing in design, buildingg and maintenance of facilities for petrochemicals, healthcare, telecom and chipmaking. 37,000 employees.

San Francisco, CA
Thanks in part to its Bay Area location Genentech has succeeded in becoming the powerhouse in unlocking the human genome to help develop diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. $7 bil. revenues. 10,700 employees.

General Dynamics
Falls Church, VA
Makes nuclear submarines, missile cruisers, tanks, battle management systems for the U.S. military. Also makes business jets. 52,000 employees and growing.

Gensler & Associates Inc
San Francisco, CA
Known for clean corporate workplace designs that optimize natural lighting and open spaces. Significant international clientele. Offices in 28 cities staffed by about 2,100.

Genzyme Corporation
Cambridge, MA
Comprises 3 divisions: Genzyme Molecular Oncology for gene-based cancer diagnosis and treatment products; Genzyme Biosurgery to make orthopedic and cardiothoracic medical and surgical products; Genzyme General to market the leading treatments for a rare enzyme-deficiency condition and to provide genetic testing and other services. 4,600 employees.

Triangle Park, NC
Global pharmaceutical giant with many leading prescription and over-the-counter brands of antibiotic, antidepressant, gastrointestinal, dermatological, respiratory, cancer and cardiovascular medications. 108,000 employees.

Goldman Sachs
New York, NY
Founded in 1869, grown into one of the world's leading investment management firms servicing corporations, governments and high net worth individuals. Enjoys solid growth. 13,000 well-paid employees in the U.S.

Google Inc
Mountain View, CA
World's most popular search engine, with 200 million searches a day. Uses a proprietary system for ranking sites based on the number of links they attract. Used by major portals like Yahoo! and AOL. Added a news site and a shopping site. 900 employees and growing at a 40% annual clip.

UTS Aerospace Systems
Windsor Locks, CT
Leader in components for hi-tech projects like UAVs, satellites and military aircraft, ships and ground vehicles. Revenues of $13 bil. with 40,000 employees worldwide. Formed in 2012 by merger of Hamilton Sundstrand and Goodrich.

Health Management Associates Inc
Naples, FL
Operates 60 hospitals in 15 mainly southeastern and southwestern states. $4 bil. revenues with consistent growth of small towns in sunbelt. About 34,500 employees seeking a non-urban work environment.

Louisville, KY
A top health care provider in the U.S., with over 6 million members in 15 states; about 30% of revenues from Medicare HMO accounts. 18,000 employees.

Hyatt Corporation
Chicago, IL
Hyatt operates and manages 212 hotels and resorts in 39 countries. Has acquired a reputation for catering to well-heeled and business travelers. Currently developing 22 hotels around the world. A separate company called Hyatt Hotels Corporation operates, leases and franchises 124 hotels and resorts in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. 20,000 employees.

Hyperion Solutions Corporation
Sunnyvale, CA
Developer of the industry standard in accounting and financial reporting and consolidation software. Boasts a hip, cutting-edge work environment for its 2,700 employees. (Acquired by Oracle in August 2007)

i2 Technologies
Irving, TX
i2 Technologies is the leading provider of supply chain optimization software to faciliatate e-business. 40% of i2 is owned by founder/chairman and CEO Sanjiv Sidhu. 6,000 employees.

Armonk, NY
World's leading maker of computer hardware and number two software powerhouse. 35% of revenues come from providing consulting services to corporation. Striving to maintain an entrepreneurial environment to keep pace with internet development. 310,000 employees.

Infosys Technologies
Fremont, CA
A fast-growing company with a relaxed culture adapted to modern business climate. Relies heavily on Indian workers for its 55,000 global workforce.

Santa Clara, CA
The world's pioneer and leading maker of processors for personal computers. Also competing in memory and other chip sectors. 94,000 employees in 48 countries. Most U.S. employees based in S.F. Bay Area.

Irell & Manella
Century City, CA
Elite, top-paying national firm based entirely in Southern California. Known for patent and labor litigation. About 220 lawyers based in Century City and Newport Beach.

