10 Reasons Identity Matters
Going banana may not be the best way to optimize your prospects for advancement and fulfillment.

Military Injustice
Captain James Yee suffered a 7-month ordeal based on a bizarre espionage case.

Great Chinese Film Invasion
Four acclaimed Chinese films.

Putting Racists in Their Place
Don't let racists define America.

America Goes Far East
Pop culture goes gaga for things Asian.

Marriage Falls to Invisible Barrier
Cultural conflicts split AA couple.

Confessions of a Happy Asian American
Why it's more fun being an Asian American.

Thank Me for Selling Out
An AA frat rat shares his sacrifices.

The 80% Rule in Cold Prairie
A young immigrant survives midwestern racism.

Asian Sitcom Guardian
Protecting the "Asian" in Asian American sitcom.
Evolution of an Asian American
How a whitewashed Asian came to claim his identity.

Opening for the Enemy
An activist rocker finds herself opening for the type of Asian Ameican woman she abhors.

10 Great Asian American Causes
Organizations that use your help to help all Asian Americans

Silent Group Racism
Racism is often a hidden component of group dynamics

Parsing Asian Women
The key to understanding the attitudes of 6 classes of AF.

Confessions of an AM Adoptee
Raised a white boy, he had to become an Asian American man.

Survival Guide for Asian American Women
Strategies for avoiding the traps set by American stereotypes.

Love & Marriage Love & Marriage Across the Hate Barrier
An AM discovers that getting married is the easiest part.

Money, Media & the Asian Image
Consumer clout can reshape our media image.


Asian American Man to Man

Coming out ahead in no-win situations.
Country Club Desperado

Getting mugged by preconceptions.
Asian American Woman's Burden

AA women must bear a cross of our own.
How I Became Dumb & Happy

Tucson Fat's advice to AM.
How I Learned to Love Asian Men

A WF Learns to Read AM.

Coming Home to An Asian Woman

Recovering from marriage to the fantasy blonde.
Sisterly Advice for Asian Men

How to fix the faults that women hate.
Brotherly Advice for Asian Women

All about eyes, hair, hip and brain.
You've Come a Wong Way Baby!

The evolution of the Asian American woman.
The Goy Luck Club

Do AsiAm women and men have a natural alliance?
You Know You're Asian If...

...your main source of income is New Year's.

Murders, They Wrought

A spate of killings by Asian Americans puts a new edge on the model minority image.
Two Deaths, No Justice

The killings of Brandon Lee and Yoshi Hattori remain unpunished.
The Chamber

In a saga that stretched over years, sex-slave mass murderer Charles Ng beats O.J. Simpson as Most Expensive Defendant in California history.
The Judge & the Con's Wife

Having the trial judge seduce his wife was Ming Ching Jin's worst nightmare. Or was it the best scam of his career?
No More Mr Nice Guy

Acts of violence by AsiAms nullify stereotypes.
Witness Unbowed

Former "comfort woman" Chung Seo Woo was once a youthful victim of Japanese atrocity. She fights back.
Let's Go Golden
Let's claim a really great color.
Spotting Race Bores

6 types of annoying people.
Big American Misconceptions about Asians

Sources of friction and conflict.
Women Without Men
A second opinion on Asian writers like Tan and Hwang.
Fighting the Holier War on Terrorism

Justice and humanity must be our guide.
Thoughts for Sleepless Nights

The crazy thoughts of a sane AA insomniac.
Welcome to the New Majority

Previews from California's professional world.
Asian Attitude Wanted

Being more Asian makes for better Americans.
Spotting Nouvelle Racism

The sly techniques of a sneaky new breed of racists.
An Asian American Dream

A modest proposal to help S.C.W.s.
The China Syndrome

China-bashing hurts Asian Americans most.
Fong, Fellatio & Questions 27 and 28

The impeachment is like the race witchhunt of WW2.
Sacred Sexuality

Let's remember what really matters.
The Virtual White Man

Can we go too far in the name of equality?

Asian American Timeline

From the first Asian immigrants to today.

White Babe in Beijing

Columbia honors grad Rachel Dewoskin turns Chinese soap vixen.
Canned Heat

Sexy Asian videos provide welcome relief from Hollywood formulas.
Hollywood's Asian Strategy

Hollywood locks up top Hong Kong talent to secure the Asian market.

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