IRS (Internal Revenue Service)
Washington, D.C.
A bureau of the Dept. of Treasury. Collects $2.3 tril. in taxes from 135 mil. individuals, 2.5 mil. corporations and 34 mil. employers. Seeks professionals in accounting, IT, law, law enforcement and social services. Employs 87,000.

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc
Pasadena, CA
Provides technical expertise to build plants for the biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical and petroleum industries, infrastructure projects and military and aerospace facilities for the U.S. government. Consistently impressive growth to 32,000 employees.

Johnson & Johnson
New Brunswick, NJ
Leading maker and marketer of a broad range of health care products including headache tablets, toothbrushes, bandages, birth control pills, shampoos, contact lenses, surgical instruments and pharmaceuticals. 100,000 employees.

Jones Apparel Group Inc
Bristol, PA
National fashion designers, marketer, wholesaler and retailer. Owns brands like Anne Klein, Nine West, Gloria Vanderbilt and Evan-Picone. Has recently been restructuring 16,000 employees for better profitability.

Juniper Networks Inc
Sunnyvale, CA
Number two makes and seller of Internet Protocol (IP) routers to telecom service providers and corporations. Has made some prescient moves toward wireless networking and aggressive outsourcing of manufacturing to made rapid gains on market leader Cisco. 1,100 employees.

Kaiser Permanente
Oakland, CA
Non-profit operates 30 medical centers and 430 medical offices staffed by a network of 11,000 physicians. Its health plan covers over 8 million, mostly on the west and east coasts.

Kindred Healthcare
Louisville, KY
A healthcare services conglomerate that that focuses on long-term health care through 81 LTAC hospitals in 23 states, 227 nursing centers and a nationwide contract rehabilitation services business. 51,000 employees.

Montvale, NJ
The Big Four firm with the strongest growth record over the past decade, KPMG offers clients the scale, global reach, industry insights, and multidisciplinary range of services they demand. KPMG LLP is the U.S. member firm of KPMG International. KPMG International's member firms have nearly 100,000 professionals, including 6,600 partners, in 150 countries.

Latham & Watkins
Los Angeles, CA
California's largest firm has passed L.A. rivals in revenue and growth during the past decade through vigorous international mergers. Top salaries for associates topped off by generous bonuses for high billable hours. About 1,800 lawyers around the world.

Lockheed Martin
Bethesda, MD
Aeronautics; electronics; energy & environment; space & missiles systems, telecommunications. 175,000 employees.

LSI Logic Inc
Milpitas, CA
Makes chips that serve as the brains behind next-generation broadband CDMA phones and other telecom and entertainment devices. After recent lean years, is poised for explosive growth through at least 2005 as it assumes leadership position. Needs topnotch IC designers and software engineers as well as people to sell to Asian customers who will soon make up 35% of sales. 7,400 employees.

San Francisco, CA
Maker of industry-leading graphics applications for the internet, including Flash, Shockwave, Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Also makes interactive educational software. Underwent massive downsizing but well positioned for future growth. 1,300 employees.

Marathon Oil
Houston, TX
5th largest refiner in U.S. and integrated energy company that conducts exploration, production, transportation and marketing of oil and gas around the world with $65 bil. revenues and $5 bil. income in 2006.

McKinsey & Company
New York, NY
Prestigious, well-established global management consulting company with an emphasis on technology. Employs 13,000 in 80 offices in over 40 countries.

Minneapolis, MN
Leading maker of medical devices has enjoyed consistently healthy growth with industry-leading compensation. Employs 22,000 in U.S.

Methodist Hospital Systems
Houston, TX
Its 80-year history and reputation for quality care attracts patients from around the world. Has become a leading Texas employer with a reputation for taking care of its 9,600 employees.

Redmond, WA
World's leading software company has consistently enjoyed growth in profits and work force. Tries to provide employees a sense of privilege with perks like grocery delivery, valet parking and cry-cleaning service. About 44,000 of 72,000 employees are in U.S.

Morrison & Foerster
San Francisco, CA
San Franscico's largest firm offers the lifestyle attractions of the Bay Area with the opportunities of a world-class corporate practice with a technology focus. About 1,000 lawyers.

Beaverton, OR
Began as a company making running shoes but is expanding into a fashion conglomerate by snapping up companies like ColeHaan, Hurley & Bauer. $15 bil. revenues and 29,000 employees.

NSA (National Security Agency)
Ft Meade, MD
Uses satellites and global listening posts to gather signal intelligence bearing on U.S. interests. Also develops advanced cryptographic techniques to deny signal intelligence to other nations. Seeks top mathematicians, physicists, engineers, linguists, computer scientists and analysts. College and high school programs for future.

NVidia Corp
Santa Clara, CA
A leading maker of leading-edge graphics processing chips and boards for PCs, workstations, DVD players and popular game machines for the world's biggest computer-makers. Co-founder and CEO is Jen-Hsun Huang. 4,100 employees.

Redwood Shores, CA
Pioneer in relational database software is now the world's no. 2 independent software company, focusing on developing enterprise software. 55,000 employees worldwide, with 5,000 engaged in software development. Acquired Hyperion in August 2007.

Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker
Los Angeles, CA
Keeps a balance between high-pressure international practice and a family-like atmosphere while growing rapidly to 1,200 lawyers in 18 offices around the world.

PeopleSoft, Inc.
Pleasanton, CA
A leading provider of enterprise resource planning software that handle back-office functions of business operations like accounting, manufacturing, and supply chain management. Two-thirds of revenues from providing software consulting and maintenance services. Recently began expanding into customer relationship management software. 8,400 employees.

Perkins Eastman Architects
New York, NY
Specializes in hotels, corporate interiors and mixed-use corporate centers. Substantial share of projects in China, overseas. Seven U.S. offices plus Shanghai, Toronto and Dubai. About 500 employees.

Pixar Animation Studios
Emeryville, CA
Produced kiddie hits Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. using proprietary Marionette and RenderMan software for 3-D digital animation. Now positioned to squeeze even better distribution deals with Disney or other major studios. Founder/CEO Steve Jobs owns 60%. 900 employees.

Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation
New York, NY
Global upscale empire founded on the fantasy of the "American" lifestyle with a gracious western accent. Markets fashion, accessories, fragrances and home furnishings. Also operates about 300 stores in U.S. Consistently healthy growth for its 14,000 employees.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
New York, NY
The U.S. branch of an international network providing accounting, auditing and businesss performance enhancement services in 149 countries through a network of individual local offices. 30,000 U.S. employees with $18 bil. revenues.

San Diego, CA
Founded in 1985 to develop next-generation wireless technology. Global leader in mobile phone technology. Has enjoyed impressive growth over two decades. 9,000 employees in U.S.

Waltham, MA
Leading defense contractor specializing in creating hi-tech electronics capabilities for battlefield management, communications, systems integration and imaging and sensing. Employs 73,000, concentrated on the East Coast.

RTKL Associates Inc
Baltimore, MD
Prominent in urban planning and architectural design and restoration on public sector projects. Offices in six top U.S. cities and in Madrid, London, Tokyo and Shanghai. 900 employees. Subsidiary of civil engineering firm Arcadis since 2007.

Science Applications Int'l Corp (SAIC)
San Diego, CA
Sells software development, consulting and systems integration services to the U.S. government and major corporations. Made a prescient $5 mil investment in internet registrar Network Solutions in 1995 and sold it in 2000 for $17 bil to VeriSign. Most of the money went to enrich employees because SAIC is 80% employee-owned. Attractive work environment. 45,000 employees.

Siebel Systems, Inc.
San Mateo, CA
Leading developer of customer relationship management software for automating big business sales and customer service operations, tying together call centers, websites, sales teams, resellers and retailers. 7,500 employees.

SRA International
Fairfax, VA
An IT consulting firm enjoying solid growth and a growing reputation. Able to pay top dollar to its 4,900 employees based mostly in the NoVa-Washington D.C. area.

Seattle, WA
A chain of coffee shops that has mushroomed into a phenomenon of modern global culture with over 13,000 outlets in 40 countries. Aggressively growth-oriented. 145,000 employees worldwide.

State Farm
Bloomington, IL
America's leading home, auto and life insurance, with 72 million policies in force. Leveraging its brand image for financial strength to expand into mutual funds, banking, online banking and credit cards. 79,000 employees.

Tenet Healthcare Corp.
Dallas, TX
2nd largest hospital chain in U.S. Operates 60 large acute-care hospitals, primarily in Texas, California and Florida. About 70,000 employees.

Texas Instruments
Dallas, TX
The invention of the integrated circuit by a TI engineer sparked the digital revolution. Continues to be a leading-edge global chipmaker employing top electrical engineers. 32,000 workers around the world, with 16,000 in U.S.

Blue Bell, PA
Founded on long history building and servicing mainframe computers that were the operating backbones of major corporations. Has evolved toward a more nimble consulting company, overcoming transitional pains to reshape and invogorate its 33,000 workforce.

U.S. Secret Service
Washington D.C.
Provides protection for President, vice-President, foreign dignitaries and the integrity of the U.S. financial system against counterfeiting and other financial crimes. Special agent candidates required to undergo intensive physical and academic training.

U.S. State Department
Washington, D.C.
As the lead U.S. agency for foreign affairs, operates embassies, consulates and offices in 265 cities around the world. Employs 11,400 foreign service officers and specialists to conduct diplomacy overseas and 7,400 civil servants and students to staff Washington D.C. headquarters.

Valero Energy
San Antonio, TX
North America's top refiner and one of the world's fastest-growing energy giants with $75 bil. in revenues and over 20,000 employees.

The Vanguard Group
Valley Forge, PA
Mutual funds company with $560 billion in assets. Fast growth due to an efficient coporate structure that keeps managements costs among the industry's lowest. Emphasis on recruiting IT talent. 10,500 employees.

Verizon Info Systems
New York, NY
World's leading print and online directory publishers and content provider for communications products and services, producing more than 2,300 directories worldwide. Its SuperPages in print and online is a global leader in directory advertising. Division of a telecom giant with 250,000 employees worldwide.

Verizon Info Systems
New York, NY
World's leading print and online directory publishers and content provider for communications products and services, producing more than 2,300 directories worldwide. Its SuperPages in print and online is a global leader in directory advertising. Division of a telecom giant with 250,000 employees worldwide.

Veterans Administration
Washington DC
The US government agency that operates medical facilities, clinics, and benefits offices and administers benefit programs for veterans, their families, and survivors. Employs 280,000 around the country and operates under a $90 bil. annual budget.

The Walt Disney Co.
Burbank, CA
The world's #2 media giant enjoys exceptional profits and steady growth from movies, music, magazines, TV, radio and theme parks. 133,000 employees.

Wellpoint Inc (Anthem)
Indianapolis, IN
Created by the merger of Anthem and Wellpoint (Blue Cross, Blue Shield) at the end of 2004, Anthem is the nation's leading health benefits company, with 28 million medical members and 38,000 associates in 13 states. Focuses on providing affordable coverage.

Wells Fargo
San Francisco, CA
With $540 billion in assets, a giant that's fifth in assets and sixth in market valuation among all U.S. corporations. Admired as one of the world's most profitable, well-run companies. 25th biggest employer in the U.S. with 150,000 workers.

Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo
Honolulu, HI
Highly regarded for hotel and resort designs, with offices in Honolulu, Newport Beach, Calif., Orlando, Fla., Seattle, London, Cairo, Egypt, and Dubai. Appealing corporate culture. 350 employees.

Stamford, CT
Aggressively diversified business from traditional reliance on copiers. Now offers consulting services in addition to printers, scanners, fax machines, software, and supplies for larger businesses and U.S. government. Nearly half of sales come from outside U.S. Completed aggressive streamlining campaign and is poised for growth. 92,000 employees.

Yahoo! Inc
Sunnyvale, CA
Pioneering ad-supported web directory with 200 million monthly visitors, six times the number of AOL; expanding array of guides for various age and demographic segments; Founded in 1984 by Stanford grad students Jerry Yang and David Filo but top shareholder is Berkeley alumnus Masayoshi Son. 3,100 employees.